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We performed a comparison between CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault and SolarWinds Passportal based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"CyberArk's GUI is user friendly.""I haven't really thought about anything that I want to use it for, that I couldn't use it for.""The solution is stable and reliable.""It's a good solution, it works, and the bank is happy with it.""The privileged support manager is the most valuable feature of CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault.""It's a highly flexible solution that can adapt to each customer's needs.""Super stable and easy to scale""If properly set up, CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault has good stability, and is a very solid tool. It can run by itself. Its most valuable features are auto password recycling and PSM."

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"I like Passportal's extensions. You can click the particular company you want and go through all the passwords and usernames associated with that company or the specific webpage you're on or their server or whatever. It's a whole lot faster."

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"CyberArk's license is too expensive. I rate it seven out of 10 for affordability.""The license is expensive.""The initial setup can get complex.""There are upwards of six components you need to set it up. And you might need anywhere from two to five servers. It takes some work to set that up, especially in a larger environment.""I would like to see a simplification of the product.""There was a situation when one of our presidents had an issue, but I can't recall the specifics.""The initial setup could be simpler but it may not be as effective.""The architecture needs to be improved."

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"It goes down a little too often for me to recommend it to somebody else."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "It's an affordable platform."
  • "Licensing fees are paid on a yearly basis."
  • "Quite expensive"
  • "The SaaS version of CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is very expensive, but the on-premises version is relative, e.g. depending on the size of the environment, it can be a bit pricey, but it's relatively okay compared to the others."
  • "There are no additional costs other than the standard licensing fees."
  • "It costs us around $200 per user."
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    655,113 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:It's a good solution, it works, and the bank is happy with it.
    Top Answer:This is very costly software. However, I haven't really dug into the licensing. My organization gives all its employees a free license and therefore I don't have to worry about pricing. My… more »
    Top Answer:The architecture needs to be improved. For example, the whole solution can come within a single software bundle instead of the distributed components we have for the on-premise deployments. I think… more »
    Top Answer:I like Passportal's extensions. You can click the particular company you want and go through all the passwords and usernames associated with that company or the specific webpage you're on or their… more »
    Top Answer:We pay the license fee monthly and the price is reasonable.
    Top Answer:In the future, I would like the ability to have diagrams, such as those created by Visio, available directly in Passportal.
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    CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, a vital component of the CyberArk Privileged Access Manager Solution (PAM), is designed to create, secure, rotate, and control access to privileged accounts and credentials used to access systems throughout an enterprise IT ecosystem. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault enables enterprise organizations to better understand the scope of their privileged account risks and put controls in place to prevent malicious or inappropriate account or credential access.

    CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault uses a Central Policy Manager protocol (CPM) to perform the basic password management functions.

    • Verify Password Task - The CPM will pull the password from the vault and use it to log into the application or device to verify that the password is indeed correct and satisfies all the password safety protocols.
    • Change Password Task - The CPM will pull the password from the vault and create a new password that meets all preset protocols. It will send it to the device or application and then begin the process of changing it, using the same method that might be performed manually. The CPM will then update the password in the vault.
    • Reconcile Password Task - This task is utilized when there is a failure in either the Verify Password Task or the Change Password Task. Using a pre-established reconcile account from the vault, the CPM will use the reconcile account credentials to reset or fix problematic password issues due to changed passwords not being updated properly, new accounts being established, or any other failure with the above tasks.

    Enterprise organizations can utilize the easily adaptable policies and protocols to enforce granular privileged access controls, automate workflows, and rotate passwords at prescribed regular intervals without requiring any manual IT effort. Additionally, to satisfy compliance regulations, organizations can easily generate reports to prove that passwords are being changed regularly according to guidelines, meet strict password safety protocols, and report on which users accessed what privileged accounts, when, why, and what device they were using. Enterprise organizations can know at all times that data has remained secure at all times. CyberArk Password Vault will have enterprise organizations audit-ready at all times, keeping them safe and secure from risks while maximizing productivity and profitability.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Irma S., a program manager at a HR/Recruiting firm, said, "I love how easily we could operate within Password Vault and get things done. It was almost effortless."

    Another user, who is a security delivery analyst at a computer software company, relates that CyberArk Password Vault offers, “Good policy configuration and tech support.”

    We offer credential injection, reporting, auditing, password change automation, and privileged client documentation capabilities—designed to streamline the technicians' day by placing essential documentation at their fingertips to standardize service delivery.

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    Sample Customers
    AstraZeneca, Time, DBS, Novartis, Motorola, BT, pwc, Braun, Deloitte, Williams, Revlon, Belgacom, Barclays
    InfraNet Solutions, Securus Systems, Nehring Technologies, Doberman Technologies, Show Tech IT Solutions, CRC Data Technologies, Logically
    Top Industries
    Financial Services Firm36%
    Comms Service Provider16%
    Computer Software Company12%
    Energy/Utilities Company8%
    Financial Services Firm21%
    Computer Software Company15%
    Insurance Company8%
    Comms Service Provider24%
    Computer Software Company19%
    Non Profit8%
    Company Size
    Small Business15%
    Midsize Enterprise18%
    Large Enterprise68%
    Small Business12%
    Midsize Enterprise11%
    Large Enterprise76%
    Small Business29%
    Midsize Enterprise14%
    Large Enterprise57%
    Buyer's Guide
    Enterprise Password Managers
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Delinea, CyberArk and others in Enterprise Password Managers. Updated: November 2022.
    655,113 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is ranked 3rd in Enterprise Password Managers with 16 reviews while SolarWinds Passportal is ranked 15th in Enterprise Password Managers with 1 review. CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is rated 8.4, while SolarWinds Passportal is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault writes "Great password storage, very reliable, and pretty much issue-free". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SolarWinds Passportal writes "With its extension, I can quickly access login information without opening a new browser window". CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is most compared with Azure Key Vault, HashiCorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager, LastPass Business and ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus, whereas SolarWinds Passportal is most compared with ManageEngine Password Manager Pro, Azure Key Vault, Delinea Secret Server and LastPass Business.

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