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Data Integration (3rd), Data Visualization (7th)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Data Science Platforms category, the mindshare of Databricks is 20.3%, up from 19.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Informatica PowerCenter is 3.5%, up from 2.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Data Science Platforms
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Streaming Analytics
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Featured Reviews

Jan 5, 2023
Assists with quickly computing a considerable amount of historical data and helps us with data ingestion
Our primary use case for this solution is for data ingestion and the DQ rules we are implementing. We deploy the solution on Azure cloud Whenever we send data to downstream applications for creating a file, multiple business rules are involved, and this solution assists with quickly computing a…
Novneet Jain - PeerSpot reviewer
May 23, 2024
Helpful when extracting data from multiple sources, good error handling capabilities and beneficial for our data integration tasks
PowerCenter has proven to be the most beneficial for our data integration tasks. Informatica PowerCenter provides multiple transformations in one particular toolset. You don't need to apply any coding. Those transformations are the most valuable thing in Informatica PowerCenter, which helps to do the data integration part easily. Error handling capability: Error handling capability is quite good in Informatica PowerCenter because it provides a very detailed session log, which is really helpful to identify the errors. In addition, there are KB articles, which are published by Informatica, that are really helpful. Even if you face any issues or errors, we can resolve that issue. If the error is not at all possible to solve with Informatica PowerCenter, we can raise a case with Informatica, and their support team helps us to address that particular issue. If it is not possible to solve with that particular version, they consider it and try to solve it with the next patch or hotfix. AI Capabilities: Informatica PowerCenter doesn't fit into AI-related things because it's an on-premise tool, which doesn't have any significant role in the field. It is just an ETL on-premise tool. Basically, in the AI field, Informatica PowerCenter is not going to be that impactful. Informatica has launched IICS and IDMC (Informatica Data Management Cloud). Their AI comes into the picture there, but for Informatica PowerCenter, AI doesn't come into the picture at all.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The simplicity of development is the most valuable feature."
"It's very simple to use Databricks Apache Spark."
"The most valuable feature of Databricks is the integration of the data warehouse and data lake, and the development of the lake house. Additionally, it integrates well with Spark for processing data in production."
"The load distribution capabilities are good, and you can perform data processing tasks very quickly."
"The processing capacity is tremendous in the database."
"Databricks makes it really easy to use a number of technologies to do data analysis. In terms of languages, we can use Scala, Python, and SQL. Databricks enables you to run very large queries, at a massive scale, within really good timeframes."
"A very valuable feature is the data processing, and the solution is specifically good at using the Spark ecosystem."
"The integration with Python and the notebooks really helps."
"Has a good visual tool for data mapping."
"Error handling capability is quite good in Informatica PowerCenter because it provides a very detailed session log, which is really helpful to identify errors."
"Once you figure it out, it is a powerful and simple ETL tool. Its stability has been very satisfactory."
"The product's initial setup phase is very easy."
"Informatica PowerCenter is a very good ETL tool."
"We can scale the product."
"Can manage a huge quantity of data and provide reliability."
"One of the most valuable features for us is the metadata repository because it can easily understand the lineage of first target mapping. My company and I also find Informatica really easy to use—when a consultant joins our company, in just a few days to a few weeks, they can understand how to use it—so we prefer to use this ETL tool."


"The tool should improve its integration with other products."
"CI/CD needs additional leverage and support."
"It would be very helpful if Databricks could integrate with platforms in addition to Azure."
"There is room for improvement in visualization."
"The product cannot be integrated with a popular coding IDE."
"Databricks has a lack of debuggers, and it would be good to see more components."
"The product should incorporate more learning aspects. It needs to have a free trial version that the team can practice."
"We'd like a more visual dashboard for analysis It needs better UI."
"I would like to see improvements made to the custom transformations. It should be more open for users that want to write their own code and use cases."
"The initial setup is not straightforward. You need expertise to do it."
"Its interface can be modernized. It is an old product. I have been working with it for 14 years, and it still looks the same. It hasn't been modernized much. It also needs to handle more modern formats, such as JSON files. It works with the old text files and databases, but it does not always work with the newer, modern stuff. You need to make your own programs to support that kind of stuff. Support is also a kind of difficult with Informatica. They don't do direct support and rely on using their distributors around the globe for support, which means that you kind of have to go through this layer of different companies before you get help."
"We had to take on a large volume of data from the legacy Sybase system. This was taking a very long time, i.e., more than a day. We were trying to improve it with partitions to gpload, but we were told that we can't go more than four partitions."
"Requires an established data center because there is no option for software as a service."
"The real-time database connectivity when getting the real-time data using the VPN is an area that needs improvement."
"Now they are migrating to a new version, and they have something that is called Informatica Developer. Previously, they just had PowerCenter. Now, when they move everything to Informatica Developer it's not as good or stable like it was when it was PowerCenter, though it has some nice features. This Developer tool could be better."
"In terms of performance improvement and tuning, there should be a bit more guidance and documentation."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Licensing on site I would counsel against, as on-site hardware issues tend to really delay and slow down delivery."
"Databricks are not costly when compared with other solutions' prices."
"We only pay for the Azure compute behind the solution."
"The billing of Databricks can be difficult and should improve."
"Whenever we want to find the actual costing, we have to send an email to Databricks, so having the information available on the internet would be helpful."
"I am based in South Africa, where it is expensive adapting to the cloud, and then there is the price for the tool itself."
"The price of Databricks is reasonable compared to other solutions."
"Databricks' cost could be improved."
"Its licensing is expensive in terms of scaling."
"The price of this solution is high."
"We have found the pricing very cost-effective. The licensing is CPU and data source-based."
"Our client has purchased the license, and we are using it."
"Cost could be improved."
"It is for big enterprises. We have leveraged Informatica for big enterprises but not for small and medium enterprises because it is a very costly product as compared to other products. We propose this solution only for enterprise customers. For small to medium enterprises, we would propose the Microsoft solution. Its licensing is currently bundle-wise. It should be features-wise and not bundle-wise."
"I would rate the pricing for this solution a six out of ten. The exact pricing depends on various products that you have."
"Its maintenance is expensive."
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Comparison Review

it_user90069 - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 20, 2014
Informatica PowerCenter vs. Microsoft SSIS - each technology has its advantages but also have similarities
Technology has made it easier for businesses to organize and manipulate data to get a clearer picture of what’s going on with their business. Notably, ETL tools have made managing huge amounts of data significantly easier and faster, boosting many organizations’ business intelligence operations…

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