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How does Solarwinds NPM compare with Dynatrace?

Hi community,

I work at a Healthcare company with 5K+ employees.

Currently, I'm looking for an APM solution.

We already have Solarwinds for network monitoring but I have read and heard from colleagues that Dynatrace is an outstanding product (the head of our development team swears by it).  

The Network Operations team already has experience with Solarwinds (good and bad) and I am concerned with bringing another product into our environment for monitoring a different component of our infrastructure.

Please share your experience and advice about Dynatrace.

Thanks for the help!

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22 Answers

David Fourie - PeerSpot reviewer
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Dynatrace is the leader in the APM market with reason, it is well worth giving it a decent evaluation for full end-to-end monitoring of infrastructure and code.

Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi @Michael Bruen ​,

Probably, the below data has already been published on PeerSpot and can help you identify the difference.

Hope this helps. Please kindly share your views.

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