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We performed a comparison between IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation and Jira based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Application Requirements Management solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation vs. Jira Report (Updated: November 2022).
657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"One of the most valuable features is how you can tailor the modules.""There are many good features with DOORS. The solution has a concept of streams and baselines, as well as a concept of components. A component is a subproject inside a project.""IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is easier to expand to build a backend with several servers, so you can also use it to scale up to several hundreds of users without major problems."

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"The dynamic communication and the ability to customize it the way we want are the most valuable features.""The UI is good. It's simple and not very complicated. It's very good for tracking.""Provides good output and is user-friendly.""When we run the Jenkins pipeline, the build is already automatically connected to Jira. We've been able to integrate the ecosystem we created using this automation tool.""It is a good defect tracking tool. It has a lot of capabilities and functionalities. There are a lot of graphs and a lot of tracking. It can be sprint-driven if you want.""This solution focuses on lean methodology which we have found useful and it can also be used on any device.""The solution works well and does what it needs to do.""Kanban boards are most valuable"

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"The only additional feature would be if it had dynamic linking to other MBSE tool sets or industry-leading tools.""Both the data storage and reporting for this solution need improvement.""There is room for improvement in the APIs that they have exposed for integration."

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"One major issue that I, and even our business stakeholders, have noticed is related to Epic Link. When Epic Link's background color is a dark color, it effectively becomes unreadable. I wish there was a way for us to change the text color of Epic Link in the Issue Navigator view.""Although it covers the overall requirements and measurements, it'll help if they had their own test execution feature.""Slow when integrating with other components.""Of course, the price could always be cheaper.""It should be less expensive.""If you're not a technical person, it might not be very user-friendly.""Could be more stable with more integrations.""I also wish Jira had an indicator to tell you that you are approaching the limit for the story points that can be delivered during a sprint. I don't think there is an indicator like that, but such an indicator will be very helpful because then I will be easily able to see that we are approaching the limit."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
Information Not Available
  • "It is not too expensive. It is just comparative to other tools like Microsoft Teams."
  • "I am not sure if the client is using a commercial version. I think it is on a per-user basis, and it is around 15 Canadian dollars for a user, but I'm not sure. It also has a free version."
  • "As a company, we get a subsidized price, and it's lower than what's quoted on their website."
  • "We are using the enterprise license which is nice because it ensures that we always have the latest versions of Jira software."
  • "Its price is fine, but we would like it to be less expensive. We are paying on a yearly basis."
  • "We are a regional research and education institute. We're using the free license provided for educational institutes."
  • "One of my customers told me that they were receiving better pricing for a similar tool from Microsoft."
  • "We have an enterprise license that includes cloud service and support."
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    657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The most valuable features are the baselines and links.
    Top Answer:The price of this solution is very high, and it increases year after year.
    Top Answer:It offers a bad user experience and the usability is poor. A lot of engineers do not use it, primarily for two reasons. First, it is very abstract and hard to understand. Second, the operation seems… more »
    Top Answer:Hi Netanya, Basically , it all depends on the use cases for your environment and the business needs. Hope the below data may be relevant to you for identifying your needs and deciding on the… more »
    Top Answer:Jira is a great centralized tool for just about everything, from local team management to keeping track of products and work logs. It is easy to implement and navigate, and it is stable and scalable… more »
    Top Answer:HP ALM and Jira can be easily integrated with the aid of a third-party Integration Solution. To help you select the right integration approach and tool, you should first define your integration… more »
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    Also Known As
    RDNG, Rational Requirements Composer and IBM RRC
    Jira Software
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    IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation offers a smarter way to manage your requirements that can help your teams reduce development costs by up to 57%, accelerate time to market by up to 20%, and lower cost of quality by up to 69%. Designed for collaboration, Rational DOORS Next Generation provides a single platform for managing requirements so that your teams can work more effectively across disciplines, time zones and supply chains.

    Jira is a powerful cloud- and subscription-based application lifecycle and issue management solution. It is designed to aid users both in project management and in resolving any issues that arise at any point in the software development process. It is especially concerned with easing the ability of developers to collaborate. 

    Jira Benefits

    Some of the ways that organizations can benefit by choosing to deploy Jira include:

    • DevOps lifecycle visibility and planning. Jira provides application developers with tools that enable them to track and visualize where they are in the development process. This means that a DevOps team can measure their progress at all times. Jira’s roadmapping feature also enables a DevOps team to work more efficiently by setting goals for their projects, keeping them on track. Additionally, they are able to track whether they are meeting the goals that they set for their projects.
    • Regular product updates. Atlassian is constantly updating Jira so that it is continuously evolving into an ever more powerful and user-friendly solution. Users can be sure that the product that they are using is always being tweaked so as to provide them with the best possible project management solution. 
    • Flexibility. Jira enables users to customize their workflows and dashboard so that the solution is operating in a way that best matches their needs. Jira can also integrate with more than 3,000 other applications and integrations. Organizations can use it to expand their project management and DevOps capabilities in many different ways. 

    Jira Features

    • Security capabilities. Jira is equipped with a number of useful security features. It gives administrators the ability to restrict access to certain tools so that only users who are authorized to complete certain tasks have access to the tools related to the completion of that task. Users can also set default permissions so that only particular users can work on new projects or particular projects.
    • Real-time notification feature. Users can set Jira so that it offers them notifications that contain critical information in real time. It can send users email notifications when pressing issues have been updated. They can also set it to notify them about tasks that may be due, or other similar events.

    • Activity log. Jira has the ability to track any and all changes that are taking place within the software framework. Users can keep a close eye on everything that is going on. This promotes a high level of visibility and can be leveraged to aid developers in their collaboration efforts. 

    Reviews from Real Users

    Jira is a powerful solution that stands out when compared to many of its competitors. Two major advantages it offers are its workflow engine and its highly customizable dashboard. 

    Bharath R., the tool implementation and project management lead at a financial services firm, writes, “I feel the strongest feature of Jira is its workflow engine. It empowers us to automate our workflows within our organization. It's the one characteristic of Jira which I think can help any organization, be it in any domain.”

    Uday J., a staff engineer at a computer company, says, “Another thing that I like a lot about Jira is that in the dashboard, you can plug the modules that you want. You can enable certain sections. For example, you can show trend history, open Jira tickets, etc. Some of the managers have created a dashboard for each engineer.” 

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    Sample Customers
    Major health insurer
    Square, Nasa, eBay, Cisco, SalesForce, Adobe, BNP Paribas, BMW and LinkedIn, Pfizer, Citi.
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company38%
    Manufacturing Company38%
    Comms Service Provider13%
    Manufacturing Company23%
    Computer Software Company14%
    Aerospace/Defense Firm8%
    Computer Software Company22%
    Financial Services Firm18%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    Insurance Company8%
    Computer Software Company19%
    Comms Service Provider11%
    Financial Services Firm10%
    Manufacturing Company9%
    Company Size
    Small Business22%
    Midsize Enterprise22%
    Large Enterprise56%
    Small Business12%
    Midsize Enterprise9%
    Large Enterprise79%
    Small Business32%
    Midsize Enterprise19%
    Large Enterprise49%
    Small Business18%
    Midsize Enterprise13%
    Large Enterprise69%
    Buyer's Guide
    IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation vs. Jira
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation vs. Jira and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
    657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is ranked 3rd in Application Requirements Management with 3 reviews while Jira is ranked 1st in Application Requirements Management with 143 reviews. IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is rated 9.0, while Jira is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation writes "Offers good scalability as it's easy to expand to different servers". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Jira writes "Great for collaboration, very stable, and extracting data is straightforward". IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is most compared with IBM Rational DOORS, Jama Connect, Polarion Requirements, Helix ALM and PTC Integrity Requirements Connector, whereas Jira is most compared with Microsoft Azure DevOps, Micro Focus ALM Octane, IBM Rational DOORS, Polarion ALM and TFS. See our IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation vs. Jira report.

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