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SCCM vs BigFix: what are pros and cons?

Hello peers,

I am working as an IT member at a research company with 200 employees (at most).

I am looking at the pros and cons of SCCM and BigFix software. 

At the moment, we are using BigFix just for updating and I think if we switch to SCCM that would be a more complicated and costly solution because of my company's infrastructure and requirements.

What is your professional recommendation for me? Is SCCM going to bring unnecessary workload for a small company, such as mine? Also, is it worth choosing SCCM over BigFix based on its features, budget, etc?

Thank you!

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Kumar Mahadevan - PeerSpot reviewer
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SCCM is very robust but you need more time and people to manage it. 

For a company of 200 employees only can use something easier to manage such as PDQ deployment S/W. it's a lot cheaper and easier to manage.


Kirk Stephen - PeerSpot reviewer

We have 1500 users and even with a reasonable sized support team we find SCCM difficult to manage. I haven't experienced the other solutions, but I suspect you will be better placed with an alternative to SCCM.

AJITH H G - PeerSpot reviewer

SCCM is ok when you have a bigger environment.

John Rendy - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5LeaderboardConsultant

Before answering to your needs, we need to understand that there are two distinctive features from SCCM and BigFix.

SCCM since 2020 has stopped its support for Linux Patching, so in its entirety, if you are only using Windows, you might consider SCCM. It still support Mac with basic features, but it depends on your requirements. Again, the operation with SCCM is also not easy at all.

Bigfix on the other side is a solution to manage different types of OS, as we say it distributed environment. Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Bigfix is mainly used in large companies with more than 1000+ employees. It is not cheap as Bigfix is a robust enterprise solution.

You might want to consider other automated patch management tools such as LANDesk or Managed Engine which has been seen in deployment in smaller enterprises.



Muhammad Waseem - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi Ihsan, 

Hope you are doing well, As per my experience to deploy SCCM for 200 users is not worth it, you want to be blessed use Quest product KACE System Management Appliance, easy to manage and upgrade (patching/managing end point managing and many more). 


Thank you. 

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