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Mobile Device Management (MDM) (2nd), Content Collaboration Platforms (7th)

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it_user635487 - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 27, 2017
Being free to extend or alter it is important for us.
The open source nature of Drupal, being free to extend or alter it is massively important for us. We also use it to build communications. Not being tied to a single vendor means that we can have scale for developers It gives the company the ability to quickly spin up ideas, and the scalability to…
Jul 21, 2023
Stable solution and offers ability to slice and dice data for focused analysis
I would suggest you to start using Excel as a basic step because Excel has its own formulas and functions. They can begin with lookups in Excel and then subsequently move ahead with building queries. If a person has only Excel to work with, they can start with that. But they would need to have Microsoft 365 Business to proceed further with other features. Based on the Excel work that I have done using Excel, which is a part of Microsoft 365. So, for Excel, I would rate it eight out of ten. Therefore, I would rate the solution an eight out of ten.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"It is good for big projects."
"The feature I find most valuable is that Drupal is a framework and not only a CMS."
"We use a part of the solution called Acquia. The personalization portion of this is the most valuable aspect fo the solution."
"You can build websites on it very quickly."
"The solution is easy to use and scalable."
"It is a collaborative platform, so you can do everything in one place."
"It works as expected."
"It is easy to use and user-friendly. Its performance is also good."
"The initial setup process is easy and fully web-based."
"What I like is that Office 365 is nicely integrated with our email application Outlook. We also don't have to worry about updates. They are free, and they just happen automatically."
"When a company needs to expand it, it can do so."
"There is a lot of documentation available that is easy to comprehend and follow."


"It is a little bit simplified."
"Digital experience features like target, segmentation, and campaign management have a long way to go."
"The user experience in designing layouts should be much easier or much more helpful."
"I think the support needs to improve, as well as the integration with tracking and analytics systems."
"However, people might think it's unstable if it hasn't been set up correctly. If the IT team hasn't configured it right, then you'll have a hard time using the product itself."
"The Teams feature should be more flexible in integrating with other communications products."
"In Teams, it is a little tricky to set up a guest or to become a guest on someone's domain, but if people do that, then you have an improvement in the shared access. The real pain, which is not a big thing, in Teams is if you're a small business user, it is really hard to get somebody on a different domain into your list of contacts. You can't just chat with them or start an instant meeting. That is easier to do with Zoom, which I also use. The real issue in Teams is that if you're not on the same domain, a lot of the good functionality falls apart. You have to actually be a guest in the other person's domain. I have a large customer, and they created a guest account for me in their domain so that I can chat with people inside their organization as though I was inside their organization, but not everybody is willing to do that. Some of my customers are Aerospace and Defense, and nobody gets on their domain."
"The pricing of the solution is quite high and the licensing is expensive. It could be cheaper."
"The solution could be a bit more mobile-friendly."
"This solution could improve by having better integration with other platforms."
"They can improve their training materials."
"The price is an area that needs improvement."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I would like to see better pricing."
"We pay annually for the license."
"I rate the pricing of the program a seven out of ten."
"There is a monthly subscription for the use of this solution."
"They are always a bit pricey. They should reduce their prices or make it free because we already have other solutions, like Google Suite, which are cheaper or free."
"We purchase annual licenses for this solution."
"Our fees are paid monthly."
"The cost of the subscription is fair."
"Pricing can vary a lot due to fluctuations in exchange rates and that is not favorable for planning."
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Comparison Review

it_user8925 - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 23, 2013
Jive vs Sharepoint vs Drupal Commons
At Mediacurrent we often get requests to compare Drupal to other platforms used for intranet sites and social business platforms (like https://dev.twitter.com/ for example). This is often referred to as “Social Business Software”, which has grown in popularity in recent years. I decided to do a…

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What do you like most about Microsoft 365 Business?
The product's initial setup phase was straightforward.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Microsoft 365 Business?
My company places emphasis on the different licenses purchased. The company has P1 and P2 licenses from Microsoft. For certain tasks, you need a Microsoft license. There are additional costs attach...
What needs improvement with Microsoft 365 Business?
The solution's technical support team takes time to respond to users, making it an area of the tool's shortcomings where improvements are required.

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