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What needs improvement with Nutanix?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

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What needs improvement with Nutanix?

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GILLES THEAUDIERE - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

They have offered some new features that I have not deployed so I assume that these issues might have been addressed already, but there was a networking problem. This solution could use network improvements. I think the next release should include a software improvement, like the ability to deploy with a cloud provider like Amazon or Microsoft Azure. I believe that they are already working on this and I think that the best improvement would be to remove the storage configuration because you don't need to manage or to configure this. By default, it should take all the available storage to present the data. They should create network storage in which the administrator doesn't have to manage or configure this part. They should work on the deployment and storage.

Mohamed Shatla - PeerSpot reviewer
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We could always use a performance upgrade, or simplified management. The features I would most like to see added would be: compatibility for HV, improvement to the cloud features, and more private features.

it_user941724 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

They should lower the price. If they did they would fall into a more competitive market because the price does scare a lot of potential customers away when they get the quote. Otherwise, I never had to call tech support. I actually met up with one of their consultants just three days before I went for deployment. It was the very first time I'd actually tested the software, and that was enough for me to go to the site and get all the work done. There's one area in which they should make the software simpler with the deployment. If they can make it just a few steps easier, it will be unbeatable. I'm technically experienced so it was simple, but others who aren't as experienced might struggle. If they can simplify the software slightly for the installation, that would make all the difference.

Mohammed Alakhouch - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I think that there are several areas that they can improve slightly, including the mail servers, the application servers, and perhaps even the database servers. If we can have certified compatibility with other companies, such as Oracle, then it would let us know that they function correctly together.

Luca De Vincenzi - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

* Price politics sometimes is not very transparent for the worldwide organization. * Better value for money about file share feature * We feel that the cost for capacity is still more expensive compared to other solutions.

Peter Cheng - PeerSpot reviewer

I would like to see a fuller integration with the public cloud. It would help the user enter the hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Manzeel Uprety - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

* Site-to-site deduplication needs some work. It’s not as feature-rich for a disaster recovery implementation, but my understanding is that it is slated for improvement in near future releases. * DRS-like functionality is also a much-desired feature slated for a future release. * Third-party solutions are few and far between right now since Nutanix is so new considering the production of the software. Improvements should be made to compensate for upcoming software and solutions. * Regarding third-party backup solutions, the only agentless option is Commvault, which is expensive, complex, and requires intensive vendor training. We opted to use the built-in snapshot replication options from Azure.

SystemsEng - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I don't feel that I am receiving the performance which I am paying for. We should have something called micro segmentation inside the Nutanix box, which can be easily implemented. They should support more VM, which is not currently supported.

Shannon Jones - PeerSpot reviewer

We would like to see it support other systems outside of the compute stack from which it was built.

Timothy Walsh - PeerSpot reviewer

Coming from a XenServer environment, I would like better integration of XenServer into the AOS and Prism Central.

Brian Lucci - PeerSpot reviewer

Extra features should not be so expensive. We would love to be able to use or even just try some of the extra features without having to buy them. Buying those features is just as expensive as buying vSphere licenses, so the cost savings is nullified.

budiezeddin - PeerSpot reviewer

Our challenge has been to simplify our data center, reduce OPEX, easily scale out, and improve agility. Here are some improvements that we would like to see: * Reduce our data center footprint. * Reduce its power consumption. * Make it easier to manage. * Have an agile data center.

it_user545409 - PeerSpot reviewer

There are various areas, but all points that I could mention are under development and get to you free of charge with another single-click cluster-upgrade. To name some: Native File-Services are under heavy development and Container Services just came out.

it_user749733 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

There is a hard coded IP in the 192.168.5.x range which comes with Nutanix. This needs to be a variable, not hard coded, as this may clash with customers current IP range.

Samuel Rothenbuehler - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

Nutanix has the potential to replace most of today's traditional storage solutions. These are classic hybrid SAN arrays (dual and multi controller), NAS Filers, newer All-Flash Arrays as well as any object, big data etc. use cases. For capacity it usually comes down to the price for large amounts of data where Nutanix may offer higher than needed storage performance at a price point which isn't very attractive. This has been address in a first step using storage only nodes which are essentially an intelligent disk shelf (mainly SATA) with its own virtual SDS appliance preinstalled. Storage nodes are managed directly by the Nutanix cluster (hypervisor isn't visible and no hypervisor license necessary). While this is going the right direction, larger storage nodes are needed to better support "cheap, big storage" use cases. For typical big data use cases today's combined compute and storage nodes (plus optionally storage only nodes) are already a very good fit! The Nutanix File Services (Filer with active directory integration) are a very welcomed addition customers get with a simple software upgrade. Currently this is available as tech preview to all Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) customers and will soon be released to ESXi as well. This is one example of a service running on-top of the Nutanix distributed storage fabric, well integrated with the existing management layer (Prism) offering native scale out capabilities and One-Click upgrade like everything else. The demand from customers for a builtin filer is big, they are looking to not depend on legacy filer technology any longer. We are looking forward to seeing this technology mature and offer more features over the coming months and years. Another customer need is to be able to consume Nutanix storage from outside the cluster for other, non-Nutanix workloads. These could include bare metal systems as well as non-supported hypervisors (e.g. Xen Server etc.). This functionality (called Volume Groups) is already implemented and available for use by local VMs (e.g. Windows Failover Cluster Quorum) and will soon be qualified for external access (already working from a technical point of view including MPIO multi pathing with failover). It will be interesting to see if Nutanix will allow active-active access to such iSCSI LUNs (as opposed to the current active-passive implementation) with the upcoming release(s). Imagine if you upgraded your Nutanix cluster (again this would be a simple One-Click software upgrade) and all of sudden you have a multi-controller, active-active (high-end) storage array. (Please note that I am not a Nutanix employee and that these statements describing possible future functionality are to be understood as speculation from my side which might never become officially available.)

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