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We performed a comparison between Mendix, OutSystems, and Temenos Quantum based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out what your peers are saying about OutSystems, Mendix, Salesforce and others in Mobile Development Platforms.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The initial setup is easy.""It is stable.""The most valuable features of Mendix are the drag and drop functions, the data entities, domain models, and all the related features.""They are leading in the smart manufacturing, and connectivity space.""It is a development platform which assists in accelerating your developmental lifecycle. This is one of its most valuable features. This solution also offers a good set of components that are readily available.""The pricing is very clear, with no hidden fees.""The user experience is great.""You can scale the solution."

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"Scalability proved to be an exceptionally beneficial feature.""It is a stable solution.""We can do the validation before calling the API.""It is much easier to develop applications with the product’s IDE.""The scalability of OutSystems is very good, it scales automatically very useful for us.""The technical support is perfect.""The visual program of OutSystems is one of the major advantages of this solution.""The architecture of OutSystems is quite simple, and the features are similar to Mendix's. OutSystems has connectors for different enterprise apps and solid reporting capabilities. You can also integrate with any content management platform like SharePoint or Adobe Enterprise Manager, or something like that. You can also create and integrate workflows."

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"The visualizer and API manager are super useful. It's easy to create applications for the agent. Automations and other complex tasks can be hard, but it's mostly straightforward. You can create forms and populate tables.""It is a single platform that can cater to mobile and web development requirements, making it convenient for businesses looking to transition into the digital space.""The main benefit lies in its exceptional speed of implementation.""We can use a single channel to create an interface for iOS, Android, and other channels.""Its greatest advantage lies in its exceptional security and robustness.""The initial setup of Temenos Quantum was easy.""The best thing about Temenos Quantum is how it smoothly connects with Temenos Fabric. This simplifies our quantum application by handling identity, authentication, and security tasks seamlessly, saving us from extra coding.""The most valuable feature is usability. You can develop components inside it and reuse them in different parts of your application, wherever needed. You can replicate them. There's also a Quantum Fabric on the back end, which provides a middle layer between your database and the third-party systems you need to integrate. It also provides the integration to handle all sorts of exceptions and timeouts on the Fabric. This makes it easy to troubleshoot errors coming from third-party APIs."

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"My understanding is that, if you are not using the free version, it is very expensive.""There should be more integration with engineering applications and tighter integration for user authentication, such as single sign-on, etc. They have some of that. It just could be stronger.""There is always a layer of custom code required.""In the beginning, it is difficult to learn and work with.""One thing I would like to improve is the support system offered by Mendix. It can sometimes take a while to get the help I need when I'm using Mendix.""I struggle with solutions like Mendix in terms of creating enterprise solutions.""It is expensive.""Feature-wise and in terms of technical aspects, Mendix is excellent, but its pricing is steep."

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"The tutorials for the solution should be updated.""In my opinion, the support and the pricing could be better.""One of the biggest areas for improvement is that every time an existing data element is modified, it creates a new data element. It doesn't really modify that particular data element. So, a user has to follow an extra step of removing the existing data element and bringing in the new and modified data element that is being added, which sort of goes into negative productivity.""I have difficulty in using several new features. Some of the product's features are tricky to use as well.""Currently, in mobile applications, we don't have push notifications.""The PDD framework can't be used for the behavioral-driven development way of working.""OutSystems could improve by being more like GitHub. It would be more helpful for us for division management and version control for our application.""The prices should be lower. It is a little bit too high for a small market."

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"There are many issues when integrating with native sides when building an Android application of the retail accelerator or an iOS application of the retail actuator. We have to incorporate on the native side of things, which creates a lot of issues. Temenos Quantum is a proprietary product and not open source. There is not much information available on the internet for developers to reference when solving issues. You have to contact the help desk, who will then give you an appointment and work to resolve the issue. In terms of what Temenos can do better, they can make the product more mature so that we do not encounter as many black holes when encountering an issue.""When developing our application, we also encountered certain issues related to delays and time-consuming builds.""One area where Temenos Quantum could improve is in the flexibility of widgets and additional libraries.""There is definitely room for improvement, especially in the areas of AI, AR, and DR for mobile and web applications""Temenos Quantum is not quite stable yet.""Using the API manager can be complicated when you're dealing with multiple teams, projects, and APIs. Quantum doesn't have user-based access, so I can't restrict parts of the project to specific users.""It would be highly beneficial if future iterations of Temenos could incorporate support for QR-based payment methods, as it would enhance the platform's capabilities and align it more closely with modern payment trends""The security and the interface technology could be better in Temenos Quantum. Additionally, a module that can display all the activities that have been done in the system would be helpful."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Mendix is not open source, but its license cost is cheap, particularly when compared to the Appian license. The license model would depend on how many users you have and how many applications you are creating. If you are creating a single app, you just need to have a single app license, so it's free. If you want a multiple app license to cover two thousand or three thousand users, for example, internal users or external users, then you need to pay for the license. There's also a license model for above three thousand or four thousand, or five thousand internal and external users."
  • "There is a license required to use Mendix. The solution's price is high, but it is best suited for enterprise companies that have the budget. It is not for small or medium-sized businesses."
  • "Its cost is higher than competitors. The cost mostly includes licensing. It is charged per user. The cost model could be better. When you have a big company, what does per user mean? If I have a company where I have 40,000 people who will go to access it but only 200 do, how do you license it and who do you pay for? If they hit it once, do you pay for it? The licensing is complex for a big company. It is easy for us to buy all we can eat, get an enterprise license agreement, and call it good."
  • "Mendix licensing cost is based on the number of apps you have on the server. At the basic level, it is free of charge, so that seems reasonable, but once you go beyond that, and when it comes to the number of users on the app, that basic structure doesn't work, and the pricing tends to get a little bit steep."
  • "I would not recommend the solution to small and medium-sized businesses because it’s expensive. It’s great for big organizations. I rate the pricing as a three out of ten."
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  • "The subscription is billed on a yearly basis."
  • "I believe they are very strict with their pricing platforms, or the pricing policies, and it changes."
  • "For one developer to use, the cost is around $5,000."
  • "It's not cheap. It's pretty expensive."
  • "The price is okay. OutSystems isn't expensive. It's a mid-range solution."
  • "There is a free trial to use this solution and other options available, such as enterprise. There are different subscription plans."
  • "I believe they have two pricing options. One is approximately $4000 USD a year and the other is approximately $10,000 USD a year."
  • "The solution is expensive. The platform is not suitable for all of my clients. I work with labor unions and other smaller organizations that would not be able to afford the platform's current pricing model. It would be beneficial if there were a scaled-down version or a tiered pricing option that would allow me to build an app or a web app that is more cost-effective for my clients. Currently, the platform's pricing is too high for many of my clients, who would not be able to afford something in the $50,000 to $100,000 range."
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  • "The product is expensive. First, they must purchase the product, and then pay an annual renewal fee. The renewal fee depends on the product details and the license term’s length. Clients can buy licenses for five or ten years and pay for them upfront, or they can set up a yearly renewal cycle."
  • "Temenos Quantum is an expensive tool. Taking into consideration my company's use of Temenos Quantum for a bank, the costs attached to the solution ranged from 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 USD for building one application for the bank."
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    Questions from the Community
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    Top Answer:One area for improvement is its integration capabilities. Creating a pluggable widget or integrating it with other… more »
    Top Answer:The short answer is that OutSystems is far better for 2 main reasons. Firstly, with Service Now you are locked into that… more »
    Top Answer:I cannot really name an industry in which OutSystems cannot be beneficial. Who does not want to make top-notch… more »
    Top Answer: We started using OutSystems fairly recently, so we are still on the free version of it. My company is still testing how… more »
    Top Answer:We can use a single channel to create an interface for iOS, Android, and other channels.
    Top Answer:It is on the expensive side and the price is determined based on usage.
    Top Answer:Temenos Quantum needs to improve its usability. It lacks information on the network. We have to contact the support when… more »
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    KonyOne, Kony, Kony Quantum
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    Mendix is a low-code application development platform that helps your organization accelerate its application development lifecycle. The solution is designed to enable you to create software faster by abstracting and automating the development process for better business outcomes at speed and scale. Mendix has many key capabilities, including a tailored IDE for every developer, built-in collaboration tools for team development, feedback management, agile project management, the ability to build a truly responsive design across devices, and much more.

    Mendix Features

    Mendix has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

    • App development
    • Multi-experience
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Intelligent automation
    • Data integration
    • Atlas UI framework
    • Cloud-native scaling
    • Single-click deployment
    • User-based security
    • Version control
    • Automated testing
    • Comprehensive admin suite

    Mendix Benefits

    There are many benefits to implementing Mendix. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

    • Efficient and easy to learn: Mendix allows business users and developers to build and deploy sophisticated multi-channel apps with a model-driven development platform that is much more efficient and easier to learn than traditional technologies.
    • Simple and responsive UI: Mendix allows business engineers to create an optimal user experience through predefined layouts for smartphone, tablet, and desktop user interfaces.
    • Native device functions: Mendix offers out-of-the-box widgets for native device functions. Mendix developers who are building a hybrid app can easily drag and drop a widget as a building block into an app without any further coding.
    • End-to-end mobile app dev flow: Mendix supports the end-to-end mobile app development flow, which makes it simple and intuitive for any developer to build mobile apps that can be part of larger multi-channel applications integrated with back-end apps and services.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by PeerSpot users currently using the Mendix solution.

    PeerSpot user Somnath G., Solution Architect and LowCode Practice Lead at a tech services company, says, "What I found most valuable in Mendix is that it's very much suitable for mobile apps such as native Android or IOS supported mobile apps. The multiple features of the platform are very, very attractive and very popular. Mendix has technical features such as microflows and nanoflows. You can also access data models in the platform. These are the features that are very, very strong in Mendix. I got my hands dirty on other low-code platforms, but I have not seen such strong features in them compared to the microflows, nanoflows, and data model access that are in Mendix, including creating and integration. The platform has out-of-the-box adapters or out-of-the-box-connectors that you can integrate with different interface applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle EBS, etc."

    Sameer V., Consulting Manager at Deloitte, mentions, “Their native mobile capability is very good. In general, the way they launch the product has been great. Their product launching strategy is far better than any other platform. I work in OutSystems and Mendix. They tend to be more on the legacy side, OutSystems. With this solution, the product launching strategy is very, very agile. I really like when they roll out their updates, which are very, very frequent.”

    Robert B., Solutions Architect at a computer software company, explains, The solution is just very quick and responsive. The initial setup is very straightforward, and those implementing the product do not have to be very technologically advanced in order to manage the process.”

    OutSystems is a platform for low-code application development that unites design, code, and deployment to simplify development so any business can create innovative solutions in a timely manner. There are various use cases an organization can employ with OutSystems, including:

    • Customer portals: Through OutSystems, companies can easily create customer portals and mobile applications and deploy them faster in comparison to manual coding. The platform offers businesses the opportunity to develop secure, scalable, and customized applications that support their and their customers' needs.

    • Internal apps: Using this solution, companies can also build internal applications and portals which can be used for their workforce. Using these, organizations can overcome their internal app backlog, bridge gaps between systems, and facilitate their work process.

    • Core systems: Custom software for running a business can also be developed using OutSystems. The tool shortens the time for developing core systems and delivers them flexible and personalized to each business' needs.

    OutSystems offers faster development and deployment times than hand-coding while delivering unique and personalized solutions to its customers. The main focus of OutSystems is high-performance low code which enables businesses to create functional products that answer their needs. It offers clients the ability to develop enterprise-grade applications with a high level of security.

    The product stands out from its competitors as it offers:

    • Serious applications
    • Serious productivity
    • Serious scalability

    It ensures its clients that the applications built using this platform are as scalable as hand-coded ones while increasing workspace productivity and evolving applications’ capabilities.

    OutSystems Features

    OutSystems has various features through which users can develop and deploy highly efficient applications and other products. Some of the features include:

    • Monitoring: The tool has a feature that allows real-time monitoring of the usage of applications and their performance. All insights are reported to companies via the intuitive interface.

    • APIs: OutSystems is completely scalable through application programming interfaces.

    • Security: The product offers its users a high level of enterprise security for their applications as well as for their data.

    • Mobile: Every application created on OutSystems can be deployed for mobile. The product also provides the option to monitor the performance of applications to detect any issues.

    • DevOps automation: The product facilitates and shortens the development time of applications through various automation which help users create apps without the help of developers, as well as providing developers with additional resources.

    • Agile development: Every company that seeks to perform agile development can benefit from the native support this tool provides.

    • Debugging engine: OutSystems has an integrated debugging engine that can be utilized in the development and deployment processes, shortening the time it takes for developers and businesses to look for issues.

    • Multilingual support feature: Customers can benefit from support in multiple languages, ensuring their questions are answered understandably.

    OutSystems Benefits

    The solution offers a wide array of benefits to companies that utilize it in their application development. Some of these benefits include:

    • Visual development at high speed provides increases productivity for both businesses and users.

    • The option to integrate applications to a large number of systems without additional complications.

    • The product adds automation to all levels of development, including front end, back end, and integration, facilitating the delivery of complex applications.

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) validation ensures the high quality of applications.

    • The tool offers connectivity with more than 400 systems and existing technologies, allowing companies to save money they would otherwise have to invest in new software.

    • The multi-platform solution decreases costs for organizations by removing the need for third-party software.

    • It offers whole-team cross-functional collaboration, which can increase the technological knowledge in a company and raise the overall business expertise.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Harikrishnan R., a technical lead at Netlink Software Group America Inc, likes OutSystems because the tool helps with validation, offers good features, and is reliable.

    An owner at a consultancy thinks OutSystems is versatile with great scalability and great technical support.

    Temenos Quantum is a Multiexperience Development Platform (MXDP) that combines ease-of-use and speed of low-code productivity with deep enterprise capabilities for both consumer grade digital experiences across multiple touchpoints and robust backend services for identity, integration, orchestration, business process automation, and business rules management.

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    Learn more about OutSystems
    Learn more about Temenos Quantum
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    Randstad, Warner Brothers, HP, Intel, ING, Banco Popular, Thrivent Financial, Bacardi, Kent State University, Bacardi, FICO, ING, Vodafone, AbbVie, Estafeta, Siemens, Vopak
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    Manufacturing Company6%
    Educational Organization26%
    Computer Software Company13%
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    Financial Services Firm25%
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    Real Estate/Law Firm6%
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    Small Business21%
    Midsize Enterprise35%
    Large Enterprise45%
    Small Business21%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise64%
    Small Business24%
    Midsize Enterprise15%
    Large Enterprise60%
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