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Executive Summary

We performed a comparison between Cornerstone Learning and SAP SuccessFactors based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Talent Management solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed Cornerstone Learning vs. SAP SuccessFactors Report (Updated: November 2022).
655,774 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Q&A Highlights
Question: Feedback on SumTotal Talent.
Answer: I see them less in recent new contracts for larger organisations, which are typically won by the other ones mentioned in Q2. From what I have seen from Sumtotal, it is a fine LMS but may be a bit old fashioned with less appealing learning experience. Other attention points are availability of experienced consultancy services in your area and the integration with other modules in the Talent suite, as some of these have been acquired, so integration may be an issue.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"I like the fact that the annual days are calculated automatically and that if annual leave is taken in the future, those days are put on hold. You know at every point how many days of annual leave are you left with and how many are on hold.""We use this solution for our end to end HR needs from onboarding and hiring to learning.""The scalability of BambooHR is good.""The performance goals and personal features of every employee with the dashboard is most valuable."

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"The most valuable feature of Cornerstone Learning is the reporting and learner transcripts.""The most valuable features of Cornerstone Learning are the welcome page and the learner's home. It is user-friendly and graphically appealing.""It's better than the previous learning solutions we had. We liked that it was global. We liked that you don't have to be logged into the company network to be able to use it. Those were really big benefits for us.""Its user-friendly interface is most valuable. You can configure your welcome page and design it the way you want on your own.""Cornerstone Learning's most valuable features are the keyword search, filters, and add-to-favorites option.""The most valuable features of Cornerstone Learning are how extensive the configurable the solution is.""The most valuable feature is how easy it is to learn and use. It's built off the Microsoft Word format, so if you can use Word, you'll be able to figure this out.""The most valuable features of Cornerstone Learning are how they organized the management of the different content types is good. They are done in different ways which is a benefit. Additionally, the reporting 2.0 and playlist functionality are very good."

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"This solution can be used for reporting related to employee information and contacts""All of SuccessFactors' features are useful, but there are several modules within SuccessFactors that I find handy. You have Employee Central, which manages employee records within the system. It manages all the information about an employee, including names, addresses, account numbers, positions, org charts, etc. It also handles performance reviews and KPIs for employees within an organization. Then you have succession planning and development as well.""What I like most about SAP SuccessFactors are its recruiting and compensation features.""The self-service part is most valuable. Employees and managers can do a lot of things on their own, and they are not dependent on the HR organization.""The most valuable feature of SAP SuccessFactors is that it is a full suite of applications to enable your employees. Additionally, it has good integration with S4 HANA. Our payroll solution is from SAP and the integration becomes much easier when using SAP SuccessFactors.""SAP SuccessFactors is stable, we have not found any bugs or glitches.""SuccessFactors' best features are talent management and HR Analytics.""This solution offers good flexibility and configurability. It can handle different types of performance management."

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"In the BambooHR performance management annual evaluations we have some limits to the questions. We can only add four extra questions, and they already have three basic questions, this is not easy for us. We would like to have more flexibility with the questions.""BambooHR could be improved by managing leave in a way that transfers remaining days at the end of the annual year to the following year.""It would be useful to have the possibility to assign a task to the different users within the software.""The color palettes could be changed to make the solution a little more attractive and easier to use."

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"The support for this solution could be improved.""There are some configuration elements that require Cornerstone engineering resources. It would be nice if we could self-serve. I would like the ability to manage the user interface or the navigation and layout of the pages that are displayed to end-users.""Cornerstone Learning's initial setup was complex, but I don't see that as a downside. It was complex because there is a lot of customizing and a lot of settings that can be done in the setup.""Its dashboard and analytics must be improved. Currently, we get the data, but we don't get anything from the insightfulness perspective. Analytics is where it requires a lot of work. We definitely expect some good dashboard features, which are currently lacking in this solution. From a technical perspective, they need to open access to all HTML tags. It currently doesn't support many HTML tags, which makes it challenging to create HTML pages.""The existing test functionality is really old-fashioned, basic, and limited.""A minus is that Cornerstone doesn't provide the admin the ability to create their own content for learning. So, you can just manage the content.""There is a need for quite a bit of improvement. The reporting side of things definitely needs a lot of improvement. At the moment, it gives you a data dump. You have to open it up in Excel and filter out the bits that you don't want and need.""Cornerstone Learning could be improved with more e-learning content."

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"I don't think SuccessFactors is quite fit for use as an employee database.""SAP resources are at the high end and anything you want to change or any customization is expensive.""It is not that user-friendly. It can be made more user-friendly.""Its overall integration and user experience can be improved. SuccessFactors is a system that is built out of three different systems. The elements part was bought from Plateau, and the original performance dialogue was built by SuccessFactors itself. After that, SAP bought it, and it hasn't improved in the last few years. SuccessFactors is a perfect tool if you use it the way it is meant to be, but if you start building custom sessions and try to use it differently, then it is a total mess. It is not agile. It is like an old Mastodon truck or whatever. We don't have the Employee Central and Competence Management modules. Our company made the choice to not implement the Employee Central module. We also didn't implement the Competence Management module. We use the learning module to do some competence management, but I am not that fond of it. It would have been best to have the whole suite. SAP should never sell this without selling the whole suite because it just doesn't work. The biggest gain for me would be having the possibility of doing strategic personnel planning and managing internal mobility. If it could be used for social purposes, such as creating communities and connecting with media channels, that would be perfect. It should also have the possibilities for local admin and agile product development.""SAP SuccessFactors' pricing structure could be improved.""The reporting and cloud integration could be done better in this solution.""SuccessFactors' experience management is not so user-friendly.""I think there is room for improvement in user friendliness. In my experience, users are sometimes confused about how to use the solution."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "We pay a monthly subscription to use the solution. The subscript model is based on how many employees we have active."
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  • "Quality always comes at a cost. I would not rate it as expensive. It provides value for money."
  • "It is a premium product, and it is on par with its competitors. It isn't out of scale with what the market is demanding. We're always looking at ways of trimming costs, but we haven't had a lot of flexibility with pricing and/or options with Cornerstone. So, its price is decent. There are ad hoc engineering costs when we are required to use a Cornerstone resource. Additionally, when we choose to integrate with third-party platforms, there is a setup and maintenance fee for these data integrations. They need to be built into our ongoing budget as we expand our offerings."
  • "The pricing of Cornerstone Learning is reasonable, but my knowledge of the cost is limited. I've had some discussions about licenses. I suppose we've had to push them a little bit to be more flexible about the licensing. For example, someone said they could only give us licenses in a batch of 500, but we found out that it wasn't true. We were able to negotiate a different amount."
  • "This solution offers competitive pricing."
  • "I'm not aware of the costs. It must have been something for which we paid. Every single employee in the company had some kind of access to Cornerstone because that's how they got to their training."
  • "I rate the price of Cornerstone Learning a four out of five. There are not any additional costs other than the standard licensing fees"
  • "The price of Cornerstone Learning depends on many factors, such as size and negotiations."
  • "The solution cost approximately $47,000 annually."
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  • "If you go by best practices and do it right from the outset, the setup won't be a costly endeavor. In terms of setup, there is a lot of flexibility compared to three years ago."
  • "It could be cheaper."
  • "We have a yearly license. There are no additional costs."
  • "SAP SuccessFactors requires an annual subscription."
  • "It is not expensive because it is a complete suite with a module-based cost."
  • "For SAP, the product is pricey, both CAPEX and the OPEX. It's something that could be improved."
  • "Our costs for the solution are subsidized by our parent company, I am not aware of the exact cost because of this. However, we pay $50,000 annually. If we move to another solution it will be more expensive."
  • "The pricing for SuccessFactors is ridiculously high, and there are costs in addition to the license fee for some features."
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    655,774 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Answers from the Community
    HeHR893021 - PeerSpot reviewerHeHR893021
    Real User

    Thanks Geert Van.. Appreciate your response. Helpful!

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    Top Answer:The price of Cornerstone Learning depends on many factors, such as size and negotiations. If you have special… more »
    Top Answer:Cornerstone Learning can improve reporting. If they had a harmonization of the administration UIs it would be great.
    Top Answer:Cornerstone Learning is used for corporate and mechanic training for an automotive company.
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    Top Answer:When it comes to user experience, SuccessFactors is unquestionably superior, as it provides end users with a new… more »
    Top Answer:I don't have any knowledge about the licensing cost of SAP SuccessFactors.
    Also Known As
    Cornerstone Learning Suite
    Learn More

    Our applicant tracking system is a surprisingly simple way to reach more qualified candidates and track, share, and evaluate their applicant information. Plus, our ATS module works hand in hand with our HR software, so you can enter data once and you're done.

    Collaborators can leave comments, rate candidates, and change applicant statuses—all within the ATS. Permissions let you control what collaborators can view, keeping sensitive information (like desired salary) private. The only hard part will be agreeing on a candidate.

    • Intuitive Interface

      Tech savvy or not, the applicant tracking system is easy to use. Your team will have no problem quickly filtering candidates, rating the best ones with a five-star rating system, and pushing job postings to free job boards and social media outlets.

    • No Duplicate Entry

      Get new hires’ basic data into your HR software with ease. Simply change a candidate’s status to “hired,” and their information will transfer from the applicant management software into the HR system. It takes less time to process a new employee than it does to say, “you’re hired.”

    Cornerstone Learning is a learning management platform created by Cornerstone OnDemand, a company that uses AI and a skill-forward system to help businesses deliver content to employees everywhere in the world. This unified platform for virtual training provides companies with many tools and options for presenting content to their employees. Through integrated AI, organizations can customize and curate the training to fit the individual needs of each worker, providing high adaptability, such as multiple language options.

    This virtual training tool provides high accessibility for employees undergoing training, as the platform can be accessed not only through the website but also through users' smartphones. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and works in partnership with various other apps to ensure broad coverage for the training programs.

    Cornerstone Learning allows companies to access insight about the performance of the training programs as well as of the trainees through custom reports, real-time analytics, and built-in dashboards. Additionally, it provides options for different types of training, gamification, diverse interface options, features for creating training content, and other useful training and content-related tools.

    Cornerstone Learning Features

    Cornerstone Learning has a vast array of features to provide organizations with the ability to train their employees virtually in the most effective ways. Some of these features include::

    • Tracking: Cornerstone Learning provides organizations with features for tracking various elements, including certification tracking, compliance tracking, progress tracking, goal setting and tracking, engagement tracking, and activity tracking.

    • Management: Providing companies with easy access to managing their virtual training, Cornerstone Learning has various management features, including assignment management, assessment management, competency management, certification, compensation, compliance, and content management, as well as course, employee, learning, media, performance, recruitment, talent, user, and training management features.

    • Learning: The platform offers trainees various features for learning, contributing to their experience through options to customize how they access their training. The possibilities include asynchronous learning, blended learning, mobile learning, self-learning, and social learning.

    • Portal: The product offers companies the ability to control their training through the roles they assign to employees, providing them with different portals within the system. The portals include a self-service portal, student portal, learner portal, and employee portal.

    Through various automation, integrations, and other functions related to content management, Cornerstone Learning provides companies with the ability to not only deliver quality virtual training, but to measure its effectiveness and the performance of the employees throughout the training

    Cornerstone Learning Benefits

    Through its various tools and features, Cornerstone Learning delivers various benefits to the virtual training that companies deliver to their employees. Some of them include:

    • Adaptable learning through different types of training
    • AI-recommended content aiding employees with their career growth
    • Content personalization and learning space flexibility
    • Options for different reports to monitor performance

    Reviews from Real Users

    Cornerstone Learning is a top-rated virtual training tool, appreciated by PeerSpot reviewers. Some of their opinions include the following:

    According to Senior Consultant at a tech services company, Cornerstone Learning provides employees and companies with a lot of options for learning and has a user-friendly interface, assisting in easier assimilation of training.

    For a salesperson at a energy/utilities company, this virtual training tool is better than the learning solutions their organization has previously had and they appreciate the dynamic assignments and the fact that they don't have to be logged into the company network to be able to use it.

    Gregory W.,Sr Manager HR Technology - TA Systems at a tech vendor, values Cornerstone Learning because it integrates well with other platforms, has a fairly robust library of training modules, and is configurable for their business needs when they use it for training and talent management.

    SAP SuccessFactors is a valuable human resource management system (HRMS) solution that streamlines numerous HR tasks and activities, such as payroll, talent management, and people processes, to help make the entire HR process run more smoothly and improve the overall employee experience. It is primarily developed to meet the needs of enterprise-class organizations. SAP SuccessFactors can also help users to boost business processes and achieve desired outcomes.

    SAP SuccessFactors is cloud-based and built as a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool. It can integrate seamlessly with any existing ecosystem. This solution can easily be accessed from any web browser, from any location, with any device.

    SAP Success Factors Key Features

    • Improve core HR and payroll process: SAP SuccessFactors can help users improve productivity by simplifying everyday tasks, streamlining processes across the organization, establishing consistent business practices, and improving the bottom line by reducing risk. SuccessFactors core HR tools include time and attendance, payroll management, document management, and additional core HR services to meet regulatory and compliance needs.

    • Staff planning and HR analytics: SuccessFactors can facilitate an improved DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) environment using intuitive people data measurements. The solution can help create action plans to ensure that hiring goals are met in a timely manner, preventing critical staffing gaps and ensuring that productivity and profitability goals are consistently being achieved.

    • Employee welfare management: SuccessFactors allows users to respond in a timely manner to employee needs and concerns, to better understand employee motivations, to keep employees happy and involved, to specify employee dissatisfiers, and to help improve the overall employee experience. The solution will also facilitate employee performance using an intuitive holistic approach, improve employee benefits, and guide and administer the entire employee career growth. SuccessFactors provides valuable opportunities for employee growth through intuitive individualized learning and career development opportunities. It also rewards and recognizes good performance and provides pathways for successful career growth. The solution will help to attract and retain the best available talent in the marketplace.
    • Succession Planning: The solution can be used to assist with talent sourcing, candidate management, and improving the overall candidate experience to include new hire onboarding, offboarding, and more. SuccessFactors also provides action plans for performance and compensation management, education and career development, talent reviews, leadership planning, and even sales performance management, goal setting, and quotas.

    Reviews from Real Users

    “We are using it for a lot of things: HR, performance management, and learning management. There are a lot of features embedded in SuccessFactors. We recently implemented a learning platform that employs the individual staff to actually manage their own learning. They can do it at their own pace. SuccessFactors allows you to manage your team, have calibration for promotion, and you can generate reports and see how you're doing.” - Alaba O., IT Asset Management Lead at Dangote Industries Limited

    “SuccessFactors Talent Management tools help us in managing the entire employee journey. HR and managers can use the succession and development tool to create career paths and staff development plans. When combined with the learning tool, these development objectives can help employees gain the skills they need to advance their careers within the company.” - Yamen Z., SAP Project Manager at a manufacturing company

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    Learn more about Cornerstone Learning
    Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors
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    Computer Software Company23%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Educational Organization6%
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    Financial Services Firm14%
    Non Profit7%
    Computer Software Company17%
    Comms Service Provider8%
    Financial Services Firm8%
    Manufacturing Company27%
    Computer Software Company14%
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    Consumer Goods Company9%
    Computer Software Company22%
    Comms Service Provider11%
    Financial Services Firm7%
    Energy/Utilities Company6%
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    Large Enterprise4%
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    Large Enterprise54%
    Small Business15%
    Midsize Enterprise11%
    Large Enterprise73%
    Small Business26%
    Midsize Enterprise9%
    Large Enterprise65%
    Small Business18%
    Midsize Enterprise15%
    Large Enterprise67%
    Buyer's Guide
    Cornerstone Learning vs. SAP SuccessFactors
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Cornerstone Learning vs. SAP SuccessFactors and other solutions. Updated: November 2022.
    655,774 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Cornerstone Learning is ranked 6th in Talent Management with 11 reviews while SAP SuccessFactors is ranked 1st in Talent Management with 35 reviews. Cornerstone Learning is rated 8.0, while SAP SuccessFactors is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Cornerstone Learning writes "Provides a lot of options for learning and has a user-friendly interface". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SAP SuccessFactors writes "Stable solution with automatic interlinking and reporting features". Cornerstone Learning is most compared with Workday, Oracle HCM Cloud, WalkMe, UKG and Oracle Taleo, whereas SAP SuccessFactors is most compared with Workday, SAP HCM, Oracle HCM Cloud, PeopleSoft and IBM Kenexa. See our Cornerstone Learning vs. SAP SuccessFactors report.

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