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Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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reviewer1909125 - PeerSpot reviewer

Monday could be improved if it could be linked with Google Calendar. This way, I can add deadlines directly on Monday for my whole 3D team and they can automatically see it in their Google calendars or the general calendar when their next deadline is going to be and for which project. Now we fill it in separately and it could save us a bit of time. We also use Clockify to track the time spent on each render. Maybe it would be handy to have some type of clock or icon that shows how much time is left within the budget that the specific project got sold for.

reviewer1888008 - PeerSpot reviewer

It would be great to be able to pull an activity report.

Ben Davidson - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

Speed and reliability need to be better. I don't mean that in a very basic, "Oh, we can't log in." Rather, there are issues with connectivity. That happens with anything at any sort of scale. I understand that. A bigger issue definitely is speed. It can run very slowly at times. A lot of the time we don't have issues, however, there are plenty of times when switching between views takes a long time, and I recognize they're doing on-the-fly queries with a lot of data. That's hard to do, hard to speed up, however, it does impact our workflow. That can really slow us down, particularly when we're trying to do a quick project check-in and we have to switch between two projects or more than one project and more than one person, having to drill down between those different contexts can be pretty cumbersome if it's a project at any sort of scale.

Timea Barrack - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

They improve the product regularly. We just go with the flow as it works perfectly for us. The solution should have better integration. We have, for example, Ignition, our online contract platform. When the clients sign the contract online, it would be awesome if it could trigger and create a task immediately. Right now, we are doing it manually. We were trying to connect with Ignition through Zapier, however, it was too complicated. Therefore, integration would be awesome. They need a bigger server or more space on whatever they keep this website on. Sometimes, when we have a huge board, it gets slow. They might need more resources. The product could have more templates.

reviewer1856853 - PeerSpot reviewer

Honestly, it's perfect so far. It has the simplistic, spreadsheet vibe which I love. I can't think of anything major that I want to be changed or at least I find Monday more than enough for our team's needs. For others who have more varied assignments, some of which require collaboration with other team members, they might find Monday insufficient. They're also a bit lacking in the reporting department, which isn't a big deal for us, however, it might be for other users who have more rigorous protocols when it comes to tracking. I also wish that subscription costs are a bit cheaper.

reviewer1848225 - PeerSpot reviewer

More customizations for automation would be useful. Sometimes, the built-in options are limiting and do not allow for the intended workflow. Also, I find the data input aspect tedious. If there were more automated ways of updating boards that'd make it easier to maintain. While I love Monday, getting others in the company to adopt it can be a real challenge. Lastly, I wish there were better tools for integrating work from each project. For example, as an event planner, I may have several event boards with different collaborators. Each event has various tasks and responsibilities and deadlines that I am personally responsible for. However, there is no seamless way to integrate all of my personal responsibilities into one space where I can easily manage the tasks. I understand I can assign them to myself and work that way, however, I just find it clunky and I wish Monday could show a little more love to the personal task management/organization side vs. being mostly a collaboration tool.

reviewer1848228 - PeerSpot reviewer

The tab closing feature is a bit vague at times. A better way to move and close/open tabs would be great. Sometimes, being the drop-down button is not as fast or intuitive as I would like but that may be screen dependent. I think adding a media feature would be great. Implementing instant access to projects for video teams might be helpful for media companies. How this would work, I don't know, but adding a visual component to indicate incomplete tasks would add an extra dimension to the user experience.

Jonathan  Risk - PeerSpot reviewer

BCC Outlook integrations could be better. I'd love to set up an automation that emails myself and BCCs an entire list of emails (our vendors) when I need to respond in bulk to any vendors that have a specific status on their PO or are past a deadline. I cannot overstate how much time and effort this would save our company. A way to update existing line items when a new line is created that contains the same selected value (name) as the line already on the board would be great. I ask vendors to submit tracking, for instance, for a purchase order (name). I have to manually copy-paste each one. It would be nice if it simply automatically updated the line item (and then delete the submitted line).

reviewer1848234 - PeerSpot reviewer

So far, I am happy, however, I know that Gantt charts and calendar views aren’t available on the entry-level plan - even if you’re paying $24 per month. To access time tracking and private boards, you’ll need to upgrade to the third tier. It spams my inbox with many unwanted emails. We are using a very simple project, therefore I can't see many drawbacks, however, it looks like if we were dealing with complicated projects, some things would possibly get lost. Therefore, having subtasks is a must; it has to be managed well.

Juan Carlos Salcedo - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 10Real User

One feature that would certainly improve on Monday is the fact that each group of a board has the same columns. I would find it interesting to put the option of each group having different columns. For instance, a group of data from the final step of a process should have more columns than the previous ones, referring to final activities that correspond to the end of a process. Another aspect of Monday that I'm not such a fan of is the infinite scroll to the right. Other alternatives could be evaluated to improve this.

reviewer1848273 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

There are so many features and possibilities that I am not yet aware of or adept at using, which may be limiting my experience. To learn these, I need to spend more time exploring the site and tutorials on offer, however, time is often not a luxury I have. I have resorted to using the tool at the most simple level to list tasks and mark progress as I go. Therefore, I would say that the key limitation I face is that I don't find the tool to be fully intuitive as more time is required for me to learn how to use it optimally.

reviewer1848309 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

It would be great if there was a setting where you could customize the email reminders. It is nice to get reminded about your tasks, however, if you are working on different projects at the same time, it is kinda annoying to get 75 email reminders in a day. If can add a feature where you can simply tick yes or no on each project if you want to get a reminder or update about it, it would be great. This will help us save time on clicking and archiving email reminders that we get on a daily basis. This might be unimportant for others but if you are time conscious employee like me. Saving 3-5 minutes a day can make a lot of difference.

reviewer1848318 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

Once timers are cleared, there is no way to recover this data. I would love for there to be an option to "undo" or find this time in an archive when accidentally cleared. I have found that the time trackers are a bit tricky in that if someone else assigns me to a project, the time is tracked under their name, instead of mine. This has been a bit of an issue for us. I would also like to see a way to customize boards where the columns do not continue all the way down so that each group can be customized independently of one another.

reviewer1848393 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 10User

We'd love the ability to be able to build and export reports based on multiple boards. We now have to take the information out and build our own reports which takes an extra step. It would be great to add our own branding to these reports and cut out that extra step or extra program we'd need to use to make that report. We'd also love to be able to connect contacts to boards or have a column to connect a client contact or lead to each project instead of having to type it in, etc. We'd like to be able to connect different workspaces as well.

reviewer1848396 - PeerSpot reviewer

We would like personal documentation if possible. Even when the person leaves the team, he/she can still access all the files he/she created.

reviewer1848399 - PeerSpot reviewer

I would love it if there was a way to update multiple cells at once with the same data point. For instance, if I have 20 items that all have a deadline of 3/24, I'd love to be able to update them all at one time rather than individually. I would love to have a way to hide an entire group within a board from the client for internal conversations. This may exist; I just haven't figured it out yet if that's the case. Honestly, those are the only two things I have run into, other than that, I have everything I need.

reviewer1848402 - PeerSpot reviewer

The marketing notification emails from are really poor and of little value to the user. For example, I get an email notifying me that "a team member has started on your item" which is meaningless information to me without actually opening up the platform, which takes time and creates a slow and clunky process. A new feature that gives studio teams the ability to upload creative content so reviews and feedback processes could also be managed on the platform would be really helpful.

reviewer1848411 - PeerSpot reviewer

It would be nice to have a general section at the top of each group. For instance, I have my own media buying board that is divided up into "groups" (one for each client). It would be ideal to have a place at the top of each group to write down evergreen information. For example, for me, I could include things like goals, budget, strategy, quarterly to-do's, and other things I am not necessarily checking off or marking as done weekly or monthly. This could also be helpful when onboarding new employees and getting them brought up to speedo on clients. It could also be a place where we link things like brand guidelines and other important documents from the client.

Michael Yinger - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

There is very little to improve with Occasionally, it takes some time to get a response from customer success, though they are always helpful. The help system is very extensive, allowing us to resolve most of our questions on our own. There are no features that come to mind to be added. They are so far ahead on the product roadmap; we're continually playing catch-up via the monthly webinars to be sure we're taking advantage of the new features they have been dreaming up. It's a great plus for how they handle enhancements.

reviewer1848414 - PeerSpot reviewer

I'd love it if there was an instant messenger built into the product so I could talk with other teammates live in-product, as opposed to needing another solution like Slack, Google for chat, or Signal. I'd also like to see conditional logic on forms included in future releases (kind of like conditional logic). I would love if there was an integration with to make call scheduling a bit easier and more integrated. At this time, I have to manually move data, updates, and appointments between Calendly and

reviewer1848429 - PeerSpot reviewer

We'd really like to have the ability to have different types of boards within a board. Sometimes we don't need the same columns for every task and we'd like to customize each task board within the motherboard. We use to have tasks with different columns and information rather than it having to be the same for every task board within the main board. This would make it so much easier for us when it comes to special projects that have varying needs and not every column will fit into the same board.

reviewer1848432 - PeerSpot reviewer

We'd like to see less downtime. There have been times when I really needed to use Monday and it would be down for half a day and saying there is an error with the system. Sometimes it can be really slow as well. Everything we need is kept on Monday. When Monday is down for half the day it's just a lot of time wasted. There are times we missed timelines to call certain places, as, by the time the system was finally up, the place we needed to call or the person we hired was no longer available.

reviewer1848447 - PeerSpot reviewer

The docs feature seems like it could be a little more user-friendly. I would love to be able to use the docs and tag individual users that are directly correlating to individual cards. I know you can import essentially an entire section from a board, however, it would be great to just be able to pull in one specific item from a board vs pulling in the entire group of items. I'm not sure if this is possible with the current API, however, I would love to see it work more like a google doc to take notes for our team calls, etc.

reviewer1848450 - PeerSpot reviewer

While great, the shareable boards lack some features that normal boards possess and that’s a big burden for us. It’s hard to not know what the client sees and that makes us look a little unorganized. They can also be a little buggy sometimes.

reviewer1845936 - PeerSpot reviewer

As mentioned previously, having easier access to training videos on how all features can interact with one another would be helpful. Some can easily get overwhelmed with how much flexibility there is causing them to be unsure where to start. This might lead to frustrations. Case studies on how other companies successfully implemented Monday could help too. The product and tools are great but some companies may need guidance on tailoring it to their needs. Highlighting the differences between boards workspaces, and dashboards and how they interact would also be helpful.

reviewer1845933 - PeerSpot reviewer

Perhaps a nice Outlook plugin to copy tasks from Outlook would be beneficial. The same could work on Gmail. I have seen similar productivity App Store links to the specific emails and when you click on them you can go directly to Outlook/Gmail and view the request. Currently, we forward all the emails to the board, however, it can get messy when multiple signatures and replies, etc start happening - especially if we cc the board's email address. A quick paste feature for screenshots would be very handy.

reviewer1845930 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

I'm very satisfied and don't have much to say regarding immediate improvement feedback. If it doesn't exist, perhaps there could be a simplified view of all personal tasks that haven't yet been completed. "My Work" is a board that is supposed to take care of this. I find that I sometimes have used the "status" column has input values other than done, working on it, etc., which conflicts with this bigger picture, and over the years is building up in a way that looks daunting as I'm not sure how to go back and mark it another way, so I skip it. This could be my own user malfunction. Generally, I'm quite happy with the software.

reviewer1843203 - PeerSpot reviewer

The inbox and notifications section is not great, therefore, we don't use the comments field to communicate with each other. We instead communicate outside of the platform in Microsoft Teams. It is hard to maintain when you have linked boards, automation, etc. It can doa lot, however, that means it requires a lot of upkeep too. We didn't purchase the Enterprise package. Our representative mentioned that would have provided advice and a roadmap for supporting our rollout, however, we couldn't have known what we wanted out of the gates. Therefore, it was best that we implemented it ourselves, however, at this point it's a little sprawling and on the brink of becoming unmanageable.

reviewer1843200 - PeerSpot reviewer

Having more pre-defined formats and/or templates or having the ability to make public some formats/templates (not the information on them) would be useful. This would support other users that could find a format that would fit their requirements and reduce the time of designing or customizing formats that could be available as a shared template. Despite being a very friendly user tool there are people that do not have the skills to customize from zero a template and having a pre-defined shared template will make their work easier and help them to save time.

reviewer1843197 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

Overall, does a good job of providing a valuable service. It's hard for me to pinpoint any areas that I feel are significantly lacking. One area perhaps that could be improved upon would be the drag feature. For example, when I need to drag one item/project from one space and move to another. Often, it can appear to move very slowly and I end up misplacing where I am intending to put the item. Otherwise, if could increase the refresh rate of the site, that would make things a little better also.

reviewer1843194 - PeerSpot reviewer

The product can be improved by adjusting some of the ways in which the "boards" work. I oftentimes run multiple experiments that, at my laboratory, are repetitive. Thus, many of the procedural tasks are the same for these projects. I typically will copy and paste these tasks into a new project, however, it becomes monotonous as the software only allows me to copy and paste items one at a time. Further, it not only copies and pastes the name of the task and the notes, but it also copies over the exact date and personnel responsible for said task. A great improvement would be including an option to paste only the name of the task and the notes.

reviewer1843191 - PeerSpot reviewer

A little more customization on the UI would be good. There's light mode and dark mode, however, not much other customization. For what it is, it looks just fine, yet maybe something a little more aesthetically pleasing would be nicer on the eyes. There is an update with a new look being released soon, and I went ahead and tried it before it was released. It made the program look more like an excel spreadsheet, and literally, no one wants to see something like that. They could maybe rethink that.

reviewer1843188 - PeerSpot reviewer

I'd like to see some kind of way to display our data to realtor partners without giving them access to our entire board. I need something that encapsulates just key points and nothing else. We find that realtors want communication and visibility - that is hard when all you have to use is email.

Timothy Little - PeerSpot reviewer

The permission settings require workarounds for some use cases. The enterprise plan offers the features needed, however, too many times I've had to set up weird workarounds for permissions with my smaller customers who don't have an enterprise version. The license tiers are a little difficult to manage, as Monday sells seats/licenses in bundles of five or ten. Too many times I've had clients with six users who are forced to pay for ten user licenses due to the pricing structure. Since the lowest tier is three users it does make it difficult to have a solopreneur justify the use of the platform, as you are essentially paying triple. At the end of the day it can still often be worth it, however, is definitely a turn-off when signing up.

reviewer1843143 - PeerSpot reviewer

Having more integrations for different specialties that use Monday would be great. Monday is awesome as it is, however, expanding would also be helpful. Monday should have people reach out to different heads of businesses in different sectors to see how they use Monday and create more templates and maybe even videos on how they use it so there are more ways for people who are just starting out to find more examples to see how to tailor Monday to their needs. I met up with a specific immigration attorney who helps immigration firms organize and pull their business to more paperless solutions she introduced us to Monday and showed us how she uses it and we tailored it for our needs.

reviewer1843173 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

There are occasional glitches in the system that cause the website to be down temporarily. Otherwise, it is fairly reliable. In the next release, I would like the ability to click and drag multiple items at the same time. Some tasks we separate by task so when we duplicate tasks we have to move them separately. In addition, there should be a way to convert the board view into a calendar view. This would help when visualizing project timelines over month-long spans. Another change would be to automatically sort tasks in date order when the date is added to a task.

reviewer1843170 - PeerSpot reviewer

In recent months, has been down about once a week. We rely on to track all of our deals, so when it is down and not functioning, our whole workflow comes to a halt. This is detrimental to our business model. We cannot work when it is down, so we have to wait for it to come back on. Additionally, sometimes is very slow and takes a while to load. This is also very detrimental to us since we all work from home, and therefore, we often will share our screens in a meeting. When we show it will take time away from the meeting in order to wait for everything to load.

reviewer1843167 - PeerSpot reviewer

I honestly can't think of much off the top of my head— has pretty much everything that my team would need to use on a day-to-day basis. Something that might be interesting to see in the future is having sub-items within sub-items so our team can be more granular with things. It would be nice to have more customization around the documents, such as different title headings, fonts, etc. Just having more we can do with creating documents so we don't have to switch between and Google Docs would be great.

reviewer1843161 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

The new Apple Mac Book Pro lineup was launched more than two years ago and still, this platform is not compatible with the Mac App. This doesn't mean it won't work, however, the optimizing process and experiences could work better and exactly like the Web App you currently use when browsing Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, etc. Rosetta comes in handy, however, the M1 Max compatibility for the new Macs is a must. Also, there are a lot of features that the Mac App doesn't offer and the Web App does - such as payments and other things.

reviewer1843152 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

There are two main areas I would like to see really improve: 1) Integrations with QuickBooks Online, and 2) Easier transfer of data, sheets, and specifically calculations from Google Sheets. Currently, we run our accounting on Quickbooks Online and we are forced to use their reporting tools to bring out the data we want to see. I would much rather have Quickbooks integration that allows us to more seamlessly pull transactions into Monday in real-time and allow us to manipulate that data on the Monday interface. With Google Sheets, we are using a large spreadsheet that has many calculations in it. I would like to move all of that to We are limited on a number of columns currently, and, when we tried to transfer everything over, none of it worked. That was disappointing.

reviewer1843149 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

There are no missing features that I can think of.

reviewer1843176 - PeerSpot reviewer

They need to improve the user interface of the automation/integrations. They are confusing to some extent. Although they are extremely important features, i found difficulty in creating automation myself. It currently made me feel like a coder or programmer when I have no such experience. It should be made more user-friendly to help people create unique automation on their own as per their needs and desires. Furthermore, it would be great if could include a chat feature as well, something similar to Slack so that all task-related communications can be done on Monday swiftly.

reviewer1843263 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

The workload section has improved, however, there are still areas for improvement in terms of things that don't quite work as they should. When changing a date in this format it reverts back to the previous date unless we physically go into the board. It's also sometimes tricky to pull in the correct dates. The board limit could do with being increased in this section as for me personally with the number of different projects we have our list of boards is growing. It would also be good to have a way of filing old boards so that they do not automatically appear in things like the work schedule. It would be nice to have some more training such as webinar opportunities and refresher courses. I don't appear to have been invited on one of these for quite a while and I found them to be really useful in the past.

Abdallah Mourad - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 10Vendor

There is nothing to dislike about There are some new features they need to improve within the application. For example, it would be awesome if we had some themes for each project and for each user. If we could add a new feature to draw the plan as a chart and note priority via color, that would be great. It would be nice to make a plan according to the historical data that has already stored that's related to the user and the company.

reviewer1843245 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

I wish that you could have different columns for each of the groups on one board. I wish that you could turn off the sub-item menu if you accidentally enabled it. I'm unclear about the notifications feature in that I receive way too many emails. I've had requests for once an item is created that it duplicates on another board and automatic updates to both items if they are linked. I really like, however, how new features are sent out all the time so I can slowly learn more and more.

reviewer1843236 - PeerSpot reviewer

The solution offers more integration features with Hubspot and more options to connect within boards. We love using My Work, however, there are also limited capabilities within boards. My Work cannot be connected to specific line items in boards or subtasks, and therefore it is currently causing a gap in communication with our team. An area that can be explored, similar to Salesforce, is a task board for each client. I'm not sure that this will be ideal for everyone. However, in our case, we use as both our CRM and project management software.

reviewer1843206 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

I wish there was an option to pay for one-on-one technical assistance rather than watch tutorial videos. Sometimes I don’t have the time or bandwidth to seek my own solutions. I love the tutorials when I have time to learn new skills, however, sometimes I just need a solution immediately so I can move on to the next thing. A fee-for-service technical assistance session, sold in blocks of time, would be extremely attractive to those of us who sometimes just need to throw money at our problems. This would be worth whatever they charged on a day with a million deadlines.

reviewer1843224 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

I would love it if the milestones could appear in bold. Seeing this would help me so much. I would also like charts to have a bit more functionality without me having to purchase the 3rd party analytics and reports app. Automations could also be a bit more flexible. I find that I cannot customize my automations for Slack as much as I need. For example, I would like to send a notification to my team on Slack when a certain date arrives and only if the "probability rating" is at 3 stars (using the rating column).

reviewer1843221 - PeerSpot reviewer

An important point of improvement is the subitems. These are essential in everyday project work and not every comparable tool has this function. However, the functions of the subitems are not yet developed enough. For example, they are not fully compatible with all automation. They are also still limited in the area of dashboards. However, further functions will likely be added here successively through regular updates. The export options are also not yet flexible and comprehensive enough. Although some things have been done here, all too often you have to rework things after the export.

reviewer1843215 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20User

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) needs improvement. Sometimes it is hard to manage the GUI of the We are getting confused about the menus, and other functionalities as well. For the 3rd party apps, it would be perfect if we will have a connection for some 3rd party apps like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Something to help us manage these apps on will be perfectly awesome. Also, they need to add a function where we can save a template of a group. We are always duplicating a group and we don't want to include any updates and comments.

reviewer1843212 - PeerSpot reviewer

We would like to have less downtime as it happens now and then!

reviewer1843209 - PeerSpot reviewer

The mirrored columns are not real columns and cannot be used as variables for notifies or other formulas. We need fewer system outages. We would like to be able to open Monday from a link directly in the open browser window without opening a new window - which takes too much time. The speed of the loading process should be better.

reviewer1843227 - PeerSpot reviewer

I would like to see create a Work Package Template which could be created and adjusted as per each project but could also be amended via an app on site should this be required. In addition, it would be good to have a signature field that clients could either sign via the app or email. This could be then utilized to sign off any jobs or acceptance once the project has been completed. We'd like software for all elements of project management including sign-off in one central place without the need for an additional subscription - that would be perfect.

Styliana Araouzou - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5LeaderboardReal User

Monday has a lot of space, let's say, for improvement. Especially when you create a new board. The board is like a new project; it's called "board". When you create a new board, you add everything manually. It doesn't come with a template by default. If you want to change the status of your task, you should change it manually. Even changing the date is manual. If you have an update on the project, or if the project closed or went away, all the dates are added manually. This is time-consuming if you are comparing it with Jira. In Jira, when you open a task, the date is read automatically, which is easier. On Monday I need to add it manually. The solution really needs to offer templates. That would be very helpful. I'd like to be able to add different panels under the same project. For example, at the moment I can create groups, which is fine, however, all of them include the same columns. I cannot have them in group one, five columns, and in group two, three columns due to the fact that it's under the same project, under the same board.

reviewer1237521 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

I have just started to use this solution, and there are no new features that I need at this time, but it could be more user-friendly.

Mark Niswonger - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

It would be great to see additional automation rules and have varied fields per subcategory. It could have a few more features when it comes to managing projects.

reviewer1168500 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

It's not that great. It clutters your mailbox. Every time something becomes due and every time you have something due, you get an email. If you are working on several projects, you could get several reminders. For example, just today I was inundated with 15 emails reminding me, of different projects. It's not necessarily things that are due right that minute, or you're not otherwise aware of. While it keeps you organized, and you always have a place to look at, you can be overwhelmed. There is no way to disconnect yourself. It just appears automatically. If you have subscribed to something, you will be inundated with messages. It's still fairly manual. If for example, I wanted to make a change such as a date, there are 10 steps to process, and if I change one, they all have to change but there is no way of doing that automatically. We have to go and individually update each one. What would be nice is if I had two days between deadlines and adjusted the day if it would automatically adjust the deadlines, even if I had to change one or two that might no longer work, it would save a lot of steps. But, for example, there are at least 20 steps involved in producing a research summary for our research firm. If I change one step at one deadline at the start, I have to go through 19 steps and change the date manually for each one.

reviewer1397925 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

Some of the automation is having some technical difficulties. They need to improve on that a bit.

reviewer1615830 - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

The user administration needs to be improved. The user admin module could be more accessible.

Ranit Zexer - PeerSpot reviewer

Project Management Features - like Gantt

Juan Mendoza - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 20Real User

It's hard to say if there are any features missing from the solution, as it already offers more than the others. In my experience, I would say it would be better if it could have a better user experience. It's a bit laggy and it's not immediately responsive. It would be great if they could improve a bit on the performance. Sometimes it takes a little while to upload items. You can have a lot of bugs. The solution has dashboards, however, you have a limited amount. You may only get ten when you need closer to 30. We often need to create many boards. For example, we might need one board per customer. If we have more than ten customers, we run out of boards available. I'm not sure if you can pay more in order to get more or if it's just a design limitation. It's unclear. In any case, they should be more generous. has a feature called notifications. Every time somebody updates one tag, your foreign tag appears as a notification. I wrote to them about having those notifications as a dashboard, so you are not having to go to the notifications center to look at all of the notifications. Their dark mode is blue. It sometimes feels a little bit overwhelming with so much color in it, however, the light one is super bright. If I could pick one other thing to fix, I would tell them to adjust their dark mode to a bit of gray and not make it so blue.

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