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Ranking in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
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Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability category, the mindshare of Grafana is 7.7%, up from 5.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Prometheus is 2.7%, down from 4.1% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
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Featured Reviews

BahmanJafari - PeerSpot reviewer
Sep 22, 2023
A stable solution that enables seamless visualization and movement of data between teams
Our team used a Grafana for training The comparison feature is very good.  The service dashboard is very hard and needs improvement.  I have been using Grafana for six to seven years.  It is a stable solution.  The solution was deployed with Kubernetes. The deployment took an hour to…
Prajwal Kabbinale - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 30, 2023
Plenty of functions, highly scalable, and helps understand application behavior
We have experienced some performance issues, but I cannot say for certain whether it is due to Prometheus or if it is a result of our infrastructure. During these instances, we have noticed that the mix of metrics can become disrupted for a period of time due to high levels of CPU utilization or other factors. As a result, we are unable to retrieve metrics during these instances. This has been a challenge that I have faced while using Prometheus. It is unclear whether there is a solution, such as a resource optimization, that could help to alleviate these issues. However, it is expected that the utilization of resources should improve as the number of metrics that we scrape increases. I rate Prometheus an eight out of ten.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"It integrates well with other solutions."
"There are multiple kinds of models there to create dashboards, which is quite useful."
"It is easy to change and move virtual servers."
"The installation process is easy. We have deployed it on the cloud. I have around 20 to 30 people using the solution in my company."
"The product's initial setup phase was very easy."
"The integration between Loki and Tempo is valuable."
"It has good stability."
"The best thing about Grafana is the visualization. The colors and the ease of use make it very user-friendly."
"Prometheus provides a flexible and adjustable querying and describing time, allowing for more responsive monitoring."
"The sky is the limit because the solution is a flexible open box that can be used vastly to do anything you need to monitor applications."
"It lets me proactively identify and resolve system issues. This, in terms of, most of the time, really reduces downtime. Because when there are notifications on time when we engage it quickly on time, our downtime is highly reduced. So basically, Prometheus is for monitoring and alerting."
"The feature I found most valuable is the number of integrations. It is the industry standard for metrics."
"The dashboard is very valuable."
"The product is easy to maintain."
"The solution helps us to scale our products and services, and it helps me by gathering those metrics."
"The most valuable features of Prometheus for metrics collection and monitoring are its stability, robustness, and rich set of features."


"I have a problem with Grafana in the area of documentation."
"It is limited on the reporting type supported, which is important for managerial-level officers who want reports that are either general or specific."
"Its interface could be more accessible."
"Trigger limits are difficult to see in a graph."
"The technical support has room for improvement."
"One area for improvement in Grafana is that depending on your version, you have to pay for the features, making the license expensive. It would be great if the licensing model could be more flexible. In the next release of Grafana, I want cluster creation to be available, which would help in Grafana deployment and scaling. Currently, the scaling process for the solution is a bit complicated."
"Grafana need to improve the logging functionality."
"I find issues with Grafana. For example, I am unable to open some services there. Then, we have to open ten different tabs to get it fixed. And it's annoying when there's something going on; we want to check Grafana, and it throws four different errors."
"The scalability must be improved."
"When it comes to deployment, if you have no experience with something like a CI/CD pipeline, it might be a challenge."
"Its stability could be even better."
"The setup could be made easier for new users because it requires a bit of advance knowledge or experience."
"The UI and GUI are areas of concern in the product."
"Prometheus requires improvement on the query side."
"One potential area for improvement would be fixing the occasional glitches and bugs."
"The solution's error handling part could be improved."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"​Grafana is free and open source.​"
"Since Grafana is an open-source solution, it is free of cost."
"My company uses the open-source version of Grafana, so it's free."
"We are using the open-source license."
"I give the price an eight out of ten."
"We use the open-source version of Grafana."
"You need to purchase the solution's license for its commercial use."
"The solution is expensive."
"Prometheus is an open-source solution."
"Prometheus is available as an open-source product."
"We have the open-source version, so we don't pay for it."
"The tool is open-sourced."
"Prometheus is an open-source solution."
"Prometheus is an open-source tool."
"The product is expensive compared to Datadog."
"This is an open-source solution."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Grafana?
The product's initial setup phase was very easy.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Grafana?
For me, Grafana is a cheap tool because I don't have to spend much time learning the product since it is a simple solution. I don't know if there are different paid versions of the product.
What needs improvement with Grafana?
It was pretty complicated to integrate the product into our workflow. We relied on templates we found on the GitHub open-source repositories. It is pretty hard to integrate Grafana and set it up ac...
What do you like most about Prometheus?
The most valuable feature of Prometheus is its ability to collect metrics.
What is your primary use case for Prometheus?
For a project I am currently working on in my company, I use Grafana, but for the data source part, I use Prometheus. I use Prometheus in a Kubernetes cluster. I use Prometheus for the processes at...



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791,948 professionals have used our research since 2012.