Looking for best practices on how to implement VMware Workspace ONE securely for remote work

Hello community professionals,

I'm working as the Director of Engineering at an IT & Services company.  

Currently, I'm looking for best practices about VMware Workspace ONE implementation in our organization for remote working from multiple geographical locations.

My use case is as follows: ensure that best practices are implemented and the system is secured for using BYOD.

Can you please share your professional advice on how to approach it?

Thank you!

Director, Engineering at Atlas Systems
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Director of Community at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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Oct 5, 2021

Hello @Frederik Van Genechten, @Jijo_Joseph, @JuanPerez10 ​and @Mitul Rajput ,

Can you please assist with this question?

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User at Tech Team Technologies
May 4, 2023
Hi community,  I work at a computer and network security company. I am currently debating if to migrate from WS1 to Intune. Is it worth migrating from WS1 to Intune if we have Microsoft 365 E3 available?  What are the pros and cons of each solution? Which solution is easier to manage? Thank you for your help.
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Manager, Information Technology Support at Innoveo
Sep 22, 2022
First of all, what is WS1? I think you should have Intune now as part of your E3 subscription (not sure of it, so please check your billing menu). Intune gives you a lot of flexibility to set rules to deploy to systems. 
Dhiraj Verma - PeerSpot reviewer
Global Information Technology Manager at Kaleyra
May 4, 2023
If you are only using Windows, it will be a great decision. However, if you are using Mac and Linux you will still need WS1 /JAMF or any other MDM solutions. Intune has extensive capacities on Windows but limited capabilities on MAC.  My suggestion will be  MAC - WS1/JAMF  Windows : Intune Compliance check: Intune for the entire fleet. This will allow you to leverage the conditional access capabilities of Azure AD.  
Content Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 9, 2021
Which would you choose and why?
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Janet Staver - PeerSpot reviewer
Tech Blogger
Nov 9, 2021
VMware Workspace One has a powerful set of helpful features. The solution offers very good documentation, the initial setup is easy, and the product is very stable and reliable. I think the fact that VMware Workspace One provides a simplified administration is a huge advantage for businesses and adds tremendous value. It also takes pressure off of employees and frees up their time for other work priorities, which is a huge benefit. I happen to like the Kiosk Mode feature, which restricts employees or clients to using only the VMware Workspace One application for interactions. By offering only one application, you gain an extra layer of security control. In regards to scalability, I believe it is suitable for both small and large sized companies. Overall, I am impressed with VMware Workspace One, though I do wish they would offer extended device support, especially for IOT things such as SCADA devices. VMware Horizon 7 isn’t as fully mature as VMware Workspace One. It’s comparable in terms of setup and scalability, making it easy to expand to more endpoints. However, it is more pricey and it really shouldn’t be. In contrast to VMware Workspace One, I actually feel that it is lacking in documentation for app settings. Nevertheless, the product seems to work well when it comes to desktop management, specifically when it comes to all the upgrades. It would also be helpful if they had an additional feature like automatic replication of all the stored profiles to avoid having to use third-party tools. Conclusion: Compared to VMware Horizon 7, VMware Workspace One is a solid choice because it doesn’t have bugs or glitches, it does not crash or freeze, it is secure, easy to use, it is centrally managed, and performs well. All of these details make a huge difference to me, and for me VMware Workspace One is a clear winner.
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