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Dynatrace and New Relic: Room for improvement?

Avigail Sugarman - PeerSpot reviewer
Community Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

If you were in the room with the product manager from dynaTrace and New Relic and could give them advice on how to improve their solutions, what areas for improvement would you target?

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it_user138303 - PeerSpot reviewer

Hi Kristof,

I'm aware of the Tibco EMS update, but it still doesn't address what I want. I like to see all individual messages arrived to and depart from the EMS bus. Tibco Hawk, RTView etc are not able to give insights into the individual messages. Everything is being totalled. Now there is no agent you can install on the EMS bus where the JVM is used for sending the messages. What you mean is: if there are two components on both ends of the EMS bus and you can install an DT agent on it than you can track and trace the message across the chain. If both ends consists of Tibco BusinessWork components , it depends on which version of dynaTrace is used in collaboration with the version of the JMS; everything before JMS version 1.0 was/is not supported. Also the wired/unwired way of processing on the Tibco BW influences if you need to stitch the traffic or not.

Kind Regards,

Stephen Tittel

it_user133752 - PeerSpot reviewer


Tibco EMS will be supported in the upcoming dynaTrace release, as well as selective fix pack installation.


it_user138303 - PeerSpot reviewer

Regarding dynaTrace:

To enable track and tracing of individual messages on Tibco EMS. Now it is not possible.
to split total end user response times into individual tibco service messages request and its related response time
to deploy patches and fixed to selected DT agents instead of all dynaTrace agents
to set up an eco system just like AppDynamics

Kind regards,

Stephen Tittel

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