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What needs improvement with VMware Workspace ONE?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with VMware Workspace ONE.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Information Technology at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
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Sep 19, 2022

The management interface needs to be better. We'd like more useful support. The scripting language is all very unique to the product as opposed to using any kind of industry-standard methods. That might be frustrating for some teams. The initial setup can be complex.

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Lokesh Mansharamani - PeerSpot reviewer
MDM Architect at Tata Consultancy
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Aug 11, 2022

VMware Workspace ONE can improve in virtual reality. Customers are now looking toward virtual reality devices. Though it supports virtual reality, it's treated as an Android device. Customers want to deal with VR devices, they want a specific VR tool. Not an Android device VR tool.

Gaspare Silvestri - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at BearIT
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Jul 14, 2022

I'd like to see a more Microsoft-oriented product with a modern enterprise mobility management platform fully integrated with a Windows ecosystem and the capability to natively integrate with SCCM for a common management for a hybrid workspace. The solution lacks a specific environment such as Windows. I would also like to see a more specific customization for each single platform, such as macOS, Apple devices, and the like. It would make the product more competitive.

MohamedSalah6 - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Network Engineer at Fawry Microfinance
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Jun 15, 2022

We'd like the customization to be better. It would be ideal if the interface was better to make it easier to manage all devices. We'd always like more features and functionality in the future as the solution continues to progress.

Technology\Cloud Architect | IT Infrastructure at IDFC FIRST Bank
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Jun 8, 2022

VMware Workspace ONE for the new users or the new clients that they try to procure and learn it, there can have difficulties. It does not have user-friendly portals. The portal seems to be more user-friendly in Microsoft solutions. We don't have the availability of sharing with other platforms, such as social platforms, or YouTube. We don't find those learning materials. It is very difficult to learn.

JimSkidmore - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice President, Solutions Group at Intigrow
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Mar 30, 2022

VMware Workspace ONE isn't that good with patching and fixing, especially when compared to BigFix. This is an area for improvement. BigFix did a really good job in terms of patching and fixing, but it had a lot to do with IBM's integration to virtually every other platform out there. That integration really helped from just a server patching and endpoint management situation. They (IBM) are very good at doing discovery, which is basically surveying the endpoint asset and finding out what vulnerability was there. It might be you're running Windows 10.647, and there are known vulnerabilities below that, so the prioritization of that patching became easy to create rules for, and make sure that you patched all devices with that current OS expeditiously. Training for VMware Workspace ONE could also be improved, especially when compared to HCL who did a good job, either remote or self-paced.

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Patrick Black - PeerSpot reviewer
Cybersecurity Architect at McAfee
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Jan 17, 2022

Support is probably the main challenge that we have. Their support was not very good. We had to tell them what we told them four or five times. This product makes use of SAML across the board, which has seven known security flaws. It would be good if the company created a way to protect against SAML flaws. One way would be to integrate a firewall server or an endpoint out in the cloud with which you could establish trust. If you knew nothing about SAML and you did some Google searches about what SAML is, what are the flaws, and what are the known vulnerabilities, eventually, you'll find that there are seven flaws. There are two methods that you can use to solve those seven problems. They essentially involve putting a firewall or putting rules, such as access controls, so that anybody in the world can't just come in, authenticate, and either be a good guy or be someone trying to knock on my door and get into my house. If I could eliminate that, it would be awesome.

Senior IT Architect - Mobility Services at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
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Dec 10, 2021

VMware Workspace ONE platform offers support for Mac Books and we see that there is some room for improvement in that area versus all the products out there.

PrasadMane - PeerSpot reviewer
System Advisor IT at CRIF High Mark
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Nov 12, 2021

Our central authentication mechanism is not integrated with this solution, which we deployed three years ago. So far, our goal is to integrate it with our two directory servers, but we've run into a few challenges. We are not able to connect with support to help us resolve this integration issue. I would like to see improvements made to both the support, and the pricing.

Technical Specialist at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
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Oct 15, 2021

In terms of Workspace ONE, we are migrating it from on-premises to the cloud. I would like to see more service notifications.

Senior Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
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Jul 30, 2021

There is no Apple zero-day support for updates. The Apple developer option is not enabled in OEM, which makes it very difficult to manage the Mac devices proactively. They rely on a third-party tool for the packaging, which is why they are lagging. I would like to see Apple and Mac devices have zero-day support. It needs to be activated. The Macbook downloadable license needs to be integrated.

Console administrator at nexta
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Jun 20, 2021

The location service could improve and more integration with other devices, such as Android enterprise and Apple devices. We are having some issues with JavaScript or XML, and there is not any information provided for resolving it.

IT Systems & Network Administrator at a transportation company with 201-500 employees
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Mar 26, 2021

I don't see any such areas where we are lacking. I was just doing the evaluation of other products to see if they have something else. However, this isn't missing anything, even when you look at the competition. The pricing could always be better. It would be nicer if they were cheaper and more competitive.

SAP BASIS Technical Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
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Feb 17, 2021

They do have a good integration, but there is a long way to go as far as integration is concerned. They need to integrate with the cloud solutions a little bit more. We are looking for Azure integration.

General Manager at ti724
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Feb 11, 2021

I would like to see some integration with native Microsoft products such as anti-value.

Support Engineer at Grupovidanta
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Jan 30, 2021

VMware is an expensive tool, and we are not using the complete platform. We are paying for a tool that we are not fully using. We need a specific tool that provides us with what we need. We have decided to switch to another solution that we are currently evaluating and doing PoCs for because we work on iPads only. I prefer to work with Jamf Pro because it is more specific to working with the iPad features.

Frederik Van Genechten - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of IT at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
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Jan 21, 2021

The initial setup should be simplified. I would like to see further integration suites and user direct using IdPs such as Okta. I would also like proper integration in the field of endpoint security.

Technical Specialist at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
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Jan 16, 2021

The solution needs to offer better training. We need to understand items such as third-party integration capabilities or new features before we start to work on a new implementation. Sometimes, this isn't clear and it can affect our work. The training that is available is quite expensive for us. They need to make it much more reasonable so that we can afford to be properly trained and informed. Technical support needs to be more responsive to our requests. If something happens on a weekend, we won't get any help until at least the next business day.

Jijo_Joseph - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Partner at Digitaiken
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Jan 13, 2021

From an identity perspective, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to integration with other solutions. I would say it needs more capabilities in terms of direct integrations, including cloud identity solution integrations. Other areas of improvement are the synchronization functionality, as well as group management. I believe these areas could do with some polish. But beyond that, I wouldn't say anything else needs to be revamped.

Server Administrator Coordinator at a educational organization with 501-1,000 employees
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Dec 30, 2020

Although it's supposed to be compatible with Chromebooks and Windows, we find that it's quite limited. I think it doesn't work properly with Chromebooks because you need a Google license to manage them. For this reason, we didn't end up using AirWatch with Chromebooks. The overall accuracy could also be improved. It's not accurate enough when it comes to sending items to end-users.

IT Professional at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
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Oct 7, 2020

The reverse proxy is not intuitive and it takes time to get it right, so this is something that can be improved. The cost of this product is a little high and should be reduced. There are a lot of interfaces and components, which makes the setup a little bit complex. If you have a lot of shared devices and want to have a mass deployment, then it is time-consuming to do. They have a feature where you can send out a code for enrollment under VMware, to obtain a user ID, but even with that, it has to be done one by one. You have to go inside and dig out the code, one at a time, and record it. It would be helpful if it generated a report so that you could use it to talk with the team. As it is now, it is not difficult but it could have been done better.

Application Support Specialist at a aerospace/defense firm with 501-1,000 employees
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Sep 30, 2020

The app installer is something that they should really change. It creates a lot of confusion for the user. The app installer will notify you when an update is available, but it doesn't tell you what's going to be installed. So if you tell the user to update, they won't do it because if they look at the app installer, they're going to see that they have the latest version. They also need a different UI for the app installer.

Head Of Information Security at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
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Sep 15, 2020

VMware should develop an integrated platform for their security products to give a singular integrated and holistic view of the devices covered by different security products whether Workspace One or Carbon Black. Should also look at having a common end point agent to be deployed as an added advantage to customers who own both the products Workspace One as well as the recently acquired EDR - Carbon Black. Also, VMware should have a special support package for on premise setups so that the same value is realised by customers similar to cloud based deployment.

Telecoms & Mobile Device Support Analyst at a leisure / travel company with 1,001-5,000 employees
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Sep 8, 2020

The main negative issue is the cost of licensing. In terms of additional features, it's hard to say because I know there are other options out there, add-ons and other things that are within workspace and available,but I haven't had time to investigate. We're not going to be supported after next year.

GM COE at Anuntatech Management Services Ltd
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Sep 6, 2020

Pricing is the only challenge right now. The licensing fee should be simplified a little bit. They have kept too many products as add-ons. These need to be bundled with the low-cost, standard version. This will help customers in adopting this technology at a faster pace.

Real User
Apr 23, 2019

The mobile device repository is somewhat difficult to manage with a large user base. I would like to see support for "remote wipe" in the case device of theft.

Server Administrator Coordinator at a educational organization with 501-1,000 employees
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Top 5Leaderboard
Mar 25, 2019

The accuracy of the management function has room for improvement. It's important to us because sometimes we send a profile to the machine and it's pending but doesn't reach. And we have to go manually and push it. Also, Chromebook management needs a lot to be improved.

it_user898122 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Dec 10, 2018

The solution needs to adapt to the cloud based reality of the current world model. Some customers may have reluctance to this, but it is the next level for all of the big providers. Azure, AWS, and Google are all at the forefront of cloud-based solutions.

Management Trainee at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Real User
Oct 29, 2018

In terms of the inventory management side, as in the invoice management, the stock management and the entire inventory of an organization is lagging a bit in comparison to Blackberry or other EMM solutions.

it_user566739 - PeerSpot reviewer
Product Manager ( HP EG Enterprise ) at Ingram Micro
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Oct 2, 2018

I want to see VMware move the management to the cloud. For now, the management is the premise of our server, but we want to move it to the cloud.

Global Mobility Leader at Honeywell International Inc.
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Aug 26, 2018

AirWatch has all the features. One of the things that I want them to improve on, if possible, is the management of Mac devices, MacBook Pro, for example. They do it, but they have scope for improvement, in my opinion. It's not that it's that bad, it's just a small need. They have set the bar very high already so that's the expectation.

it_user568986 - PeerSpot reviewer
Talent Acquisition Leader at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Aug 16, 2018

The console comes bunched together as a package and inbuilt. Its called Workspace ONE. Whenever we have an issue, we contact the service provider, and instead of a fix, we are just getting the next version of Workspace ONE.

Joseph Ma - PeerSpot reviewer
Solution Sales Supervisor at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
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Jun 19, 2018

MBM/MCM could be improved. MBM can support specific versions of development tools. If VMware would let the customer know this more clearly, we would not need to waste time explaining this and delaying the project. Also, the Content Locker cannot inherit permissions for the Windows Public Folder. If they could integrate with Microsoft on this point, it would be the perfect functionality.

it_user869985 - PeerSpot reviewer
music and programming with 501-1,000 employees
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May 16, 2018

We're unhappy with the quality of support we get for it. We're unhappy with how upgrades occur, so we are migrating away from it. We have an on-premise AirWatch solution and for us to do upgrades we have to call AirWatch to be able to perform the upgrades. They're busy, and scheduling it is not timely enough for us. There are features that we want like the ability to use Derived Credentials and things like that, which we can do with AirWatch, but doing so we move up into a different tier of licensing and the cost increases dramatically. To get the features we want, we can do the same thing with Microsoft Intune and we're going to see a product savings of over $70,000 a year.

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User at Tech Team Technologies
Sep 22, 2022
Hi community,  I work at a computer and network security company. I am currently debating if to migrate from WS1 to Intune. Is it worth migrating from WS1 to Intune if we have Microsoft 365 E3 available?  What are the pros and cons of each solution? Which solution is easier to manage? Thank you for your help.
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Manager, Information Technology Support at Innoveo
Sep 22, 2022
First of all, what is WS1? I think you should have Intune now as part of your E3 subscription (not sure of it, so please check your billing menu). Intune gives you a lot of flexibility to set rules to deploy to systems. 
Netanya Carmi - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 9, 2021
Which would you choose and why?
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Janet Staver - PeerSpot reviewer
Tech Blogger
Nov 9, 2021
VMware Workspace One has a powerful set of helpful features. The solution offers very good documentation, the initial setup is easy, and the product is very stable and reliable. I think the fact that VMware Workspace One provides a simplified administration is a huge advantage for businesses and adds tremendous value. It also takes pressure off of employees and frees up their time for other work priorities, which is a huge benefit. I happen to like the Kiosk Mode feature, which restricts employees or clients to using only the VMware Workspace One application for interactions. By offering only one application, you gain an extra layer of security control. In regards to scalability, I believe it is suitable for both small and large sized companies. Overall, I am impressed with VMware Workspace One, though I do wish they would offer extended device support, especially for IOT things such as SCADA devices. VMware Horizon 7 isn’t as fully mature as VMware Workspace One. It’s comparable in terms of setup and scalability, making it easy to expand to more endpoints. However, it is more pricey and it really shouldn’t be. In contrast to VMware Workspace One, I actually feel that it is lacking in documentation for app settings. Nevertheless, the product seems to work well when it comes to desktop management, specifically when it comes to all the upgrades. It would also be helpful if they had an additional feature like automatic replication of all the stored profiles to avoid having to use third-party tools. Conclusion: Compared to VMware Horizon 7, VMware Workspace One is a solid choice because it doesn’t have bugs or glitches, it does not crash or freeze, it is secure, easy to use, it is centrally managed, and performs well. All of these details make a huge difference to me, and for me VMware Workspace One is a clear winner.
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