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Panaya Test DynamixIBM Rational ClearQuestISC Software JCL CheckerGNU GNATSNMQA QABookAdminitrackAssembla WorkspacesRaygun Crash Reporting
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    The test repository to follow the test progress is most valuable because we can easily create and manage a huge number of test scripts. We can copy and paste, replicate, and drag and drop many tests scripts. We can create test scripts en masse. When you have a high volume of tests, the tool is quite useful. It works well when you want to manage a lot of tests, such as you have 1,000 or more test scripts.
  2. It can be adapted to any process flow and easily be integrated with other in-house tools using the ClearQuest API.The combination of a highly flexible state machine together with a platform independent API enables possibilities to automate many steps that in many systems are manual.
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