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AWS Step Functions
Ranking in Business Process Management (BPM)
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Workload Automation (15th)
Ranking in Business Process Management (BPM)
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Application Infrastructure (7th), Process Automation (5th)

Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Business Process Management (BPM) category, the mindshare of AWS Step Functions is 2.5%, down from 3.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of IBM BPM is 7.5%, up from 7.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Business Process Management (BPM)
Unique Categories:
Workload Automation
Application Infrastructure
Process Automation

Featured Reviews

Vladimir Shilov - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 12, 2024
Has the ability to visualize automated processes and logical parameters
I use Amazon Step Functions to visually design and simplify the development of functions, automate various tasks, and coordinate workflows across different AWS services. I also use it to streamline the development of my Azure tool by visually orchestrating Lambda Functions and integrating them with…
Apr 19, 2023
A reasonably priced tool that is helpful for the automation of business processes
Our customers have experienced a lot of benefits. So now, they have automation in place to implement internally or externally in their environment. This has enhanced the customer experience and made it good. The product has many BPM tools, which help eliminate bits of work. Also, information is now available and accessible according to their security or role in their businesses. They can now increase their process in the Middle East. They also do manual work using the tool. The tool also helps them ensure that they are able to follow policy compliance. In short, the tool helps in a digital transformation, and so IBM BPM increases the efficiency of our clients. All of the aforementioned reasons increase the revenue of our clients and our company.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"AWS Step Functions acts as a high-level layer, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with microservices."
"What I like the most about Amazon Step Functions is how easy it is to use."
"One can rate all the calls and that is a good feature."
"The number of historical events is great."
"The integration capability is easy, whereas building state machines is tricky."
"It is a scalable solution."
"The solution is stable...The solution is easy to scale."
"It's a general solution that you can adapt to your own needs and is simple to use. We like that it can be integrated with everything in the AWS suite, and that the creation of the pipeline can be done using the graphical user interface."
"The most valuable features come in the bundle, the design process, creating services, creating BPDs, creating coaches, and UI/UX."
"One of the reasons for adopting this solution ten years ago was its ease of use. It had a lot of off-the-shelf functionality, and it did not need to be developed specifically for the project that we were implementing. That was the main reason for adopting it in the beginning."
"Good user interface and good add option."
"Responsive Portal + Process Federation Server. This set of solutions offers a unified worklist to our customers."
"This solution has always been lacking in the user interface (UI), it needed to be improved a lot. However, from the acquisition of Spark UI, the UI is much better. Overall the solution is robust and has the ability to integrate with any product for complex workflows."
"It provides value and simplifies processes."
"Automating the whole workflow process to give our data steward the ability to take actions rapidly, and making sure we have all the data synced within the different platforms that we are using."
"It continues to keep up with the changing needs of the business. That is the strong value proposition of BPM. It's not a one-time automation."


"The pricing of the solution can be improved."
"Setup took about one day. We had some errors to understand in the beginning, but now everything is working good."
"The price and support are areas with shortcomings where the solution needs to improve."
"It is hard to coordinate the declaratory language."
"It wasn't easy to understand the licensing model. It's like if you use just a little, it's cheap, but it becomes more expensive as you use more. It's like a hook that ties you inside the Amazon ecosystem. So, it creates a dependency."
"The solution's data size limit can be improved."
"I would like to see more data transformation features in Amazon Step Functions like additional operators and logic."
"The solution's pricing could be cheaper. It is cheaper than Airflow."
"One of the things that we are looking at is cognitive learning. IBM has another product called IBM RPA, I think, which is doing some of that stuff. We would like to see more of that with respect to cognitive learning and AI put back into the process engine to help."
"We still have a couple of issues that we are working on right now with stability. Mostly on the configuration side of the tool, and it has been about a month that we have been working to stabilize the platform.​"
"New users will need at least six months to get comfortable with IBM BPM, at least initially. So, there's a learning curve."
"UI is an area with a shortcoming that needs improvement."
"The engine itself tends to accumulate a lot of data that needs to be cleaned up, and that's the kind of thing that keeps it from, in some scenarios, scaling as much as it needs to. And then, when you're building solutions, if you're not careful to keep the screens from being associated with too much data, if you're going to just do things the way that a lot of people would just assume that they can do, without having experience of having made those mistakes before, it will accumulate a lot of data, and that will cause it to perform very badly."
"The product is extremely complex to use and administrate."
"There is a lot of room for improvement of the dashboards."
"The configuration is not that easy, and the initial deployment took three months."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The solution is expensive."
"The solution's price is reasonable."
"IBM BPM is expensive, so most large companies opt for IBM based on their licensing options."
"When considering the features of the solution the price is expensive compared to competitors."
"I rate the tool's pricing a seven out of ten."
"It has a low cost to implement. You'll get your money back in the same year that you complete the project."
"It should provide more flexibility to connect with external systems, and there should be in-built services that can be used to integrate with other systems quickly."
"Its price is on the higher side, and it can be improved. Its licensing is on a yearly basis. There are no additional costs."
"Price wise, IBM BPM is cheaper than other similar solutions and has excellent pricing."
"On a scale of one to ten, where one is cheap, and ten is expensive, I rate the pricing a ten."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Amazon Step Functions?
The integration capability is easy, whereas building state machines is tricky.
What is your primary use case for Amazon Step Functions?
The major feature of AWS Step Functions is interdependency. Step Functions can determine what action to take next if one step returns a false status based on predefined logic. Step Functions aims t...
What advice do you have for others considering Amazon Step Functions?
For Step Functions error handling, one must use function calls and logging for error detection within state machines. Comparatively, AirFlow offers more room for improvement. It's like drag and dro...
Which is better, IBM BPM or IBM Business Automation Workflow?
We researched both IBM solutions and in the end, we chose Business Automation Workflow. IBM BPM has a good user interface and the BPM coach is a helpful tool. The API is very useful in providing en...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for IBM BPM?
The product is expensive considering the hardware and software costs.

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