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Updated on Jun 28, 2023

We performed a comparison between Azure Monitor and AWS X-Ray based on real PeerSpot user reviews in four categories. After reading all of the collected data, you can find our conclusion below.

  • Ease of Deployment: Some find Azure Monitor to be easy while others find it complex and tedious. AWS X-Ray, on the other hand, is generally rated as doable and fast. Azure Monitor is cloud-native and requires no deployment, while AWS X-Ray can be completed within a matter of minutes with some configuration in AWS CloudFormation.
  • Features: Azure Monitor provides a centralized platform for monitoring all cloud resources and comes with detailed logging, automated troubleshooting, and affordable pricing. In contrast, AWS X-Ray is highly appreciated for its capability to swiftly identify errors, furnish comprehensive information, and comply with regulations.
  • Pricing: Azure Monitor charges based on log file sizing and offers a pay-as-you-go system. The cost is considered affordable by some, but estimating the cost can be tricky. AWS X-Ray, on the other hand, charges based on usage and offers credits for system usage. The pricing is relatively affordable, but it becomes more expensive for medium to big enterprises.
  • ROI: Users have varying experiences with Azure Monitor, with some finding it affordable and easy to set up, while others are dissatisfied. AWS X-Ray has demonstrated positive ROI for some users, but this cannot be generalized since there is no available information for others.

Comparison Results: After analyzing user feedback, it can be concluded that Azure Monitor is the preferred choice when compared to AWS X-Ray. Azure Monitor provides a comprehensive overview and high-level details about potential obstacles and problematic endpoints. It seamlessly integrates with Power BI for effective data visualization and allows monitoring of all cloud resources across multiple subscriptions on a single dashboard. Although AWS X-Ray is praised for its error identification and resolution capabilities, Azure Monitor surpasses it with a wider range of functionalities and integration options, making it a comprehensive solution for monitoring and troubleshooting.

To learn more, read our detailed AWS X-Ray vs. Azure Monitor Report (Updated: September 2023).
734,024 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"It is a very scalable solution.""AWS X-Ray is a strong solution and has a smooth integration process.""The most important one is compliance. We're able to achieve our regulatory levels. We're able to achieve the security level that we need for the federal government.""AWS X-RAY identifies bottlenecks in terms of stability and performance and how long certain data lives in terms of response time and duration.""The most promising feature of AWS X-Ray is that you can debug the issues through the proper logs. You can also get an analysis out of the logs for some use cases, though I have yet to try all the features of AWS X-Ray."

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"Azure Monitor is useful because of the useful application insights and telemetry, such as metrics and logs.""Technical support is good and helpful...The initial setup is easy.""You can scale the product.""The most valuable features of Azure Monitor are the login analytics workspace and we can write any kind of custom queries in order to receive the data that is inserted into the login analytics workspace, diagnostic settings, et cetera.""Among the valuable features of this solution, Application Insights stands out as one of the most significant. It provides insights into application performance and helps identify issues and bottlenecks.""The tools for logs and metrics are pretty good and easy to use.""The tool's most valuable feature is the alert system, which can be set according to our metrics. The integration is smooth.""It has good troubleshooting features."

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"Like most Amazon products, the user interface, configuration, and tuning aren't the easiest. That's the biggest reason why people tend to go to products like TerraForm and Terragrunt. We use TerraForm and Terragrunt. So, for setting things up and interacting with X-Ray, it's definitely the user interface that can be better.""If you have a small team, it's probably overkill.""What needs to be better in AWS X-Ray is the log filtering. Predefined filters could be helpful because the power of analytics comes from how you can filter the data. I also want to see more KPIs from AWS X-Ray.""They can improve how traces are sent to other providers.""I do not have any notes in terms of improvements."

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"Azure Monitor could improve the visualization aspect and integrate better with other third-party services.""They need to work with other cloud providers - not just Azure.""I need connectivity with cost management.""Currently, it seems it's complicated to get the correct information in terms of what to do and how things work.""There is room for improvement in stability.""The default interface should be improved.""This solution has fewer features than some of its competitors, so adding more features to it would make it better.""They should include advanced logging on the database level in the Azure pool."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The pricing for AWS X-Ray is a six out of ten."
  • "As you develop a relationship with Amazon, your pricing gets lower. You get credits for the amount of the system you use, and then if you're the government, you can get government pricing. For commercial users, there's a hump when you go from small to medium to big enterprise. Small businesses can live pretty easily off the free tier in a lot of cases, but when you go from a medium to a big enterprise, it becomes more expensive on a per-user basis. I'd like to see that curve going in a different way where pricing can be driven down while people are trying to adopt the technology."
  • "The solution is a bit expensive."
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  • "Azure Monitor is a low-priced solution, which is why it would work best on small-scale projects."
  • "The price of the solution is reasonable."
  • "Azure Monitor is a competitively priced solution."
  • "Azure Monitor is one of the more cost effective solutions on the market."
  • "The cost of Azure Monitor application performance should be less expensive."
  • "The licensing is a monthly fee."
  • "I would rate Azure Monitor a two out of five for affordability."
  • "The solution is very costly because you have to pay for various things such as adding to logs and internet alerts."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:AWS X-RAY identifies bottlenecks in terms of stability and performance and how long certain data lives in terms of response time and duration.
    Top Answer:I'm not involved with government pricing. If I switch to the commercial side, the pricing gets better once you get into the billable mode. The pricing gets better as you scale up. As you develop a… more »
    Top Answer:Interpreting data is an important aspect to consider when discussing improvement, along with identification. It involves not only generating data and KPIs using a tool but also understanding and… more »
    Top Answer:Splunk handles a high amount of data very well. We use Splunk to capture information and as an aggregator for monitoring information from different sources. Splunk is very good at alerting us if we… more »
    Top Answer:I am monitoring all of my Azure Monitor and getting good reports. I can customize the reports to get the information I need. I am also getting emails about which AAS instances are down and everything… more »
    Top Answer:I have used multiple products like Webex and PRTG. Some features could be added. Azure Monitor should add SMS and APIs. We have very limited access to Azure Monitor. I usually get alerts on my phone… more »
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    AWS X-Ray is a powerful debugging and performance analysis tool offered by Amazon Web Services. It allows developers to trace requests made to their applications and identify bottlenecks and issues. 

    With X-Ray, developers can visualize the entire request flow and pinpoint the exact location where errors occur. It provides detailed insights into the performance of individual components and helps optimize the overall application performance. 

    X-Ray integrates seamlessly with other AWS services, making it easy to trace requests across different services and identify dependencies. It also offers a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs, enabling developers to instrument their applications and capture valuable data for analysis. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, AWS X-Ray is a valuable tool for developers looking to improve the performance and reliability of their applications.

    Azure Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring solution offered by Microsoft Azure. It provides a centralized platform for monitoring the performance and health of various Azure resources, applications, and infrastructure. 

    With Azure Monitor, users can gain insights into the availability, performance, and usage of their applications and infrastructure. The key features of Azure Monitor include metrics, logs, alerts, and dashboards. Metrics allow users to collect and analyze performance data from various Azure resources, such as virtual machines, databases, and storage accounts. 

    Logs enable users to collect and analyze log data from different sources, including Azure resources, applications, and operating systems. Azure Monitor also provides a robust alerting mechanism that allows users to set up alerts based on specific conditions or thresholds. These alerts can be configured to notify users via email, SMS, or other notification channels. Additionally, Azure Monitor offers customizable dashboards that allow users to visualize and analyze their monitoring data in a personalized and intuitive manner.  

    Azure Monitor integrates seamlessly with other Azure services, such as Azure Automation and Azure Logic Apps, enabling users to automate actions based on monitoring data. It also supports integration with third-party monitoring tools and services, providing flexibility and extensibility. 

    Overall, Azure Monitor is a powerful and versatile monitoring solution that helps users gain deep insights into the performance and health of their Azure resources and applications. It offers a wide range of features and integrations, making it a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing Azure environments.

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    Buyer's Guide
    AWS X-Ray vs. Azure Monitor
    September 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about AWS X-Ray vs. Azure Monitor and other solutions. Updated: September 2023.
    734,024 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    AWS X-Ray is ranked 17th in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability with 5 reviews while Azure Monitor is ranked 4th in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability with 30 reviews. AWS X-Ray is rated 8.2, while Azure Monitor is rated 7.6. The top reviewer of AWS X-Ray writes "Saves time, is relatively cheap, and helps find errors". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Azure Monitor writes "Helps us test the performance and efficiency of cloud applications; good log analysis". AWS X-Ray is most compared with Datadog, New Relic, Google Cloud's operations suite (formerly Stackdriver), Sentry and Prometheus, whereas Azure Monitor is most compared with Datadog, Splunk Enterprise Security, Dynatrace, Prometheus and Elastic Observability. See our AWS X-Ray vs. Azure Monitor report.

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