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Featured Reviews

Robert Crowther - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 23, 2024
Has exceptional API-based architecture, full-spectrum email attack detection, and AI and ML capabilities
Abnormal Security's visibility into internal spam attacks, thanks to its API-based architecture, has been exceptional. It's incredibly fast, with no delays, unlike other solutions that can introduce lag times of up to ten minutes. For executives, this is unacceptable. Having direct API integration is a game-changer. It provides clear visibility into messages and is remarkably user-friendly. There's no need for days of training on the admin dashboard; it's intuitive and straightforward. Clicking here and there is all it takes to search for emails. The interface displays delivery details, current location, and the processing outcome, indicating whether the email was deemed spam and moved to junk or considered legitimate. Abnormal Security's full-spectrum email attack detection has proven effective in protecting us against various threats, including credential phishing, invoice fraud, extortion attempts, and name impersonation. On rare occasions where emails slip through the cracks, reporting them leads to swift remediation within two hours, accompanied by training updates to prevent similar occurrences. I haven't encountered similar emails after submitting reports. It is important that threats can be detected in cloud collaboration applications such as Slack Teams and Zoom. Anything that will help protect our organization is valuable. The Proof of Concept for Abnormal Security demonstrated its effectiveness by catching threats that Mimecast missed. Its AI and machine learning expand the range of email attacks it can stop, while also reducing false positives. We had significant issues with our previous provider, Mimecast, experiencing numerous false positives reported by various teams. When I suggested that the system should be smarter, the response was usually dismissive. Thankfully, I don't encounter this issue with Abnormal Security. The biggest example I can give involves impersonation attacks. With Mimecast, any new employee creating an account on Thursday and then receiving emails from our recruiting team on the same day would trigger an impersonation alert, despite the recruiting team having prior interactions with that person. Abnormal Security, however, recognizes that the new account was recently created, the older account has a history of sending emails, and there was prior communication between the two accounts, accurately concluding that this is not an impersonation attempt. While we could potentially collect flight data to further solidify this, Abnormal Security's intelligence allows it to understand that such activity from a new employee is legitimate. We haven't experienced any false positives or false negatives with Abnormal Security. The AI and machine learning capabilities have helped reduce the number of attacks that get through. We have another solution that we placed in front of Abnormal Security for added security and we found that Abnormal Security is catching emails that were phishing extortion invoice fraud that the other solution didn't recognize as a threat. Abnormal Security has reduced the amount of time our team spends on email incidents by a minimum of four to five hours per week. It helped reduce the cost of redundant security email gateway solutions. Previously, our solution lacked warnings about potential security issues. Abnormal Security, however, has identified a couple of instances where it flagged suspicious activity. For example, it might alert us that someone's account seems compromised and suggest taking action. If we don't intervene, Abnormal Security will automatically handle the situation. Importantly, these alerts provide valuable insights we never had before, such as identifying VPN usage. This increased visibility significantly enhances our security posture.
Frank Rawson - PeerSpot reviewer
May 26, 2023
It gives clients peace of mind and helps them educate their users about threats
A few years ago, our team found the implementation to be somewhat challenging. It has gotten easier as we've grown more experienced. The difficulty depends on the expertise of the person doing it. I don't work with Mimecast every day, so it might be more difficult for me than it is for one of my techs who regularly does Mimecast implementations. It requires some specific in-depth product knowledge and an understanding of email solutions. The deployment time varies. In South Africa, it depends on who you use to deploy it. If you use one of Mimecast's local partners, it can take up to two weeks because of their process. However, it's only about four to eight hours of work. After deployment, there isn't much maintenance aside from supporting and educating your customers. Users require constant education on how to use the Mimecast client and release an email that has been blocked.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Initial auto-remediation allows us to auto-remediate before the email lands in the end user's inbox for a split second."
"I have never encountered any stability issues with Abnormal."
"Ease of use is undoubtedly one of the most valuable features of Abnormal Security."
"What I like about Abnormal Security is that it notifies me if any of my partners or suppliers are experiencing a security breach by analyzing their database and identifying potential cyber threats."
"I like Abnormal's threat protection with auto-remediation, but I also love its abuse mailbox feature, which automatically responds to the end user. That feature has a super-valuable security component and helps improve the user experience."
"The features that appeal to me most are the combination of auto-remediation and Detection 360."
"Their ability to take things out of the mailbox and catch things much faster than users is excellent."
"One of the things that I love about them is that the setup and installation are super easy. All you do is give them access to your Microsoft 365 tenant, and through APIs, they are able to do their work. They are doing all this through APIs, so you do not have to install the software and take a month to get it all set up to even see the value of the solution. You could be up and running in less than an hour."
"Due to our specialized use case, that HIPAA dictionary really comes in handy."
"It offers an easy initial setup."
"We like the content filtering and secure messaging features."
"The initial setup is very straightforward."
"It's really quite user-friendly. In terms of technical superiority and the product itself, there are no complaints. It is really cutting edge."
"What I like about the integration is that it is directly into Microsoft 365, users can use their Microsoft 365 credentials to log into the portal and access their mail."
"The interface of this solution is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. There is no delivery in email and other communications, making it reliable. The configuration is relatively easy."
"We like Mimecast's spam filtering. The email signature feature is also a big plus for our users."


"When we're working on something as engineers, and we find an idea or a method of doing something that would be greatly improved by doing it another way, there should be an ability for me to click the ideas button, type in an idea that I have, and submit it to a product review team or developers to have them think through the process a little bit more."
"Abnormal should add more automatic reports. I have an open request to our account team for more notification and report types that can be sent automatically. For example, they have an awesome report that gets sent weekly, and I also want them monthly, so I don't need to do so much adding up when my director wants numbers over time."
"There could be room for improvement in enhancing integration with other cybersecurity tools."
"The ideal scenario would be for Abnormal Security to work in tandem with Microsoft to analyze incoming emails."
"One feature I'd love to see is outbound scanning."
"The biggest pain point for us is the lack of support for on-premise email systems."
"The pricing for academic institutions and student mailboxes is challenging."
"I, as such, do not have anything that I do not like or would like to add, but you could argue that because they are doing it API-based, there is a chance that something could slip through temporarily before they are able to pull it out. In theory, it could happen just because of the nature of the system. They are not in line with the delivery of the mail. They are kind of asynchronous, which is a pro as well as a con. If it is synchronous, then I know it would always stop them, but because it is asynchronous, things could get through temporarily or because of some system issues on the Microsoft side or their side. It is the nature of the beast, but it is a little bit of a con."
"Their support should be improved. They are notorious for sending you to knowledge-based articles rather than actually talking to you, but that is, unfortunately, kind of becoming a trend with everything. In terms of features, I haven't had any complaints. However, I don't like the fact they moved to a paid training subscription model. They used to have a lot of free webinars for training, but they have started to charge for them in the past year."
"The tool can be challenging because it relies on rule-based configurations, especially for addressing impersonation threats. This approach requires setting up numerous rules to ensure filtering. It should work based on behavior-based analytics."
"As a user, the user interface of the management console could be upgraded, for example."
"The detection rates are an area for improvement."
"Many of our users complain that the system is blocking too many attachments. It's a good practice from a security perspective, but our users think Mimecast is doing too much. It might be something we'll have to adjust."
"The feature that should be included is to remove the block on the encrypted files."
"The solution's console interface was recently changed for the admins, but the previous one was much better because we could open tabs on it."
"Its pricing can be improved. It is a bit expensive."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Abnormal Security, on the other hand, provides the same level of functionality for just over $60,000 – that's half the price!"
"The license is based on the user count, so the number of users that have an email address in the organization."
"Overall, we'd certainly prefer lower pricing, but Abnormal Security doesn't seem unreasonable compared to similar offerings in the market."
"The pricing appears fair, and they demonstrate a genuine willingness to work with us on it."
"On a scale of one to ten, where one is cheap, and ten is expensive, I rate the pricing a ten."
"We pay monthly fees to our provider."
"The licensing costs are per-user for the product that you get with them."
"Compared to the other solutions in the market, Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection's pricing is fine."
"It is a bit expensive."
"For what it is, the product is overpriced."
"I'm always going to say the price needs to be lower, but it's reasonable."
"The product has good pricing in terms of return on investment."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Abnormal Security?
The features that appeal to me most are the combination of auto-remediation and Detection 360.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Abnormal Security?
The pricing appears fair, and they demonstrate a genuine willingness to work with us on it. The media and entertainment industry has been impacted by recent strikes. They were quite understanding o...
What needs improvement with Abnormal Security?
One feature I'd love to see is outbound scanning. Currently, the system detects malicious outbound messages originating from my end. For example, if someone hacks into an account on my network and ...
What do you like most about Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection?
The interface of this solution is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. There is no delivery in email and other communications, making it reliable. The configuration is relatively easy.
What needs improvement with Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection?
The tool can be challenging because it relies on rule-based configurations, especially for addressing impersonation threats. This approach requires setting up numerous rules to ensure filtering. It...

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