How does Amazon Redshift compare with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics?

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Nov 1, 2021

Amazon Redshift is very fast, has a very good response time, and is very user-friendly. The initial setup is very straightforward. This solution can merge and integrate well with many different databases. It scales very easily and has a good cost-benefit ratio. It is very powerful and performs well. The data processing is very fast and can do analytics on the fly.

Amazon Redshift should have more cloud-native tools that integrate with it as Microsoft does with the Azure ecosystem. There is some missing functionality that can make Redshift difficult to work in. If you are analyzing a lot of data, the load performance-wise can be very low.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics can handle large amounts of data - in the petabyte range. You can scale up and down as much as you want. It has a pay-as-you-go protocol, so you only pay for what you use. The speed is very good and the architecture is excellent. You are in control of what you need, which is a huge advantage.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics can be a very complicated product to use. The setup can be very complex. We had some issues with dashboard reporting - we found there were bugs in the platform when dealing with specific types of queries. This solution did not meet the necessary security protocols for some of our clients.


Both of these solutions are very stable, scalable, and flexible. Each of these products has their own unique ecosystems that are very competitive with each other, making them both great solutions to use. Although they are very similar, there are some features and functionalities that make them unique and attractive depending on the type of enterprise you operate. We are a smaller enterprise and overall our team felt based on ease of use, support, and where we are headed, we have started to migrate everything over to an AWS ecosystem and chose Amazon Redshift. It is the solution our clients liked best as well.

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A couple of questions before starting the feature comparison:  i. Are you fine with an open-source solution? ii. Any specific reason you have listed ADF? iii. Who will be using these tools and how much learning curve is involved within the team? iv. What kind of data you are dealing with? v. Is data privacy an important factor? vi. Are you looking for only a cloud-based solution or open to a hybrid solution also? vii. What is the maturity level of the team when it comes to working on the cloud ........ These are just a few of the many questions basis which we do self-assessment or measure our preparedness. Let me know if you need more insights. Happy to help!!
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