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CRM Customer Engagement Centers (9th), CRM (23rd), Opportunity Management (7th)

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Jun 17, 2024
Easily integrated into our custom dashboards, provides great visibility into data, and has great reporting
The workflow automation is incredible for aggregating information and providing visibility into data and performance. The workflow automation helped us a lot because we could use different skills to get various people. Our programmer easily integrated the Five9 APIs into our custom dashboard, allowing for real-time data access. This was incredibly useful because we could create alerts based on Five9 data, something impossible with our previous tool. This provided us with immediate insights into issues, like high call volume, that would have gone unnoticed otherwise. Five9's strength lies in its reporting, ease of tracking, and ability to cater to both large and small businesses. Despite our company's size, Five9 offered the features and functionality we'd expect from a system used by major call centers, making it feel like we were playing in the big leagues. Five9's impact was immediate. Its automated workflow handling eliminated our inefficient, linear system where tasks had to be passed sequentially from agent to agent. Five9's ability to split and parse tasks automatically not only improved performance but also reduced costs, even though our previous system cost less. Five9 helped us reduce dropped calls, which was a major improvement. We used to have a 12-16 percent abandonment rate, and while other factors played a role, Five9's contribution was significant. Additionally, their "whisper" feature is a great training tool. It allows us to coach agents during live calls without the customer hearing, making it a valuable resource for onboarding new staff. The improved supervisor tools allowed for more efficient agent tracking, which in turn boosted productivity. This eliminated downtime and ensured agents were focused on their tasks. Five9 helped us improve our agents' ability to answer calls quickly. The targeted problem-solving capabilities improved our CSS and benefitted the entire business. The high-quality data from Five9's porting function allowed us to pinpoint issues and develop solutions based on that data.
Sonu Thomas - PeerSpot reviewer
May 16, 2024
Email integration is easy, but we can use only one domain in the basic package
In the beginning, I used the tool to keep my business contacts. Then, we used it for our marketing emails and campaigns. It has a lot of capabilities. We can use it for daily business-related communications, too. It has a lot of templates The solution provides many features like sales pipeline…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The product’s IVR script editor is very easy and simple to use."
"The admin platform is easy to use and navigate. That has been incredibly useful for us because it has given us the ability to self-provision in a lot of situations. The ability to create and track data elements has also been a valuable addition."
"The tool enables easier management."
"It helped reduce costs in our organization. We've saved on staffing and we've saved on software by 10% to 15%."
"Five9 has made our contact center more flexible by taking it to the cloud. The user experience for agents is great because everything is on one dashboard, from the dialer to the workflows for transferring calls and creating tickets."
"Agent Assist and AI server are the two best features because they remind new and existing agents about tips and generate detailed case summaries, saving them the time and effort of making small modifications before posting."
"The reporting is good, and we're testing AI summaries now. Also, the workflow automation feature, so far, has been good."
"The admin tools are most valuable, such as using the UI to configure all the campaigns and all the settings that we use. Also, the monitoring panels it has are very good. Our supervisors and sales managers build dashboards in the solution so that we can understand how our operation is performing throughout the day. That is very useful."
"Freshsales is very simple to use, but it's fairly limited in its functionalities, and it's very cheap."
"One of the most valuable features is the ability to divert deals based on the potential revenue or specific market to certain sales teams."
"Freshsales is user-friendly, scalable and stable."
"The solution is a low-cost CRM product compared to other CRM alternatives."
"I like Freshsales because it's integrated with Shopify which we use to host our website."
"Email integration is easy."


"I would like to see more of the functions from the original Five9 adapter included in the Salesforce Plus adapter, as they do not automatically update when Five9 releases new features."
"Maybe they could do better on how we access all the data if we want the data to work outside of Five9. Sometimes, that's not the easiest process. It's not bad, but if there's an area for improvement, that could be one."
"What would make Five9 better is a partnership with an SMS AI solution, which would make Five9 pretty powerful."
"Maintaining the original DNS on Five9 across campaigns is difficult."
"I rate Five9 support five out of 10. My experience with Five9 support has been mixed. It's good at times but not particularly helpful sometimes."
"It would be ideal if they could combine the tools into one suite."
"Five9's stability needs to be improved."
"The pricing could be improved. It is set in US dollars, so it doesn't account for the exchange rate with other regions."
"It lacks customizability for complex and larger use cases."
"The price of this solution could be improved as well as the reporting functionality."
"The reporting for this solution across all their products could be improved. Currently, we have clients who export their data from Freshservices to third party solutions such Power BI to create more comprehensive reports."
"We have a problem with the time to delivery for our customers, although this is not specific to this solution. Time to delivery can be 90 days."
"We can use only one domain in the basic package."
"The solution needs to improve the user experience and leads capture."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Five9's pricing wasn't quite as flexible as I'd hoped, but it ended up being reasonably priced overall."
"The pricing seems reasonable. I had anticipated that whatever solution we went with would be more expensive. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the features that we had in Evolve IP, one-to-one, did not cost significantly more in Five9."
"Five9 is reasonable."
"The product is not the most expensive, but it's not cheap."
"The product's pricing is flexible and reasonable."
"The cost is not at the lower end of the market, but it's worth it."
"Five9 is expensive, but most companies would find that using it is worth the cost."
"Their license structure, out of the box, is better than that of other providers and their pricing is much less than other vendors we've looked at."
"The basic price is affordable. The add ons are expensive."
"The price for this solution is good in general, but in Brazil we do pay additional taxes."
"The tool is not that expensive."
"Freshsales is an economical product."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Five9?
I like the capability of call and screen recording. It has helped us to hold our agents accountable to the expectations for the role. It creates a clearer picture than giving feedback that is just ...
What needs improvement with Five9?
The knowledge base of their support is not as strong as the IVR build.
What is your primary use case for Five9?
We are using it as the IVR system for our reservation and information center for all of our outlets in the United States and Canada. We use it to take reservations. We use a platform that they inst...
What do you like most about Freshsales?
Freshsales is very simple to use, but it's fairly limited in its functionalities, and it's very cheap.
What needs improvement with Freshsales?
The basic version has limitations. We cannot use the call functionality. We can use only one domain in the basic package. It would be great if the solution could provide multiple domains with the b...
What is your primary use case for Freshsales?
In the beginning, I used the tool to keep my business contacts. Then, we used it for our marketing emails and campaigns. It has a lot of capabilities. We can use it for daily business-related commu...



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