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What advice do you have for others considering Nutanix?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
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What advice do you have for others considering Nutanix?

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GILLES THEAUDIERE - PeerSpot reviewer
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Follow the best practices and check everything. The network is always the point of failure, and if you don't configure or manage the best ways for the network, it will remind you that you have an issue, or that you don't have well-prepared deployment. I would rate Nutanix as nine out of ten because there is always room for improvement. From the beginning, they had a start-up position, but now it seems that they are going to move to the dark side of the market on the license end, like VMware. It seems like you will need a license for everything now. In the beginning, you could have everything with one license, but it looks like now you need a license for these features, another license for other features, and for everything that gives improvements to the solutions you have to buy another license for. That is not good from my point of view.

Mohamed Shatla - PeerSpot reviewer
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I would rate Nutanix as nine out of ten. A perfect ten is very challenging to acheive, but I think nine is basically perfect.

it_user941724 - PeerSpot reviewer
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I would advise someone considering this solution to go with it. We deal with multiple vendors. We're actually partners with a lot of vendors. Most of the enterprise vendors are in the top 10 but I'll say that this is the best that I've worked with. I would rate this solution a nine out of ten.

Mohammed Alakhouch - PeerSpot reviewer
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We have recently acquired this solution and have done the training. We are going to be using it to support technical applications before we can generalize it, and use it on a much bigger scale. Currently, it is not the number of users that we are focused on. It will be for technical applications used only by the IT team, which is approximately seventy people. At this point, my advice for other people who are implementing this product is that they should trust Nutanix. It is a good solution and it is easy to work on their platform. It is compatible with VMware, and they have their own container, which is free. I would rate this product a ten out of ten.

Manzeel Uprety - PeerSpot reviewer
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Do not dismiss Nutanix too hastily over one little feature or another. They are advancing, and it is worth your patience. The value brought in from simplicity, support, and time savings is worth a consideration.

Shannon Jones - PeerSpot reviewer

I would recommend this product to others.

budiezeddin - PeerSpot reviewer

Soon, it will be only software. Therefore, you can provide preferred hardware. You can inject it with Nutanix software as long as the hardware compatibility meets Nutanix requirements.

it_user545409 - PeerSpot reviewer

Always check compatibility matrix before you upgrade to get a clear view what comes after your upgrade. I recently found that AOS 5.1.4 and 5.1.5 will not let you upgrade to 5.5.x as of now see ( Login Required). 5.6 is your upgrade path if you are on 5.1.4 or 5.1.5.

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