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What is the Biggest Difference Between Alteryx and IBM SPSS Modeler?

BI / Big Data / Analytics Solutions Architect at a energy/utilities company with 5,001-10,000 employees

I work for one of the largest energy companies in Brazil as a BI/Big Data Analytics Solutions Architect.

We are evaluating both Alteryx and IBM SPSS Modeler.

What is the main difference between the two?

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!

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Alberto Guisande - PeerSpot reviewer
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There are some important differences between both products. So probably, the first question I'll ask you is "for what use case are you evaluating these products?"

Of course, there are some general differences, starting with the T.C.O. and functionalities. 

Alteryx is a code-free and code-friendly platform that allows you to tackle the whole cycle of your data, starting on the consumption from any source, through a drag and drop interface, very suitable for any user (I really don't see many HHRR's people using SPSS).

Both tackle the predictive modeling very well, while Alteryx allows you to feed several additional AI&ML platforms, like H2O, DataRobot, Thoughspot, MS, Google, Amazon, and even Watson). I'm not sure if SPSS allows you to build and publish models on so many platforms.

Abdellah Benaoussar - PeerSpot reviewer
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One of the differences is that with Alteryx you can use it as an ETL and analytics tool.
Please connect with me directly if you want to know more.

Altan Atabarut - PeerSpot reviewer
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Alteryx is an extremely easy and flexible data tool, flexible in terms of drag and drop toolset and also has python, R integrations if your team requires this.

It can handle over 2 billion rows of data in its in-memory engine on a notebook without requiring a server, thus it's cheaper. It has a much better community than IBM that you can get your answers pretty clear and fast if you need it.

Gary Greenberg - PeerSpot reviewer
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I am not familiar with IBM SPSS Modeler, therefore, I cannot compare these two products.

Regarding Alteryx I can say the following:
- An excellent desktop tool for Data Prep and analytics.
- Feature-rich and convenient user interface.
- However, it is implemented in C#, therefore works in MS Windows environment only. Mac or Linux users can’t use it. Interface with Apache Spark implemented via special plugin (do not remember details), which results in 2-hop data transfer. It may negatively affect performance.

Michael Roytman, MBA Global Management - PeerSpot reviewer

I am unfamiliar with the IBM SPSS Modeler but use KNIME and Alteryx for different projects. Alteryx is an excellent, very easy to get started with and get to results data cleansing, ETL, analytics, geospatial modeling, predictive analytics. I build reusable macros in Alteryx, use flexible inputs for what-if modeling, feed information to Power BI or Tableau. It seems price competitive against SPSS.

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