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Predictive Analytics (1st), Data Science Platforms (3rd), Data Preparation Tools (1st)
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BI (Business Intelligence) Tools (2nd), Reporting (2nd), Data Visualization (1st), Embedded BI (1st)

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As of June 2024, in the Predictive Analytics category, the mindshare of Alteryx is 26.7%, up from 25.8% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Tableau is 45.8%, down from 49.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Predictive Analytics
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Data Science Platforms
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Jun 6, 2022
Data preparation that saves time, is reliable, and has the ability to connect to a variety of sources
Alteryx is typically used for data preparation and blending. I have clients who use it for Special Analytics as well as Churn Analytics Everything was manual and repetitive. With Alteryx, instead of spending three hours preparing the reports, it will only take them two minutes because everything…
Daria Maslovets - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 12, 2023
Real time analysis, reliable, and easy to set up
Despite the number of available interface languages, I would like to see as many languages as possible represented in Tableau. So many companies really want to use this program and it suits them better than any other similar programs, but due to the lack of understanding of English, it is difficult for them to decide to integrate this particular product. In addition to the existing set of common data types, Tableau Desktop has such a wonderful thing as a union of data on the principle of relationships for Multi-table. This type of union is very easy to work with the data source itself and does not overload the system. At the moment, this type of union only exists for connections from databases. It would be nice if Tableau added this type of merging for data sources that are on the Tableau Server/Tableau Cloud. Every three months, Tableau adds new features. There are always new features coming up.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The product is very stable and super fast, five-star. It's significantly more stable than it's nearest competitor."
"The drag-and-drop features are useful for data scientists who do not like to code because it is already in the system."
"The most valuable feature is user-friendliness, as Alteryx can be used by those without any coding experience or experienced data scientists as it has the functionality to embed R and Python scripts."
"Geo features have made spatial mapping large retail universes possible."
"The scheduling feature for the automation is excellent."
"I think the most valuable feature for Alteryx in a health facility is that it permits cleaning, organizing, and merging of databases such as Excel and Access."
"The philosophy of the citizen data scientist is the key piece, which means the no-code analytics capability. This is the feature that attracted us the most."
"Good data transformation."
"It is so easy to do a lot of things. There is a lot of flexibility and creativity in this product. In other products, you don't have this flexibility."
"I believe one of the most valuable features of the solution is trend analysis."
"The geospatial maps representation and the visualizations are nice."
"It's easy to use."
"I have found many of the self-service features valuable."
"The best use case for us is the solution's integration with Salesforce because we are also partners of Salesforce."
"The initial setup is quick and easy and you don't need special outside assistance to set everything up."
"Tableau has comprehensive, insightful charts, which allow you to build stunning dashboards and enrich your support decision-making."


"The server is too expensive for what you get and it really a designer desktop on a server."
"The interface could be improved."
"A feature which allows the user to be able to click on an output (in a file browser) and see the creation of the module would be fantastic."
"I'd like to see more artificial intelligence business tools or features in Alteryx."
"I think sometimes the solution doesn't load properly or takes so much time for the workflows. Though the workflow runs and completes the file in Excel, if you use the same formula, it's a bit slow. Also, the image processing is not so good because I tried to do some image processing and they were like, sometimes they put two to eight. In the document, it was two, but the OCR predicted it as eight."
"Lacks an open source edition which would be helpful."
"It seems to me that it is not always user friendly."
"The principal problem is the pricing. They're expensive products."
"I have used Power BI as well as Tableau. There are a couple of interesting features that I like in Power BI, but they are not present in Tableau. For example, in Power BI, if I am looking at country-wise population, I can type and ask for the country that has the maximum population, and it will automatically give an answer and address that query. This kind of feature is not there in Tableau. Similarly, in Power BI, for integrating with the latest ML algorithms, we have decision trees and primarily multiple machine learning algorithms. The decision tree essentially visualizes the patterns in the data. We don't have such a feature in Tableau. If Tableau can integrate with the machine learning algorithms and help us to do visualizations, it would be a wonderful combination. Most of the people are going for Tableau primarily for visualization purposes. However, in the data science industry, users want to do model building as well as tell a story. As of now, Tableau is fulfilling the requirements for visualization purposes. If they can bring it up to a level where I can use it for machine learning purposes as well as for visualization, it would be very helpful. Many people who want to do data science don't want to write a code. Tableau is anyway a drag and drop tool, and if they can provide those options as well, it will be a powerful combination."
"The solution’s pricing could be improved."
"Its price is a concern. It is more expensive than Power BI. The other thing that I never liked about Tableau is its ability to handle large sets of data. To present the data in the dashboards, we have to stage it up exactly like it is going to come into the dashboard. We use another tool called Alteryx that does that for us. So, we manipulate the data, get it staged, and then push it into Tableau. Tableau is terrible at handling large data sets, and we knew right away that we couldn't use Tableau to do data manipulation."
"There should be more widgets that would help less trained individuals create charts with less difficulty."
"Most of the problems in Tableau Online that I have noticed have to do with performance or weird, inexplicable bugs that I can't pin down. For example, you might try unloading some data, and you'll be waiting for a long time without anything happening."
"With performance tuning, it generates a pretty complex query when it is not required."
"We would like a report model, because currently there is no schema that we can create in the tool."
"If I have to develop any, for example, pie charts, I can develop them just fine. However, if I have to develop a donut chart, that I cannot do it in a simple way. There are tricks that I need to use if I have to design a donut chart. It should be more flexible and provide more visualization options."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Opt for the three year subscription. It is 20% less than the yearly one."
"The cost of Alteryx is approximately $2,900 annually."
"The price for Alteryx Designer is reasonable but the price for Alteryx Server for universal collaborations is too expensive."
"In my opinion, it's actually quite expensive."
"It is an expensive solution."
"The license price of the solution is expensive."
"My organization pays for it, and I do not look into the financial aspect of the licensing, but I know it is pretty expensive."
"The pricing is $5000 per year per production license."
"This license is on a yearly basis."
"In Indian Rupees, Tableau costs about 30,000 to 40,000 per year."
"Its price is higher than Power BI and QlikView. Tableau costs around $70 per user per month, whereas Power BI is around $8 to $9. QlikView is around $30. Tableau has various prices for various models such as Creator, Designer."
"Its price is reasonable. Everything is included in the license."
"ROI is very high, but it requires a data preparation/blending tool."
"The pricing is $70 per month. You have to pay about $800 or something in that ballpark annually for one license."
"It is a bit difficult for some people when they hear $70.00 per month, as some solutions are available for less than $10.00 or for free."
"If they want to be competitive in the market, the price must be improved."
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Comparison Review

it_user6330 - PeerSpot reviewer
May 2, 2013
MicroStrategy vs. Tableau
After a recent presentation, several attendees asked me about the applications of Visual Insights and Tableau. Many companies are investing in both tools and are trying to figure out the right tool for specific applications Tableau has found its sweet-spot as an agile discovery tool that analysts…

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