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Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Data Science Platforms category, the mindshare of Amazon SageMaker is 8.3%, down from 11.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Databricks is 20.3%, up from 19.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Featured Reviews

Subhash Vaid - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 26, 2024
Simplifies the end-to-end machine learning process but there is room for improvement in the user experience
Amazon SageMaker has significantly enhanced our organization by consistently introducing new features like model tracking and recently integrating with MLflow. This integration provides me with increased flexibility for experimentation, making it easier to explore and implement innovative solutions. The most beneficial feature for streamlining my machine learning workflows in Amazon SageMaker is MLflow. It allows me to experiment more effectively before finalizing decisions which enhances the progress of my machine learning projects. Amazon SageMaker's integration with Jupyter Notebooks has significantly improved my data exploration and experimentation process. The built-in IDE is excellent and has been useful from the beginning, providing a seamless and effective platform for my work.
RichardXu - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 29, 2021
Scalable and reliable, with helpful support
We use this solution to build skill and text classification models The scalability brings value to this solution. It can send out large data amounts. The user experience can be improved.  It's not easy to use, and they need a better UI. I have been dealing with Databricks for more than five…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The superb thing that SageMaker brings is that it wraps everything well. It's got the deployment, the whole framework."
"The tool has made client management easier where patients need to upload their health records and we can use the tool to understand details on treatment date, amount, etc."
"They are doing a good job of evolving."
"I have contacted the solution's technical support, and they were really good. I rate the technical support a ten out of ten."
"Feature Store, CodeCommit, versioning, model control, and CI/CD pipelines are the most valuable features in Amazon SageMaker."
"The deployment is very good, where you only need to press a few buttons."
"The product aggregates everything we need to build and deploy machine learning models in one place."
"The most valuable feature of Amazon SageMaker for me is the model deployment service."
"The most valuable feature of Databricks is the integration with Microsoft Azure."
"I like cloud scalability and data access for any type of user."
"The solution is very easy to use."
"The solution's features are fantastic and include interactive clusters that perform at top speed when compared to other solutions."
"The initial setup phase of Databricks was good."
"The setup is quite easy."
"It's easy to increase performance as required."
"The ease of use and its accessibility are valuable."


"In general, improvements are needed on the performance side of the product's graphical user interface-related area since it consumes a lot of time for a user."
"In my opinion, one improvement for Amazon SageMaker would be to offer serverless GPUs. Currently, we incur costs on an hourly basis. It would be beneficial if the tool could provide pay-as-you-go pricing based on endpoints."
"The pricing of the solution is an issue...In SageMaker, monitoring could be improved by supporting more data types other than JSON and CSV."
"The documentation must be made clearer and more user-friendly."
"Lacking in some machine learning pipelines."
"SageMaker would be improved with the addition of reporting services."
"I would say the IDE is quite immature, but it is still in its infancy, so I expect it to get better over time."
"The training modules could be enhanced. We had to take in-person training to fully understand SageMaker, and while the trainers were great, I think more comprehensive online modules would be helpful."
"The stability of the clusters or the instances of Databricks would be better if it was a much more stable environment. We've had issues with crashes."
"The product needs samples and templates to help invite users to see results and understand what the product can do."
"Costs can quickly add up if you don't plan for it."
"There could be more support for automated machine learning in the database. I would like to see more ways to do analysis so that the reporting is more understandable."
"The product should incorporate more learning aspects. It needs to have a free trial version that the team can practice."
"The integration and query capabilities can be improved."
"Databricks is an analytics platform. It should offer more data science. It should have more features for data scientists to work with."
"There should be better integration with other platforms."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Amazon SageMaker is a very expensive product."
"The support costs are 10% of the Amazon fees and it comes by default."
"I rate the pricing a five on a scale of one to ten, where one is the lowest price, and ten is the highest price. The solution is priced reasonably. There is no additional cost to be paid in excess of the standard licensing fees."
"I would rate the solution's price a ten out of ten since it is very high."
"The solution is relatively cheaper."
"The pricing could be better, especially for querying. The per-query model feels expensive."
"In terms of pricing, I'd also rate it ten out of ten because it's been beneficial compared to other solutions."
"The tool's pricing is reasonable."
"Price-wise, I would rate Databricks a three out of five."
"The price is okay. It's competitive."
"I would rate Databricks' pricing seven out of ten."
"I rate the price of Databricks as eight out of ten."
"We're charged on what the data throughput is and also what the compute time is."
"I do not exactly know the costs, but one of our clients pays between $100 USD and $200 USD monthly."
"My smallest project is around a hundred euros, and my most expensive is just under a thousand euros a week. That is based on terabytes of data processed each month."
"The licensing costs of Databricks is a tiered licensing regime, so it is flexible."
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AWS SageMaker, SageMaker
Databricks Unified Analytics, Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, Redash



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DigitalGlobe, Thomson Reuters Center for AI and Cognitive Computing,, GE Healthcare, Tinder, Intuit
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