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Dell Avamar vs Dell NetWorker comparison

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Executive Summary
Updated on March 31, 2022

We performed a comparison between Dell EMC Avamar and Dell EMC Networker based on our users’ reviews in five categories. After reading all of the collected data, you can find our conclusion below.

  • Ease of Deployment: Reviewers of both solutions agree that the initial setup of each can be complex, particularly for inexperienced users.
  • Features: Users of both products are happy with their performance, stability, and scalability. Dell EMC Avamar users say it is a powerful and fast tool, but the user interface could be enhanced. Dell EMC Networker users say it is easy to use but needs more support for image backups and better integration options.
  • Pricing: Reviewers of both solutions have differing opinions in this category. Some reviewers of each feel the price is fair, while others feel the price is too high.
  • ROI: Dell EMC Avamar users report a significant ROI. Dell EMC Networker reviewers do not explicitly mention ROI.

  • Service and Support: Reviewers of both solutions had mixed reviews in the category of support. Some report being satisfied with the support, while many others feel that the level of support for both products should improve.

Comparison Results: Dell EMC Avamar wins out in this comparison due to its robust performance as well as its impressive data reduction and deduplication abilities. In addition, Dell EMC Avamar received positive feedback in the ROI category.

To learn more, read our detailed Dell Avamar vs. Dell NetWorker report (Updated: September 2022).
635,987 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The performance of Dell EMC Avamar is good.""The solution is easy to use and has high performance.""We've been using this solution to backup our servers. It is a simple backup and restore data application.""The source site replication feature is valuable.""The product is very powerful and offers very good performance.""The most valuable feature is the virtual backup.""I have found the product to be scalable.""The most valuable feature of Avamar would have to be the way it works over needing very little bandwidth to move data across a WAN or LAN."

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"This solution is very stable.""Dell EMC NetWorker is scalable.""The solution has a longer lifespan.""Data domain is a good feature.""The initial setup is simple.""Deduplication is the most valuable feature of this solution.""When you reach out to your maximum license availability, or you exceed your license limit, NetWorker never stops doing your backups.""The solution is very user-friendly. After setting up five machines for our customers we teach them how to set up the agent and start doing their backups. It is very easy for them once they see how to do it, they like to do it on their own."

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"Technical support should be more knowledgeable.""I have found the support from Dell EMC Avamar to be not as good as Veeam. The time it takes to receive support could be improved. However, once we have the support the agents are knowledgeable and helpful.""The solution could be a bit easier to use in the sense that they need to make it simpler to backup products and restore items.""We have had a lot of problems with the Dell EMC Avamar solution. The snapshots are not being erased after backup.""When we used the solution, it was still new, and so the customer service/technical support was not the best.""Dell EMC Avamar is a very complex product. It took a lot of time for the IT admins to get trained on how to use it. It is not very user-friendly, and we won't be using Avamar anymore. It needs a lot of improvement in terms of how the backups have been configured, and the reporting is too complex.""Dell hasn't done a good job at handling these upgrades, or the way EMC used to handle them.""The solution should improve its tape-connectivity features."

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"Lacks a restore feature.""Its console UI should be better. It should also have more out-of-the-box reporting functionalities. It should also have easier cloud integration. They have got cloud boost and things like that, but if you want to directly back up to the cloud, I'm not too sure whether you can do it. For example, you can easily send data from Commvault to AWS, Azure, or a container, but it seems to be not so easy in NetWorker.""The interface could have a different appearance.""They need more support for image backups.""The user interface of this solution could be improved. It is not user friendly and is difficult to understand for new users. New users struggle to understand the logic.""In the next release, I would like to see better pricing and more integration with the other products in Dell EMC.""The solution could improve by having more integration.""There should be more vendors incorporated into the solution."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "When it comes to competition the price is not what is important, it's not the problem."
  • "The price of this product should be lower."
  • "It was very expensive before, but after integrating it with Dell EMC Avamar Data Protection suite licensing, we are getting better discounts."
  • "The cost of the solution is very expensive."
  • "Its price should be reduced. It would be good if you could pay as per usage, and there is a subscription model like VMware. There should be some flexibility because sometimes, the customer only uses the backup for one month or three months. Currently, I have to pay whether I use it or not. Its licensing should be flexible and based on consumption."
  • "Its licensing is weird. It is not just the licenses; we also purchase hardware. With most software products, such as Veeam, Commvault, and Data Protector, there is no hardware purchase at the same time. Because Avamar and Data Domain are tied together, they have an integrated pipe. You can separate them, but basically, they're designed to work as a couple. Because the Data Domain backend is designed to do dedupe and compression, we get 60:1. When you count it, you count it as a straight compression, but of course, that's with dedupe and some other stuff. You have to buy the hardware, the licensing, and the software at the same time. So, it's not just software."
  • "It is expensive. The maintenance comes with it for five years. So, you buy the whole thing for five years, and your maintenance is included with it, but it's a big chunk of change upfront. We like capital expenses because we can CapEx them. We pay once every five years, so we spend a big chunk of change. You'd have to divide that out by the five years to come up with how much it costs. It's just about three-quarters of a million dollars for five years."
  • "It's a very high-end solution and comparable to Rubrik and Cohesity."
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  • "If you purchase Avamar, NetWorker is free with Avamar, for one terabyte license capacity."
  • "It is excellent from the pricing point of view. It is free with Data Protection Suite. Similarly, when you purchase Avamar, Dell EMC NetWorker is free with one terabyte license capacity. Its price is very competitive."
  • "The price is a little on the high side, but it's reliable and provides a good service."
  • "It is not very expensive and not very cheap."
  • "They are not cheap."
  • "Licensing is based on the number of terabytes, so you need to purchase packages."
  • "There is a licensing fee."
  • "We do need to purchase a license, but sometimes, it comes as a part of the Dell Data Protection Suite (DPS). It has a capacity-based licensing."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:From the very beginning, Dell EMC NetWorker considers users and those who might potentially become users. In terms of both pricing and setup, this product offers an experience that is significantly… more »
    Top Answer:We've been using this solution to backup our servers. It is a simple backup and restore data application.
    Top Answer:This is a fairly expensive solution. It cost approximately 21,000 each year.
    Top Answer:If it's set up the right way, it's a stable product.
    Top Answer:There's a lot of room for improvement. The user interface has to be improved. Sometimes it duplicates jobs. Overall, it's a strong legacy product but there's still a lot of room for improvement. We… more »
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    Dell Avamar data protection software delivers flexible and efficient backup and recovery operations that can scale from daily backup protection for endpoints to high-performance protection for large enterprises with diverse applications and workloads. With application consistent recovery, automation and fast backup and restores, Avamar can help you meet your SLAs and optimize your backup and recovery processes

    If you are deploying all or part of your backup environment to the cloud, Avamar enables you to make the most of your cloud investment, enabling replication, disaster recovery and long-term retention for customers using AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

    Avamar is available as part of Dell Data Protection Suite, which offers comprehensive data protection software applications and tools. Avamar is delivered as software and as a virtual edition.

    Built on a reputation of efficiency and reliability, thousands of customers trust Dell NetWorker to protect their data and applications across multiple environments, from core to edge to cloud.

    Inherently flexible, NetWorker helps you deploy and leverage the data protection that fits your needs. NetWorker protects both physical and virtual environments, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as cloud workloads on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

    NetWorker is available as part of Dell Data Protection Suite, which offers comprehensive data protection software applications and tools. NetWorker is delivered as software and as a virtual edition.

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    Buyer's Guide
    Dell Avamar vs. Dell NetWorker
    September 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Dell Avamar vs. Dell NetWorker and other solutions. Updated: September 2022.
    635,987 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Dell Avamar is ranked 11th in Backup and Recovery Software with 37 reviews while Dell NetWorker is ranked 14th in Backup and Recovery Software with 32 reviews. Dell Avamar is rated 7.6, while Dell NetWorker is rated 7.6. The top reviewer of Dell Avamar writes "Unlimited scalability, very stable, and ties very well with VMware API". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Dell NetWorker writes "User-friendly GUI and fast support, but container support should be improved". Dell Avamar is most compared with Veeam Backup & Replication, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager, Dell PowerProtect DD (Data Domain), Dell PowerProtect DP (IDPA) and Rubrik, whereas Dell NetWorker is most compared with Dell PowerProtect Data Manager, Veeam Backup & Replication, Veritas NetBackup, Commvault Complete Data Protection and Azure Backup. See our Dell Avamar vs. Dell NetWorker report.

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