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Apache SkyWalking
Ranking in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
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BMC TrueSight Operations Ma...
Ranking in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability
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Event Monitoring (1st), IT Infrastructure Monitoring (22nd), Cloud Monitoring Software (18th), AIOps (9th)

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Prajakta Solanke - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 16, 2023
It improves VM load and has good documentation with easy-to-follow steps on how to set it up, but it has room for improvement in terms of scalability and stability
The stability of BMC TrueSight Operations Management needs improvement. At the moment, that area is pathetic. My organization's infrastructure is vast and implemented based on BMC recommendations, but the solution needs to be optimized for large-capacity infrastructure. Though BMC has released some USPs on how and what to monitor, what and what not to alert, and has good specifications, my organization hasn't been happy with BMC TrueSight Operations Management stability. BMC has not been making improvisations on the stability that have made me happy as a customer. I want better reporting capability in the next release of the solution. BMC TrueSight Operations Management, in terms of UI, could be more user-friendly, so this is another improvement I want to see in its next release. I have used other tools which were convenient to use compared to BMC TrueSight Operations Management. I found other solutions, such as AppDynamics and SolarWinds DPA, better than BMC TrueSight Operations Management regarding cases and features.

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"They have changed the licensing fees."
"The solutions are not the cheapest but are robust and stable. License model is rather complex and BMC do often change the model."
"It is a relatively inexpensive solution."
"Pricing is all volume-driven. I think we were paying between $80 and $85 per license. That's per unit, for a perpetual license. You pay it one time and then, every year, you pay 20 percent of that for annual maintenance and support. But now that we've grown, we've purchased tens of thousands of licenses and the cost per license has gone down to something like less than $30..."
"The price of BMC TrueSight Operations Management is very high. If there was more flexibility with the sizing of the licensing it would be helpful, especially during the pandemic. We have wanted to expend but the licensing cost is too high."
"The solution is based on endpoints and knowledge models which can be costly."
"Though I have no clue about the tool's actual price, I know that it is astronomical."
"It is a large, complex product. So, there is a commitment of manpower to deploy it, as it is not a cheap product."
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What do you like most about BMC TrueSight Operations Management?
The solution provides visibility to our infrastructure, how it is, the resources we are monitoring, and quick updates when it has any problems. We have integrated it with ServiceNow to open instances.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for BMC TrueSight Operations Management?
Though I have no clue about the tool's actual price, I know that it is astronomical.
What needs improvement with BMC TrueSight Operations Management?
Cost is an issue with BMC TrueSight Operations Management. Though I am not responsible for the budget, I know that it is an expensive tool set when used only for event management. The tool's issue ...

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ProactiveNet, TrueSight Operations Management

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