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As of July 2024, in the Cloud Data Warehouse category, the mindshare of Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics is 8.7%, down from 13.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of SAP Business Warehouse is 1.0%, down from 1.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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ShubhamSharma2 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 29, 2022
Very good synapses that can deal with petabytes of data in seconds
Our company uses the solution to mine generous amounts of data for customers. We are partners with Microsoft and are totally dependent on the solution.  Synapses are very good and can deal with petabytes of data.  The solution has far better synapse analytics than Redshift.  The solution handles…
Vinay Lohakare - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 23, 2022
One of the best data warehousing solutions with good reliability and a simple setup
The initial setup is pretty simple. You just have to complete the step-by-step book from SAP. It's very simple. I'd rate the ease of setup eight out of ten. The deployments are manageable every week, so if it's for the simple change, it's weekly. We divide our changes into minor, medium, and major. Minor deployments go every week, major ones go biweekly, and then the major change is monthly or once every two months. How long it takes depends upon the objects that you're sending and the number of objects that you're sending, and the changes that you're sending. There is a max of six hours of downtime when you have a big change going in, however, when you have a minor change every week, it's under an hour. You only need one resource to handle deployment. There is regular maintenance required. On the BW side, an average team size of ten is good. Depending upon the complexity, it might increase. It depends client to client. You can't put a number on that since it all depends on the number of modules implemented and the number of reports available. On the support range, it's a medium-scale. If there is only BW support, a minimum of three and a maximum of five resources are necessary. It's only for BW, not any other integration reporting tool. Just for BW, about three resources is enough, however, for BW.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The most valuable features of Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics are how easy and quick it is to set up the linked services."
"We use Azure Synapse Analytics in many different areas and industries, so I like that you can administrate and create pipelines for difference sources of data and later integrate and deploy it to other internal areas, such as separate dashboards for financials, and so on."
"Azure elasticity allows us to scale as much as we want, and it is pay-as-you-go, so we can scale up as we need to."
"The features most valuable are the simplicity, how easy it is to create a dashboard from different information systems."
"The solution's scalability is very, very good. It's one of the most important aspects for us."
"Data can be stored any way you want in the data warehouse."
"It's scalable; you can scale up and scale down."
"The useability, the user interface, is very user-friendly."
"The most useful feature has been he ability to feed data into multiple systems in various formats."
"The key element in this solution is its rapid response. If you have a question about prices, buyers, customers, providers, or services, you need the answer in a minute or two. That's the key benefit for us that a solution like BW gives us."
"Now, because of the HANA integration, the hard disk and RAM are together, and because of that, the output is very quick and very fast actually."
"The features that I have found most valuable are its capabilities to connect to Excel and to slice and dice."
"What I like most about SAP Business Warehouse is its ability to feed data into new, multiple systems in various formats. It can open its data to any system over gateway services or a portal or application that needs to consume and analyze data."
"The warehouse is the solution's most valuable feature."
"With the technical support, the response has been pretty good from the SAP side."
"Having the integration with the reporting tool which is provided by SAP is great."


"It could be more stable."
"The initial setup process needs improvement. When you're moving to the cloud it takes a bit of time. It would be great if they could implement something that would make it faster."
"The need to improve a little bit in terms of user-friendliness."
"Could have more connectors and better integration for Hadoop."
"One area that could be improved is the schema management."
"Synapse makes it easy to integrate and onboard data from other Microsoft and Azure sources. The interface is familiar because we were using Azure Data Factory before Synapse. It made the transition even easier because the Synapse interface is exactly the same."
"Integration with other products is an area that can be improved."
"Non-structured data is unavailable with this product."
"SAP Business Warehouse could improve by having more out-of-the-box use cases to cover more business types or operations."
"You can start quickly but, when you have to get a little more detailed, when you have to change something, when you have to solve problems, it's not that easy. It's easy to start but evolving is not that easy."
"What I'd like to improve in SAP Business Warehouse is its data structure, that's a little bit rigid. It could be a bit more flexible, so you can design your data structure and improve performance when creating a solution. Currently, the way data is stored in SAP Business Warehouse is rigid."
"I would like to see a different end solution in order to read the data and attract internal users."
"We are very unhappy with technical support. First of all, they send their sales agents or pre-sales agents and most of them who don't know the solution as a properly trained tech would. We have an on-site SAP representative who is supposed to help us with our high priority and production issues, and they're not satisfactory to say the least."
"In the next release, my suggestion would be to have user-friendly interfaces and performance issues be addressed."
"So far, the initial setup process in our company has not been easy enough for us to understand."
"I get all the information quickly, but it is one day old."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Price varies by use-case. You pay for the database itself in addition to any consumed data within Serverless plus other fees if you use the Data Factory that is inside."
"The solution is expensive at the enterprise level."
"We have a licensing cost to pay."
"I understand that Synapse Analytics' pricing is lower than Informatica's."
"This solution starts at €1000.00 a month for just the basics and can go up to €300,000.00 per month for the fastest version."
"The solution is very expensive because it often requires the purchase of additional storage."
"My company pays for the license and I am not sure about the price."
"The pricing is okay. You can pay as you go."
"The license for SAP Business Warehouse is paid yearly, and there's no extra cost in addition to the standard licensing fees."
"SAP Business Warehouse licensing is a bit expensive compared to other products in the market."
"It's quite pricey. SAP changed its pricing policy, so they give you one engine and then you have to buy everything next to it, like MSS, the BPC licenses, and everything else."
"The solution is quite expensive."
"I would not recommend it to small-scale companies. The price is too much."
"The licensing cost for SAP Business Warehouse depends on your revenue. Its licensing structure is a little bit complicated. The more your revenue is, the higher the price, but SAP does have different pricing structures for various companies. For small businesses, licensing isn't based on revenue, but for big companies, it's revenue-based. There's some agreement regarding pricing for huge companies, so it's different, and SAP Business Warehouse pricing isn't fixed. On a scale of one to ten, I'm rating the licensing cost for SAP Business Warehouse as five because it's very high. As your revenue grows, your licensing cost also increases, so you have to factor that in when calculating your cost."
"Overall, the pricing is not fixed and is expensive."
"It's moderately expensive, but definitely has its branding and price value for it."
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Questions from the Community

How does Amazon Redshift compare with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics?
Amazon Redshift is very fast, has a very good response time, and is very user-friendly. The initial setup is very straightforward. This solution can merge and integrate well with many different dat...
What do you like most about Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics?
The product is easy to use, and anybody can easily migrate to advanced DB.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics?
Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics is a moderately priced solution. We pay a yearly licensing fee for the solution. If you get help from partners, it will be expensive for you.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for SAP Business Warehouse?
The solution is quite expensive. We paid a yearly subscription fee.
What needs improvement with SAP Business Warehouse?
Over a period, we realized that the license and maintenance costs were quite expensive. Every day, we had to run the background job ODS. Eventually, we moved away from SAP Business Warehouse and bo...

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