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What needs improvement with PegaRULES?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with PegaRULES.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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reviewer1361703 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We would like to have a better ability to customize PegaRULES. In Pega, it is very important to have good overall system performance. As such, the performance should be improved. Better automation would be helpful because I would like to see all of the manual intervention removed.

reviewer1317294 - PeerSpot reviewer
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From a room for improvement point of view, what I've seen is that many customers want solutions that directly meet their requirements so while Pega has somewhat vertical solutions on Pega customer service and sales automation, industry and customer experts expect more out-of-box solutions to be readily available on Pega. It is the same for additional features - the customer expects more business solutions to be directly available on Pega. For example, when I say business solutions, Pega could have a business solution on customer service, a business solution on sales automation. Pega may not have a proper business solution for LOS, or Loan Origination System. These are common business solutions which could be made available in the solution, it would be very good if they could focus on the direct business solutions which customers expect over here.

Björn Podlaha - PeerSpot reviewer
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PEGA claims that they provide a LOW-CODE-PLATFORM which is easy to use - even for "citizen developers" (i.e. business employees). bla bla. If you really want to use all the features out of this platform, you definitely need a lot of experience and a lot of training. In all of my projects there were many obstacles to solve which weren't simple and which could not be solved by "citizen developers" but only by Lead System Architects with 5+ years of PEGA experience. You can compare PEGA with SAP - if you really know how to use both of them, it can make the difference. If you are only interested in developing automated micro services / processes, than there are far better options. I would like to have a lightweight version of the solution, something like Appian or Outsystems that is much more focussed on process core features. If you set up your first projects and you see that you need more functionalities, than it would be great to upgrade to the PEGA platform. For me PEGA is sometimes like the MS Office package. In the past you had the core functionalities like Word and Excel, and you were fine with that. Now you have a complete suite starting from SharePoint and Teams and whatever, but in most cases you don't need all the features because you just have a certain purpose where you need the best software. CONCLUSION: The PEGA platform is an outstanding product for those companies that are really willing to use it as a BPM PLATFORM throughout the whole company. The many features and OOTB functionalities makes it very valuable for many different use cases. Those companies that are willing to setup a BPM program for a couple of years will definitely benefit from PEGA.

Oleskii Duritsyn - PeerSpot reviewer
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The solution needs to invest more in its technology. For public and private clouds, for example, the development environment is slow. Saving events should take one to two seconds, max, and because you are making changes often, the slowness cuts down on productivity because we have to wait for things to save before continuing. The UI could be slightly improved.

reviewer895692 - PeerSpot reviewer

The UI needs improvement. The product itself does not have too many issues, but implementing Pega solutions is a bit of a challenge due to the way code is handled, and in general the quality of partners available with Pega specialisation could be improved.

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