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Auvik Network Management (ANM)
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Network Monitoring Software (2nd), Network Troubleshooting (3rd), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) (2nd)
Ranking in IT Infrastructure Monitoring
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As of July 2024, in the IT Infrastructure Monitoring category, the mindshare of Auvik Network Management (ANM) is 0.7%, down from 0.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Netreo is 0.0%, up from 0.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
IT Infrastructure Monitoring
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Featured Reviews

Aaron Wegmann - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 25, 2024
Good dashboard and visibility but there was a bug that affected the installation process
The reporting that they have available was good. The options to customize the reporting and the depths to which the system worked were helpful. The interconnectivity and ease of use were good. It's not very confusing. It's pretty well laid out and easy to understand. The network map in the dashboard gives you a real-time picture of your network. It did a really good job of showing you an overview of everything. Our networks weren't weren't very large, so we had no issues with the network map. Overall, it gave you a pretty deep in-depth view of what was going on. We did see the benefits of Auvik immediately. It started pulling data within minutes of implementation. It actually did empower us to be able to solve problems more quickly and to stay on top of them and be more proactive rather than reactive. It helped with our mean time to resolution. We noted a 50% decrease. The solution allows us to spend less time on setup, maintenance, and issue resolution. With the time savings, I've been able to work on other projects and have been busy with other issues.
Nov 7, 2022
Provides a stable solution but would improve by developing an all-in-one-solution
Primarily, we use Netreo for infrastructure monitoring. We monitor metrics Netreo would improve if it were an all-in-one solution for things like metrics, logs, zoom integration, and knowledge log gathering. I have been using Netreo for seven years. Netreo is stable. The scalability of Netreo…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The network mapping, the logical layout, is the part that I love the most, showing what switch is connected to what switch. I couldn't live without it. That is the big selling point for me."
"I like the feature that allows us to remote access and remote troubleshoot many of the devices, including terminal Windows."
"Its network discovery capabilities are pretty good. It kind of spiders out and detects pretty much everything on the network, e.g., things that we are using and not using anymore. Its network discovery capabilities allow me to detect these things so I can track them down and shut them off."
"I like the quick mapping. I can put a customer in, and I can put the Auvik monitor in, and then probably within about half an hour to an hour, I can see most of the map."
"Being able to terminal into the devices without going anywhere else is valuable. All of it can be done within Auvik."
"Topography mapping is incredibly useful, especially when it's functioning properly."
"The monitoring and alerting are the most valuable features."
"Auvik automatically updates network topology. Since it automatically updates the topology, we proactively know what is happening in a country or our branch offices. It also alerts us if there is a topology change, e.g., if it discovers anything new in that country. So, it has reduced the number of failures in our operations. We went from being reactive to proactive. So, we are no longer reacting to what is happening and others are doing. This has saved us about two to three hours a day. We used to spend two to three hours every morning checking the firewall and router logs for malicious behavior."
"The technical support team at Netreo is pretty good."


"I would like firmware/software updates for hardware, for at least switches and routers. I already have the feature request in, and it is on their list of things to try and do. Cisco stuff has been notoriously and historically kind of a pain to do, and that is what we use primarily. So, that would be a wonderful thing to get, as it is a device-by-device process. It would be nice to be able to get through that at least in a less fiddly way. It is a pretty manual process now."
"It is amazing in keeping device inventories up-to-date. It mostly keeps them up to date as things change. There were a couple of hiccups where a device would get replaced and the mapping would break, and we'd have to go in and fix the mapping. It was with devices that Auvik couldn't fully discover or devices that would change frequently, such as cell phones or other devices on the network that are dynamic and change all the time. The integration would just show up with an IP address and a MAC address. There was no other information in them, which wasn't very helpful. They were the devices that Auvik wasn't able to discover fully. If they had full SNMP or SSH credentials and Auvik knew what the device was and it was matched correctly in Auvik, then Auvik could push it through."
"I found the search feature somewhat frustrating. For example, let's say I'm searching for an IP address. Even though this thing exists, it doesn't do a good job of showing it to me."
"More capabilities in terms of default OIDs, so we can leverage more of the information from SNMP would be good to see. It's been a while since I messed with the OIDs, but the last time I was trying to get additional information from printers, such as the model number. I was able to find that information, but it took a good amount of research to figure out how. I want to see more default capability regarding what information gets spit out from SNMP."
"Auvik doesn't communicate very well with Ubiquiti devices and will incorrectly flag facets as down. Compatibility with Ubiquiti is my biggest pain point with Auvik."
"I want to be able to customize the layout more in terms of showing the alert timeframes. For example, I would like to customize it to show all the alerts in the last three hours, six hours, etc. You should be able to customize it so that it shows you the most critical information. We don't need to see CPU usage. We only want to see the up and down time. It would be nice to filter out many of those metrics we don't use."
"They need to improve the reporting system. They still don't have a proper reporting system in Auvik. They have built a dashboard in Power BI using APIs, but they should build some sort of report within Auvik itself. If Auvik fixes the reporting or comes up with a good reporting module, it will change the game."
"Sometimes we get a generic device, then we can't tell what it is quickly from the details. Just having a better knowledge-based integration for determining what devices are, what they're make and models are, would be helpful."
"The scalability of Netreo is lacking."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"From a client perspective, pricing is always an issue. Nobody wants to pay more than necessary. You need to be aware of the number of billable managed products, because they will greatly increase the cost of Auvik..."
"The cost for all the devices that we were billed at in my last job was about $2500 annually. It wasn't much. It has the most reasonable pricing as compared to any product out there. I can't complain. It is amazing. It allows me to bundle inside the package what I charge customers per user per month. I don't charge them per device anymore. That's not how we do things in the industry. It is per user per month. The way Auvik is charging us allows me to do it. For example, if they charge $250 for a certain number of seats, I'm just going to write the costs onto per user per month. I have a few leftover licenses to use, which allows me to go out and make some more sales and give some freebies at some shows. So, it makes me very flexible. I am very happy with it. It is billed by network devices. You could choose which billable device you want. What is really nice is that if you don't want one switch to be billable and the other one to be billable, you can do that. You just won't have the features that the billable switch has, which isn't horrible. Sometimes, you don't need that. What I'm really happy about is that Auvik doesn't force things on you and doesn't say, "You have to have all of this," and that's a great business model."
"The pricing model makes a lot of sense and it's pretty reasonable considering it's based on the Managed Network devices that we have out there."
"Auvik is probably one of the more expensive options on the market for what it does. But if, as a managed services provider, you are working with clients that have large networks with large numbers of network devices, you can find efficiency to be gained that will make that value up."
"Auvik is billed by network device. They bill our firewalls and networks. However, there are devices that are not subject to billing in our environment, such as PCs, phones, and printers."
"Its licensing is very fair. The devices that stand to gain the most benefit from this product are the ones that are billed. In the case of routers, switches, and firewalls, I won't necessarily have the ability to put a management agent on them to gather errors and activity logs. This type of solution is a requirement for me to properly monitor and manage these devices. The devices that aren't being billed are workstation servers, etc. For those devices, I can put agents on them to monitor their health. It has a fair billing structure."
"I'm unfamiliar with other network monitoring applications, as I've been using Auvik for so long, but it is one of the more expensive solutions. However, we have used the product to troubleshoot different issues. For example, one of our clients had an issue where their phones were constantly going down, and nobody could figure out the problem. We put Auvik on the network and found a loop in their switches, so it simplifies our lives, increases resolution speed, and makes us look like competent technicians."
"I do not have a whole lot of information on the pricing, but our pricing seems to be okay. Internally, we have not had any issues with it, so we have not had the need to discuss pricing."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Auvik?
The most valuable feature for us in Auvik is the network topology.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Auvik?
The pricing is a bit more on the higher end. If you are paying by device and you have a hundred billable devices, the pricing can get high pretty quickly.
What needs improvement with Auvik?
We might have encountered a bug. We notified Auvik when we had an issue with every single installation of their controllers. Using the normal uninstall process was not able to remove any of the con...
What do you like most about Netreo?
The technical support team at Netreo is pretty good.
What needs improvement with Netreo?
Netreo would improve if it were an all-in-one solution for things like metrics, logs, zoom integration, and knowledge log gathering.
What is your primary use case for Netreo?
Primarily, we use Netreo for infrastructure monitoring. We monitor metrics.

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