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As of July 2024, in the GRC category, the mindshare of AuditBoard is 8.4%, up from 5.2% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of RSA Archer is 15.5%, down from 16.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Jan 25, 2023
Good workpaper review and PBC requests with lots of reporting capabilities
A couple of features that I find most valuable: 1. PBC requests - The workflow makes it easy to request documents from the auditee. When the documents are uploaded, the auditor is notified through email, and the documents are automatically moved to the support folders when the PBC request is closed. 2. Workpaper review - When the workpaper is finished and ready for review, the reviewer will get an email notification. If they have any review comments, they can post them in AuditBoard and even send the workpaper back to the tester. The tester gets an email notification in both of these instances.
Raviteja Nekkanti - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 17, 2023
User-friendly, minimal learning curve and good for security assessment
My use case is for security assessment. It's my daily task. I use it for security assessment in Azure. We have tickets where users need to submit details about an application, computer, or server. For Archer, my direct task is to assess the security risk of an application, infrastructure, or…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The most valuable feature is the well-documented instruction."
"The most significant feature of AuditBoard is its community tools. It provides an internal communication platform that enables users to communicate within the system rather than relying on external tools such as Outlook or Microsoft products. By communicating within the system, all interactions are centralized and accessible, promoting a streamlined workflow."
"Considering the solution's return on investment, it has been extremely helpful since we were doing a lot of documentation. Previously, in our company, we were using an Excel sheet which made things quite messy."
"Its ability to share the data in real-time has helped us well."
"In AuditBoard, there are all the audit steps, including documentation, archiving, and tracking the progress of audits."
"AuditBoard has several solutions for governance, internal audit, and other categories."
"The most valuable feature of AuditBoard is its ability to facilitate the editing of work papers in a seamless and efficient manner. This is achieved through a built-in tool that allows for real-time editing without the need for downloading the working paper. This feature has proven to be incredibly time-saving for me as it eliminates the step of having to download the file and make changes, instead providing an easy-to-access "edit work paper" option. Overall, this feature has greatly improved my experience with AuditBoard and has been a significant contributor to its success in my opinion."
"The most valuable feature is that everybody can use the same tool. You can give a person permission to use AuditBoard and define their access to the Audit Table. For example, we can allow external auditors or clients to review our completed tests. The clients are attached to specific tests that happen regularly, like inventory counts and asset counts. Debt compliance is only done once annually."
"The solution has helped our organization manage our internal and external activities."
"From my perspective, because I've always done it as a consultant, I do like the way it is configured. They've gone into changing the application builder interface, so it is even easier. When you're working with users, it is really easy to show them how to do things quickly and how to configure, change, and design stuff quickly."
"RSA Archer's best features are advanced workflow, reports, dashboards, and notifications."
"Good dashboards and reporting features; it's easy to gather reports quickly."
"The most valuable part of the product is the ease-of-use and the opportunity to create custom security applications easily."
"Flexible record permissions and data import features."
"With RSA Archer, an admin can set permissions for a normal user to go directly to the tool they need to input some data. Admins can then go through that and approve some requests. Also, they can log in based on these kinds of permissions, including ticketing, service patches, or upgrades."
"It is enterprise-wide accessible. So, it is very helpful for all the employees in our bank. They can log in and do their risk management activities. It has a few inbuilt modules that are helpful for doing risk management activities, such as issue management, risk identification, risk assessment, and policy exception management. It also has some inbuilt workflows inside these modules. They are also helpful."


"It is not easy to analyze the results of a survey as a whole."
"The initial setup is somewhat difficult because it has multiple pieces that need to be stitched together. You have to integrate it with the business unit you want to test if you want to go down from the corporate level to the operational level."
"A handful of things in the solution need to be improved. One of them is better communication of updates to the system or tool itself."
"They should improve the solution's test sheets feature for ease of use."
"AuditBoard has the potential for improvement in a few key areas. Firstly, I have experienced instances where the platform has experienced technical issues and ceased to function effectively. Additionally, the editing tools provided within the platform can be slow and laggy, particularly when trying to access and edit important documents. This can be a hindrance to my workflow and efficiency. To address these issues, they should begin by improving the speed and reliability of the platform, as well as enhancing the search engine to make it easier to find specific controls and documents within the platform."
"AuditBoard could benefit from the addition of video capabilities, although it is not a necessity. Small companies that cannot afford licenses for Microsoft Teams or Zoom would benefit greatly from this feature, as it would enhance the communication process."
"Everything is there, and I have no disadvantage to note as of now."
"Some of that flexibility could be enhanced. When comparing Archer and TeamMate+, there is a little more open-ended in terms of certain of our audit processes and procedures. And there is significantly greater freedom in creating ad hoc audit processes and procedures, whereas AuditBoard is a little more limiting in this regard."
"The product is expensive."
"I would like to see real-time data, from vulnerabilities, and threats."
"An area for improvement would be the user interface. They could also offer more on-demand applications free of cost."
"The technology's a little outdated."
"The bullet chart is the best graph for my purposes, and it should be available for inclusion in the dashboards."
"The design and advanced workflow need to be improved."
"Performance could be improved."
"GUI could be improved."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Pricing is variable, like with any technology, and is determined by how hard you wish to negotiate. You can get to a price you're willing to pay if you're willing to negotiate aggressively."
"I highly recommend this tool as the price is reasonable. However, consistent pricing is important, and having a loyalty program that rewards long-term customers with lower prices would be a great addition."
"The initial purchase is cheap. You pay a nominal price to start then renew the license annually. You also must buy a license for each module. I'm not too fond of that aspect of the licensing model. You buy the elephant and then spend more money to feed the elephant."
"The solution’s pricing is moderate."
"The solution's price should be reduced. You only have to pay the license and there are no additional fees."
"The license is costly for the solution, but the remaining set up and maintenance is quite cheaper."
"The solution is not at all a cheap product."
"RSA Archer's price is justifiable and not as expensive, compared to ServiceNow. I have heard that the licensing for ServiceNow is much more expensive. I'm unaware whether there are any additional costs after licensing fees."
"At the higher end of the price scale, but provides better, more accessible functionality and customization than cheaper products."
"The pricing is okay. The licensing costs are very reasonable; it is very affordable to us."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about AuditBoard?
It consolidates the E2E process in one single solution, and in a very user friendly environment.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for AuditBoard?
I believe the license is based on the number of key controls that will be tested regularly. You can also pay extra for additional modules, like risk testing and operational audits, etc.
What needs improvement with AuditBoard?
The layout for the end user could be improved for the control owners and people from whom I request information. If you have a good knowledge of internal auditing, you know there are internal contr...
What do you like most about RSA Archer?
It has various valuable features. For example, showing us if a control aligns with specific standards or frameworks helps us understand it better and verify its compliance.
What needs improvement with RSA Archer?
The user interface needs work. There are many small text boxes, like credit card size's boxes, where we need to input a lot of text. You can't see what you're typing beyond the tiny window, so you ...
What is your primary use case for RSA Archer?
We primarily use the system control module and specific IT control models for ongoing risk assessment activities. We use it on a day-to-day basis.



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792,621 professionals have used our research since 2012.