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Juniper Mist Premium Analytics
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Auvik Network Management (ANM)
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IT Infrastructure Monitoring (3rd), Network Troubleshooting (3rd), Cloud Monitoring Software (4th), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) (2nd)
DX NetOps
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AIOps (10th)

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As of July 2024, in the Network Monitoring Software category, the mindshare of Juniper Mist Premium Analytics is 0.5%, up from 0.3% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Auvik Network Management (ANM) is 1.1%, down from 1.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of DX NetOps is 0.6%, down from 0.7% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Network Monitoring Software
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IT Infrastructure Monitoring

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Shiva_Prasad - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 25, 2024
A cloud solution for warehousing with a troubleshooting feature
The initial setup is straightforward. It's based on user requirements. We also conduct heat mapping using a couple of tools. The only requirement is to understand the technical or configuration aspects from the user's end and then configure it. Mist takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes for a particular deployment. You need to understand the end user's environment and have a concrete plan on whether it's a greenfield installation or an existing one, considering the density and height. Based on that, we need to develop a passive heat map. Then, you need to discuss with the user to understand exactly what needs to be configured and what they require in their environment. Based on that, you can proceed with the installation. Additionally, you can perform post-installation heat mapping to ensure it matches the earlier heat map. I rate the initial setup an eight out of ten, where one is difficult, and ten is easy.
Jonah S. - PeerSpot reviewer
May 24, 2024
Provides full network visibility, a near real-time view, and an easy-to-use UI
It would be useful if network monitoring tools could differentiate between traffic on individual physical ports and traffic on logical interfaces like LAGs or bonded interfaces. Ideally, the tool would also recognize and remove duplicate traffic counts within the overall flow metrics. While solutions like Auvik might not currently offer this functionality, tools like NetBox can be helpful for documenting physical layer connections. It would be interesting to see if Auvik would consider incorporating features to document these physical layer details alongside the logical network configuration, especially for long-term network management within an organization. This could provide valuable insights into how physical infrastructure translates to network behavior.
Mar 9, 2023
A scalable network monitoring solution that provides an overall view of the network
We are using DX NetOps for network monitoring. We use about 500 network devices, switches, routers, firewalls, and more. We use it for SAP monitoring and net flow monitoring or net flow analytics.  We appreciate DX NetOps as our customers run critical applications in airports.  I like that it…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The single dashboard is a valuable feature."
"We can manage the entire system across the network and troubleshoot the pain points."
"The way Auvik allows us to manage our infrastructure provides a top-level view of everything, solving several past issues."
"Shadow IT monitoring is huge for us since so many of our customers are highly regulated."
"Auvik stands out for its user-friendly interface and its comprehensive configuration management features."
"They allow for integrations into their platform via API with PSA tools like ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate. They have a lot of add-on integration and plug-ins for a lot of the big names and IT RMM stacks commonly used in my industry space. These integrations are absolutely valuable. With the integrations into ConnectWise, we are able to automatically create and close tickets across systems."
"The monitoring and alerting are the most valuable features."
"If we get an Internet outage or device goes down, it really helps gain better visibility as to what's happening with our different branch offices and to know if there's a potential issue that might mean I need to get in the car and drive down."
"The network map is fantastic. The backup of configs is also valuable. It does SSH into each network device and retains a copy of the configs on the machines as well as the change logs. So, when something suddenly stops, you can compare the configs to see what happened. You can do a side-by-side comparison of the configs to see exactly what changed. That's fantastic."
"The solution provides detailed device information, including serial numbers, configurations, IP, warranty status, and when the device was purchased. This is very helpful when it comes to replacing old devices."
"The solution is stable."
"The AI is the best feature in this solution."
"I like that it provides an overall view of our network. From the topology view to every event, we can view it. We can also see the interface utilization for future capacity planning. It fits our use case and environment."
"It's good for root cause analysis for network problems and network link problems."
"A highly scalable solution."
"It is straightforward to configure, and you can quickly gather data from your infrastructure."


"The technical support needs improvement."
"The Wi-Fi side needs improvement."
"It is amazing in keeping device inventories up-to-date. It mostly keeps them up to date as things change. There were a couple of hiccups where a device would get replaced and the mapping would break, and we'd have to go in and fix the mapping. It was with devices that Auvik couldn't fully discover or devices that would change frequently, such as cell phones or other devices on the network that are dynamic and change all the time. The integration would just show up with an IP address and a MAC address. There was no other information in them, which wasn't very helpful. They were the devices that Auvik wasn't able to discover fully. If they had full SNMP or SSH credentials and Auvik knew what the device was and it was matched correctly in Auvik, then Auvik could push it through."
"There is room for improvement in the reporting aspect."
"When mapping complex network architectures or nonstandard things, the map doesn't always accurately reflect reality. Sometimes the interface is pretty sluggish. It's much worse if the customer environment is relatively large and complex. But even if you split a site that's large into a couple of multi-sites, The performance is still a bit slow sometimes."
"I don't know that there are any remote tools for directly connecting to workstations through Auvik. If there is, I have not used them, so adding a remote tool would be helpful."
"Two weeks ago, we were able to access the support chat via a small button on the bottom right side of the screen. Now, that button has gone away... it has become pretty difficult to access support..."
"Auvik's network map could be better. It's a little confusing at times and not always accurate. I wish it showed the connections between switches on the map. You can find that by drilling down into the network device, but that isn't visible on the map as far as I know."
"Auvik doesn't communicate very well with Ubiquiti devices and will incorrectly flag facets as down. Compatibility with Ubiquiti is my biggest pain point with Auvik."
"I would like Auvik to offer an alternative method for backing up devices that don't support or have SNMP disabled, since currently, SNMP seems to be a prerequisite for any functionality in Auvik."
"It would be better if they had an NFA network analysis feature. We appreciate features like extended network security for bucket flows, but it would be better to have some IDs, IPS functionalities, DDoS, or something like that."
"The hardware requirements can be improved."
"Lacks dashboards and better integration with other solutions."
"One improvement that could make the product better is to streamline its modules into a more cohesive solution."
"Technical support needs to be better. They need to be more knowledgeable and responsive."
"Technical support could be more responsive."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The solution is expensive."
"As an individual IP company, Auvik is a little bit pricey. It is a little expensive, but as an MSP owner, I have a small side business. So, I'm an Auvik customer in that sense too. In that, I think it's reasonable to pay $10 to $15 a device or less depending on the endpoint. For the amount of capability that it has, it is very reasonably priced."
"For small businesses with many devices, the tool is potentially unaffordable. Auvik Networks Inc. is competing with other companies offering very expensive products. Still, there's a gap in the market and potentially a lot of lost revenue for smaller customers, especially those with complex IT environments."
"The billing is excellent. The way they bill it, in most environments, it's not that expensive. The billing is very cost-effective."
"Compared to other products, Auvik's pricing is more feasible since you get all its features. You pay for licenses on a per network device basis. It monitors hypervisors, but does not bill for that. There are no additional costs, which is something that I like."
"The pricing is favorable."
"I would like it to be more cost-effective or affordable. It's not the most expensive one, but it's also not the cheapest solution out there. You pay month to month. It is what it is. It is not for everyone, but it depends on what you're looking for in your budget."
"They're very competitive on the pricing front. They may not be the least expensive, but they're certainly not the most expensive. They're right in a sweet spot. For our organization, at least, it was right within the budget."
"I appreciated the way Auvik's pricing scaled with the size of my network. We're a non-profit, and they gave us a non-profit discount. I didn't do an exhaustive comparison, but I felt their pricing was pretty reasonable. I'm a cheap guy when it comes to spending in a non-profit, but I did feel that what I was getting out of them was a good value for my dollar."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Juniper Mist Premium Analytics?
We can manage the entire system across the network and troubleshoot the pain points.
What do you like most about Auvik?
The most valuable feature for us in Auvik is the network topology.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Auvik?
The pricing is a bit more on the higher end. If you are paying by device and you have a hundred billable devices, the...
What needs improvement with Auvik?
We might have encountered a bug. We notified Auvik when we had an issue with every single installation of their contr...
What do you like most about DX NetOps?
It is straightforward to configure, and you can quickly gather data from your infrastructure.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for DX NetOps?
The cost of the solution depends upon its scale and the number of devices that need to be monitored in a given projec...
What needs improvement with DX NetOps?
The hardware requirements for implementation can be improved and modified for the solution.



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