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As of June 2024, in the Ethernet Switches category, the mindshare of Cisco Ethernet Switches is 21.6%, up from 20.6% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of NETGEAR Switches is 8.4%, down from 8.7% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Featured Reviews

Nov 13, 2023
Has impressive reliability, I have not experienced a failure
The CLI is very valuable as it allows network professionals to work fast and customize the configuration however they need. Cisco Ethernet Switches have great enterprise features like Cisco DNA Assurance. Cisco DNA Assurance features advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cisco AI Network Analytics, a capability within Cisco DNA Assurance, allows easy management of all devices and services, prioritizes and resolves network issues, and ensures a better user experience across the network. Also, appreciate the industrial line of switches for SCADA or other environments where switches are placed in unconditioned space and the temperatures fluctuate a lot during the seasons.
PawanKumar11 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 8, 2023
The solution is stable, and it can be deployed quickly, but the security features must be improved
The solution is used as a networking device The solution is good. The security features must be improved. I have used the solution for ten years. The tool is stable. More than 200 people were using the tool in our organization. We were using it regularly. We have upgraded to Cisco because it…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The initial setup is really easy."
"The most valuable feature is the simplicity of the central management system(CMS)."
"Cisco is the world leader in these systems. The expertise they have is very good compared to others. We can trust Cisco from a technical perspective."
"The features that I have found most valuable are the core reliability and the switching group. All the features are very generic switching features with high reliability. That is the main key point I can highlight."
"Being able to deal with multiple VLANs to segment the network logically is the biggest feature for us. The management of these switches is okay for us. These switches work very well, and they meet our needs."
"The solution can scale."
"The most valuable feature of Cisco Ethernet Switches is its hardware."
"Multicast is an advanced feature that helps alleviate some of our work challenges."
"The most valuable feature is the fact that Insight is cloud-managed. The whole reason behind it is that there is one central place to manage it. You can pre-configure everything and you can get access to it without having to get onto the client's network. That makes it easy to use and deploy."
"The initial setup was straightforward."
"It's nice, if there is an issue, to be able to go in through the remote. The fact that the remote doesn't require a static IP... is nice. They initiate the contact to the outside world, without requiring a static to get in."
"Technical support is helpful and quick to respond."
"The tool is very easy to deploy as it is a very basic switch."
"As far as remoting into it goes, it is very efficient because I can do it from anywhere, through the remote software. I can get right into it, I can change settings really quickly, if a customer needs to add another device into it or if I need to make changes on the VLANs that we created."
"Valuable features include network monitoring and ease of programming for VLANs, etc. I especially like NETGEAR because it's easy to teach system administrators how to use them, how to look at them, how to make changes to them without having the complexity of CLIs, but still having a CLI should we need it."
"The remote management tools are fantastic. The combination of the webpage as well as the app makes life so much easier. I don't need to go and visit sites to do upgrades or any sorts of changes. The firmware can all be deployed remotely. I can see the traffic on each of the switch ports remotely as well, so I can see if we've got problems, down to an individual port. It's very granular."


"I don't like the fact that the product is very expensive."
"Network setup is quite complicated, particularly if you're implementing in a non-technical environment."
"I haven't heard from my engineers that they said it's excellent."
"Cisco Ethernet Switches is a very expensive solution."
"The initial setup can be simplified."
"I think the price should be cheaper to be able to afford more."
"The solution's pricing could be improved."
"The product could improve in the area of simulated switches."
"Lacks switches with additional ports that provide room for new protocols of communications."
"One thing I have asked for, something that NETGEAR lacks that I would love to see — and from what I understand it's in the works — is a REST API to programmatically interface with multiple switches. That would be a great feature."
"Their old firmware was a problem for us and we're still working on it. It didn't apply correctly so it took about half of our switches offline, which meant we couldn't use some of the functionality like the firmware updates. Unfortunately with that firmware, which they've sorted out, if you don't go through all the firmware and make sure it's past that point and back online, that's an issue with them. It's something to cautious about"
"An area for improvement would be creating a wizard that can do a lot of common stuff. Instead of having some manual configuration for common features, they may want to have a single wizard that could be put in place which would let you walk through creating multiple VLANs and different routes between VLANs in a wizard. Then, you wouldn't have to dig in so deep."
"There are some design issues on which they really missed the boat. The problem has to do with rack mounting them because the lights and jacks should all be on the front, and the power on the back. The way they did it makes it really difficult to use them in a rack environment, because when the lights are on the opposite side of the jacks... you usually can't see the back side of a rack. You can't get back there to see, so it's just crazy."
"The tool's price could be better."
"Centralized monitoring is there, but competitors like Cisco Prime are at a higher level of centralized monitoring."
"Being able to pass AVB traffic over these switches, that would be a huge add. There are not many switches out that support that. The GS728TP NETGEAR switches used to or still do support AVB, but it would be ideal if the 4300 Series could support it as well."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"This is an expensive solution, but you are paying for stability."
"The price is on the higher side."
"It is very expensive."
"Cisco is quite expensive. In our market, a lot of customers are forced to go with something else because they cannot afford a brand-new Cisco even though they know a Cisco switch will be more reliable."
"It is expensive. There are additional costs besides the license cost."
"The solution is not too expensive."
"Users have to pay an annual licensing fee for Cisco Ethernet Switches, which is expensive."
"In some of the latest switches, the warranty is not included in the pricing and we have to purchase it separately."
"I would rate the tool's pricing a nine out of ten."
"The pricing is very good for 10GbE switches and you get a lot of throughput. It is about 60 percent of the costs of other switches from competitive manufacturers, which is really good."
"The solution is expensive. You need to pay the costs one-time."
"The price-to-performance of the solution is very good. You get very performance for a low cost per port. Compared to standard AV switching, NETGEAR is probably the best value out there."
"Insight pricing is okay. It's very competitive. The costs of the hardware and additional services weren't low because Unify is much cheaper, but the costs conformed to the market. When you look at the hardware specs, the price and the warranty, the complete package was much better than any other vendor. If you consider those three main aspects of Netgear Insight and Netgear Insight devices, and you put them next to Ubiquity or Cisco Meraki, or even TP-Link, in our opinion, it's better hardware, it has a better warranty, and for the price you have to pay, it's a pretty good product."
"For the price, they're good. If you look at Ubiquity switches (which have cloud features too) or even the regular NETGEAR GS switches, these are still price-competitive and come with the cloud features, which is just amazing."
"In terms of the NETGEAR stuff, there weren't any surprises. The costs were definitely fair, especially considering what we were replacing. For the equivalent performance from a non-AV over IP solution, it would have been easily been in the $40,000 range. Comparing it to standard AV video switching, the price was very good, especially considering now they can add-on without any massive additional costs."
"NETGEAR Switches can be considered a big brand, so its pricing point is a bit higher than that of some of the other players in the market."
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Comparison Review

it_user82779 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 29, 2014
Benefits of Juniper vs Cisco
Both are decent products. I prefer Juniper for the following reasons: 1) Cleaner separation of data plane from control plane. Higher end Cisco devices are better at this but most of the lower end products still seem to be more integrated than I like. 2) The Hierarchical config design means I can…

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What do you like most about NETGEAR Switches?
Stability-wise, I rate the solution a ten out of ten. I have not faced any issues with the product whatsoever.

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