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Microsoft Intune and VMware AirWatch; Which do you recommend?

Nurit Sherman - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Operations Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

We had some really interesting answers to this question earlier. 

An IT Central Station community member wrote: "Since these products evolve so rapidly, do you have any more current responses? Or can you point us to specific and fairly detailed comparisons of IBM MaaS360, VM Workspace One (Airwatch) and Microsoft Intune? Thanks very much for your time! --Lee" 

Please share which one you recommend and why.

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Thiago Lima Soneti Da Silva - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi, today my recommendation is still in VM Workspace One. In some cases, you will need more servers to realize this but it permits total flexibility in multiple use cases.

JijoJoseph - PeerSpot reviewer

Which of these two solutions would you recommend for Mobile Device Management? Why?

A: AirWatch, Intune is not matured enough to handle all the policy, platform, at this point in time, maybe future.

One of the major issue to handle wireless policy (certificate base) and missing secure launcher (AirWatch) functionality.

A: AirWatch bundle as Workspace1 (WS1) which can be managed other devices like Laptop desktop (Windows10, MAC).

Are you using a different Mobile Device Management solution? Do you recommend it?

We use Intune but moving to Airwatch

Chethana Chandrasekhar - PeerSpot reviewer
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Microsoft Intune, being a consolidation of advanced management of mobile devices and enterprise apps, appropriates your organisational needs by executing efficient strategies for mobile device and app management controls. Thus, your employees would be able to work with their desired devices and apps along while securing your organizational data.

VMware AirWatch Mobile Device Management solution permits enterprises to overcome the challenges associated with mobility, by rendering efficient and simplified methods to observe and manage all devices from the central admin console. VMware AirWatch with its digital workspace platform Workspace ONE, secures access to apps and IT management for the modern workforce.

The pricing plan of AirWatch incorporates Quote-based as well as Annual subscription while Intune supports Monthly payment. Microsoft Intune supports integration with other Microsoft services such as Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Graph API for workflow tasks automation. VMware AirWatch integrates with existing IT infrastructures and systems, third-party repositories and Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS). Intune supports over a dozen languages while the languages supported by AirWatch are English, German and French. Moreover, Intune comes with an extra option of Live support along with Phone, Ticket & Training as in AirWatch.

According to FinancesOnline reviews, the overall scoring value is higher for Microsoft Intune while AirWatch leads in customer satisfaction.

If you are checking out various Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, here’s an MDM you wouldn’t want to miss.

Jules Jacklin - PeerSpot reviewer

The answer to this depends on many factors...

Have admin'd and had experience with JAMF Pro, Air Watch, Mobile Iron and Meraki in medium to large enterprises. Currently working on project to update a National Jamf Pro EMM for an education client.

If supporting Apple devices in medium > large enterprises, Jamf Pro is the best choice. It's integration with Apple DEP, ASM & Intune is best of breed. JAMF's feature release's is always within a day of Apple releasing new software features and support and their support is exceptional.

Supporting Android and Windows desktops, Airwatch - good product, find release of features into platform a little on the slow side (from an Apple point of view).
Remembering this product does cover many systems, It does a great job.

If security (VPN) is a focus, Mobile Iron... not a fan of UI.

Meraki, excellent little product and pioneered MDM in the early days and is growing to be a mature product - excellent for small to medium.

I've had some exposure to Intune, hopefully they'll focus on developing the product and support, not resting of their laurels of roping a system into place due to ease of licensing and costs...

it_user729492 - PeerSpot reviewer

The differences are very close, Intune cannot push an app to a device. It does it within 8 hours. Some clients need new app versions and upgrades pushed so AirWatch is better. The AirWatch portal is more polished than Intune but that’s more of a tech’s issue and not the customers.

it_user713103 - PeerSpot reviewer

Market leader in MDM is IBM MaaS 360 in terms of maturity and security but depending upon your enterprise preference you can go with InTune or Airwatch. Further to above comments, it depends upon whats your BYOD policy and what types of devices and OS you have to cater with. Additionally, It further depends if there is an ABW (activity-based working) need to fulfill. Microsoft SCCM, Apple JAMF, IBM MaaS 360 or VM Airwatch choice depends upon your technology model / enterprise architecture.

carlos villafane - PeerSpot reviewer
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I would segust FUSION UEM from VXL It has all the latest technology does not matter which OS full support on anything with an endpoint so Mobile devices as PC and laptops easy to use no special training needed install in less than 20 min anything from Android and IOS 4 and opwords and not so expenses as the other brands

it_user689763 - PeerSpot reviewer

Although I never worked with AirWatch nor Intune I would choose AirWatch simply because its an OS independant solution. you can see solutions like BlackBerry and MobileIron working hard to include windows endpoints into their solution and I can't imagine AirWatch isn't doing the same.
I can imagine Intune development being more focused on microsoft, leaving iOS and Android endpoints lacking in the speed of updates.

Key in your decision is knowledge of your MDM/EMM needs. What do you want to achieve, What needs to be managed, what level of security do you really need etc. Get that inventory right and take it from there.

it_user803370 - PeerSpot reviewer

Being an Apple only site we use Jamf Pro. We have found it to be the best solution for our Macs and iOS units. Zero day support for new releases and targeted only for Apple devices.

Rauf Adil - PeerSpot reviewer

If you are developing custom apps: Mobile and Multi Channel using modern app dev tools and technologies and your platforms are not on Microsoft technologies than go with Airwatch, Mobile Iron, IBM Maas 360 degree for MDM. Apperian beats all of them on Mobile Applications Management. If you are a Microsoft shop, InTune may be for you.

Josh Olson - PeerSpot reviewer

It depends on the level of sophistication of your org. If all you are doing is securing mobile email, both tools can help. If you are sophisticated and looking to “move the needle” on productivity gains and lower total cost of ownership, Vmware AirWatch, is leader. You can deliver any app on any device from any cloud to any user type - all with end to end security. PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook - all managed in Workspace ONE. It’s a platform that focuses on the user identity and user experience while maintaining security. It is next gen. Not all companies are innovators and can handle change. Then again, legacy companies that don’t reinvent themselves from time to time can go extinct.

Atul Raizada - PeerSpot reviewer

Enterprises are just not interested in MDM solutions alone, they need holistic solution that meets their Enterprise Security leveraging their existing investments. I have created an interesting technical comparison video at YouTube,

You may find it answer some of your questions.

Chavanne Laurent - PeerSpot reviewer

Budget friendly definitely Maas360 but less reporting
If money is not an issue and you really want detailed report then AirWatch is the way to go



Jan Sysmans - PeerSpot reviewer

Regardless of who you choose, getting the SDK into mobile apps (especially 3rd party mobile apps) is a headache. You can use Appdome to add the AirWatch or Intune SDKs to any Android and iOS app your organization uses, in minutes without coding.

Stuart Mitchell - PeerSpot reviewer

Check this out....

Jeff-Johnson - PeerSpot reviewer

I can't speak to how well VMware AirWatch integrates with Microsoft Intune. But I can say that Jamf's MDM *does* integrate well with Microsoft Intune.

References docs -

Josh Olson - PeerSpot reviewer

You can review Gartner, Forrester and others. Workspace ONE is and has been the leader for last 7-8 years. To do this, the company made a platform that handles more diverse OS options - Mac, Win10, Chrome, iOS, Android, WinCE, etc. it also handles any app from any cloud for all user types - employees, contractors, part time workers, consultants, etc. other MDMs are just MDMs. Workspace ONE is a platform that can integrate with what you have today in IT landscape. It provides way for you to grow and adopt your environment to the ever changing needs of end users. It is industry regulatory compliant which others may not be. Lastly, it has true multi tenancy which allows you to create different apps/ domains/ security configs for each org in your company.

it_user712830 - PeerSpot reviewer

Right now we are trialing SOTI as a dedicated MDM solution since our previous application 2X by Parallels went end of life and they moved into a different market segment! We’d briefly looked at Intune but it was a little too tied up in the MS world and VMware AirWatch is a new one on me (will have to check it out now – thanks ☺).

We’ve been working with Honeywell and their EDA50s as driver hand-held scanners and find it necessary to roll out our own software application to multiple units at the push of a button is important to us as our fleet grows. We also need to use Apps from the play store so again SOTI lets us do that. Their technical support is good and Honeywell are also recommending them as their MDM partner.

Hope this helps in some small way.

Koji Miura - PeerSpot reviewer

That depend on device type and using cloud service.

If you use Office365 and simple profile, Intune is not bad.
But you want to control finely devices, AirWatch is better.

You already buy Office365 licence, Intune is inexpensive.

it_user587799 - PeerSpot reviewer


it_user802875 - PeerSpot reviewer

We have just started implementing Intune as our MDM solution for the school district. I did not evaluate VMware Air Watch or any other MDM solution since we currently had it included in our Office 365 school purchase agreement.

Intune is cumbersome to set up, but it appears to function well once the initial setup was completed.

it_user788808 - PeerSpot reviewer


it_user267498 - PeerSpot reviewer

There are a number of MDM solutions today. It will really boil down to what exactly you need from the MDM and which platforms you will be supporting. Airwatch – while seen as one of the best MDM’s has a licensing scheme that benefits Airwatch. Many of the features might not be needed. And anything touching IOS devices are often at a much more limited feature set. If you want the MDM mostly to support Windows based devices like laptops or tablets, then Intune will be better.

There are others out there as well. If you’re in the ruggedized mobility space, look at SOTI.

it_user804843 - PeerSpot reviewer

Speaking frankly, I’m a Microsoft specialist, so I know Intune. AirWatch I have never used.

A lot of people tell us that Air Watch is a very powerful Service.

But, I think, if your organization has a plans to integrate with O365 And/or On-premise SCCM, Maybe Intune will be better.

In case your organization has experience with AirWatch it is better to use It.

More details You can find here:

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