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Microsoft 365 Business
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Content Collaboration Platforms (7th)

Featured Reviews

Amit-Sarkar - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 20, 2023
An easy-to-manage and deploy solution, but it should provide open customization
Kandji is mostly meant for the Apple ecosystem and Apple devices You don't need a certification or great knowledge to manage and deploy the solution because it's not complex. It's a very easy plug-and-play solution where you can just enroll the devices and choose the features you want. Kandji…
Jul 21, 2023
Stable solution and offers ability to slice and dice data for focused analysis
I would suggest you to start using Excel as a basic step because Excel has its own formulas and functions. They can begin with lookups in Excel and then subsequently move ahead with building queries. If a person has only Excel to work with, they can start with that. But they would need to have Microsoft 365 Business to proceed further with other features. Based on the Excel work that I have done using Excel, which is a part of Microsoft 365. So, for Excel, I would rate it eight out of ten. Therefore, I would rate the solution an eight out of ten.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"It's a very easy plug-and-play solution where you can just enroll the devices and choose the features you want."
"The installation is very easy."
"Microsoft Teams is the feature that I am currently leveraging for meetings, conferencing, and search-based functionalities. We've been able to extend some applications to Microsoft Teams."
"Microsoft 365 Business is a really good product. Microsoft provides many solutions like Microsoft Teams, which is useful for Team utilization across the globe, especially in this COVID 19 kind of scenario. If you enable the enhanced security in Microsoft Teams by using the given options, you can eliminate the third-party solutions like WhatsApp, Telegram. You can easily share your communication, which is much better. You can also collaborate. For example, instead of creating an Excel sheet on your local PC and sending it across to someone over email, you can just share it. SharePoint is one of the best tools to be implemented."
"Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are strong points of this solution."
"The feature I find most valuable is Business 365's real-time edit and updates. You can share files, and it will automatically create the link for you."
"Teams and SharePoint are both great."
"The most valuable features of Microsoft 365 Business are the collaboration and it can be used anywhere. For example, I can carry out my job functions from home."
"The initial setup is very straightforward."


"Kandji should give open customization."
"The integration with other platforms could be improved."
"At times, the OneDrive lags, so the performance can be improved."
"The ability to manage the updates a little better would be helpful. Sometimes end-users will get a prompt in the middle of the day that they have to update. When there's a new update, then their system automatically starts to reboot, which can be ill-timed. Having a little more control over that would probably be welcome. Notices in regards to updates and being able to manage the timing around them or to be able to do it at off-times would be helpful."
"The solution could work to offer better security."
"For the end-user, it's always nice if the product is cheaper, especially for home use."
"The technical support need to improve, I have had bad experiences."
"The cost estimation can be difficult."
"I suppose it could be more secure; every solution could be more secure."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Users have to pay a yearly licensing fee for Kandji, which is expensive."
"Licensing is on a yearly basis. Its price could be better."
"The licenses could be cheaper."
"The base price is reasonable, but when it comes to the specialized tools for servers, the cost can become quite high."
"Microsoft 365 Business could be cheaper."
"The product's pricing could be better."
"The program is inexpensive."
"The price of the solution is costly but it is fair for what is offered. I have found that the billing model can definitely be improved. Currently, it is not very transparent. It is a big problem, especially in cloud-based models."
"Our fees are paid monthly."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Kandji?
It's a very easy plug-and-play solution where you can just enroll the devices and choose the features you want.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Kandji?
Users have to pay a yearly licensing fee for Kandji, which is expensive.
What needs improvement with Kandji?
Kandji should have certification experience, which they don't have. Kandji should give open customization. Most customers find required features from other vendors, which Kandji doesn't have. It wo...
What do you like most about Microsoft 365 Business?
The product's initial setup phase was straightforward.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Microsoft 365 Business?
My company places emphasis on the different licenses purchased. The company has P1 and P2 licenses from Microsoft. For certain tasks, you need a Microsoft license. There are additional costs attach...
What needs improvement with Microsoft 365 Business?
The solution's technical support team takes time to respond to users, making it an area of the tool's shortcomings where improvements are required.

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Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 F1, MS 365 Business

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