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Best Firewall to create VPN for 250 plus users currently working from home?

User at Haribhakti & Co LLP


I am from an Auditing organization.

We are looking to have a firewall using which we can have the VPN for our users [currently WFH].

Please suggest the best firewalls currently in the market to choose from.

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Javier Medina - PeerSpot reviewer
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You need to know the apps and bandwith that your users will need to calculare the trhowoutput of the interfaces, that is more about sizing rather than brand, but the sophos vpn client is very light and easy to install

Sanjula Weerakoon - PeerSpot reviewer

I think if you can get the concurrent user number correct and get a suitable sized FortGate firewall this will be the best ex: 40 concurrent FG-40F. Fortigates come inbuilt VPNs FOC and if you require additional security towards sensitive business activities such as payroll, you can look into the 2FA solutions in the Fortinet Network Security FABRIC. 

IanMacfarlane - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi, VPN's are becoming something from the pass as more organizations are connecting to cloud based services like O365. In most cases companies have moves servers/data/services out of the back server room. Back to your question, Fortinet, SonicWall or Cisco. Meraki is a great platform but does not have a dedicated VPN client as of yet, I have worked with both Fortinet and SonicWall and based on the numbers I would recommend Fortinet. The VPN client is great and comes with AV as part of the package. 

Feel free to call me if you want more information.

Thank You 


reviewer1266459 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Fortigate works well. it has ipsec vpn as well as ssl vpn which can be integrated with your AD for SSO. Only need to install and configure forticlient on the user pc. Can also activate two factor authentication with fortitokens. Im using that now and im happy

Rias Majeed - PeerSpot reviewer
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You can use fortinet Firewall SSLVPN as well ipsec vpn.   If you tell me what are services need to accessed by remote users.  I suggest you the correct model.  nevertheless it has to be 600 Series or above.  And you need have enough upload speed.

Javier Medina - PeerSpot reviewer
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In addition i can tell that you can use 2FA for free with the sophos authenticator and enabling OTP for your vpn remote ssl users, also there are some other vpn awesome features like html5 and rdp over vpn so you dont need to publish or port forwarding makin  you network more secure.

Brian Browne - PeerSpot reviewer


Brian Browne - PeerSpot reviewer

Cisco firepower

in that order

TanveerBhatti - PeerSpot reviewer
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Palo Alto Next Gen Firewall.

Amaury Gonzalez - PeerSpot reviewer


reviewer1403718 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Check out for Cisco Small Business Lineup, Cisco Rv349 Dual WAN VPN router.

ANCIZAR AVILA - PeerSpot reviewer
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Cisco ASA 5516-X or Cisco FirePower 2110 (more capacity), 15 years using Cisco VPN Concentrators without problems...

Cesar Beut - PeerSpot reviewer
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With the Meraki MX security appliances are very easy stablish VPN, easy to monitor and have incredible resilience

ErhanEvgin - PeerSpot reviewer
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You can prefer Cisco Meraki MX firewall solutions. Same time  VPN client of Meraki is free.  At the same time you can research Meraki teleworker devices for remote users 

Juan Carlos Bosacoma - PeerSpot reviewer

Fortinet, PaloAlto.

reviewer1461459 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Palo Alto, Fortinet or Checkpoint. Any of them...

Evert Ruiten - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Reseller


Nowadays there are quite a few good VPN concentrators. But I would recommend Barracuda. Due to its high throughput and competitive pricing.

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