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Ranking in Business Process Management (BPM)
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As of June 2024, in the Business Process Management (BPM) category, the mindshare of IBM BPM is 7.5%, up from 7.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of IBM Business Automation Workflow is 2.3%, down from 2.8% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Business Process Management (BPM)
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Apr 19, 2023
A reasonably priced tool that is helpful for the automation of business processes
Our customers have experienced a lot of benefits. So now, they have automation in place to implement internally or externally in their environment. This has enhanced the customer experience and made it good. The product has many BPM tools, which help eliminate bits of work. Also, information is now available and accessible according to their security or role in their businesses. They can now increase their process in the Middle East. They also do manual work using the tool. The tool also helps them ensure that they are able to follow policy compliance. In short, the tool helps in a digital transformation, and so IBM BPM increases the efficiency of our clients. All of the aforementioned reasons increase the revenue of our clients and our company.
SherifIbrahim - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 8, 2023
Good for case management, integration capabilities but lacks stability
It's case management solutions. It's very connected to documents.  It performs the basic tasks that are required for the BBM solution as part of the overall integration with ECM or enterprise contact management. The main improvement would be to make it easier to implement and deploy so that…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"It helps improve your process through continual measurement."
"It continues to keep up with the changing needs of the business. That is the strong value proposition of BPM. It's not a one-time automation."
"It provides value and simplifies processes."
"IBM BPM should become cloud-native. It should also add a cloud deployment feature."
"By automating several tasks, we have already reduced a lot of work for the business."
"Automating the whole workflow process to give our data steward the ability to take actions rapidly, and making sure we have all the data synced within the different platforms that we are using."
"It has improved my organization quite a bit. It brought awareness to what the business processes are, even to the business side, who did not necessarily know what they are."
"IBM BPM is equipped with all the functionalities which are needed for building BPM enterprise-level applications."
"It has had a positive effect on decision-making in my organization. It helps us with our dispute process."
"IBM Business Automation Workflow provides a seamless streamlined collaboration within the organizations."
"It provides a solution for integration orchestration. This solution is for any organization in the banking, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, and all domains and industries."
"The business process modeling is the most valuable feature."
"It performs the basic tasks that are required for the BBM solution as part of the overall integration with ECM or enterprise contact management."
"IBM has spent a lot of time on the connections between the rules engine and its other product, the core BPM platform. They've really centralized the suite as one offering now."
"It has integrated UI and deployment models, and it has a deep set of consultant and service provider ecosystem features."
"Its interface is well-designed and user-friendly"


"The pricing is a little bit high. It's gone up in cost."
"Initial setup is very complex. Too many steps need to be done at the database and server levels, and complex configurations. From what I see, a lot of these steps can be and should be automated."
"The interface is limited and should improve in the future."
"We would appreciate more user-friendly definitions of processes with a more user-friendly interface for documenting processes."
"Where it can be improved is Integration. I think that the direction that IBM is taking now, to have something that is much more integrated, that can be seen as one single solution, is clearly the right way."
"We are a government organization, and we are the largest government power sector in India. We generate around 30% of power in India. Therefore, our processes are quite complex. Although IBM BPM is a low-code or no-code software, if you want to have extremely complex workflows, just the business process diagrams are not helpful in creating those workflows. While implementing complex workflows, only the process flow diagrams did not help us. We had to write a lot of Java scripts and Java queries to achieve what we wanted. Its integration capabilities with the SAP environment have to be improved. At present, we are only talking at the web services environment level. Its price also needs to be improved. It is currently expensive. Previously, Active Directory required a heterogeneous environment, but now they want a homogeneous environment. We had onboarded employees through Microsoft Active Directory, and now I have to implement Microsoft AD only from the cloud for my vendors."
"It is not user-friendly."
"There are a few areas, like triggering mechanisms, externally exposed variables, and changing its values."
"IBM Business Automation Workflow can improve UI flexibility and integration. Additionally, the solutions from IBM have to provide a paperless solution, allowing for digital versions of documents."
"While everything is integrated into one platform, I'd like guidelines on when and how to use ODM. This applies not only to implementation but also to automation processes. Additionally, proper instructions should be provided when installing on the cloud."
"The main areas which need improvement are specifically around reporting and analytics."
"In terms of improvement, it could be less complex."
"The SCADA Systems are very sophisticated and have a hard time integrating with our older scales. The technical support in regards to the partner side needs some improvement."
"Integrating the solution with existing systems can be complicated and it needs careful planning and execution."
"From what I understand, in the next release they're actually going to combine all of this together as one integrated solution... If we could have one unified way to build a solution, that would really help."
"One significant challenge is the lack of accessible forums or resources to seek help or information when problems arise."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It gives us a good return on investment."
"The price of the solution is fair for an enterprise solution that has both cloud and on-premise deployments and when comparing to competitors. Recently IBM has introduced Cloud Pak which allows for more flexible licensing options for automation and other features."
"I wish it was less expensive. I don't know why their pricing model is so high for a piece of software that could benefit so many. It just seems to me that they could have a lower cost, maybe with fewer features or whatever, but it should be possible to do a lower cost workflow software that uses the same interface and underlying engine but does not cost so much that you have to be a Fortune 50 company to buy it. It is annoying to me. There are a lot of solutions that IBM has that are really powerful but nobody can afford them. They know their business, but I still feel that there are a lot of customers who would benefit from this sort of thing. I don't know what this elitism is all about. I am sure they have people doing the money numbers, but it seems like you can make a lot more money by selling it to way more people for a little bit less."
"I already compared some solutions related to business process management, and I saw that the cost of IBM BPM is more expensive compared with that of Camunda, for example."
"IBM could improve the price. It is far too expensive."
"When considering the features of the solution the price is expensive compared to competitors."
"I give the pricing an eight out of ten."
"I think it's a reasonably priced tool, but it's important to consider which customers should buy this solution. It's designed for enterprise customers, not small ones."
"Licensing varies by use-case."
"Nowadays, clients are looking at pricing as one of the major factors. For IBM products, they always think it is expensive for them. We are still educating our clients on the IBM FlexPoints licensing."
"There is still a relatively high total cost of ownership to actually implement, support, and stand up solutions."
"While it can be quite costly, it offers significant benefits for users."
"The solution's pricing is a little bit expensive."
"The solution has saved us time."
"Our license is on a three-year term."
"When you compare with Laserfiche and M-Files, IBM is expensive."
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Questions from the Community

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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for IBM BPM?
The product is expensive considering the hardware and software costs.
What do you like most about IBM Business Automation Workflow?
The most valuable feature of IBM Business Automation Workflow is cost management.
What needs improvement with IBM Business Automation Workflow?
While everything is integrated into one platform, I'd like guidelines on when and how to use ODM. This applies not only to implementation but also to automation processes. Additionally, proper inst...

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