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What is RadView WebLOAD?

RadView WebLOAD is an enterprise-scale load testing solution that enables your organization to simulate massive user loads and understand how your application, servers, database, and other components behave to identify bottlenecks. The solution allows you to easily and rapidly record sessions and turn them into robust test scripts that you can execute in a variety of realistic runtime scenarios. RadView WebLOAD is capable of generating reliable and real-life load scenarios even for the most complex systems. It supports Windows and Linux OS systems, and is suitable for organizations of all sizes. 

RadView WebLOAD Features

RadView WebLOAD has many valuable key features. Some of the most useful ones include:

  • IDE: IDE full form is an integrated development environment that helps users edit and debug load scripts.
  • Load generation: RadView WebLOAD’s load generation feature generates load from on-premise and the cloud.
  • Correlation: RadView WebLOAD offers automatic connection of the dynamic values such as session IDs and allows a script to be executed dynamically with many virtual clients.
  • Analytics: With the solution’s analytics, you gain access to a set of predefined analysis reports that provides performance data.
  • Performance Measurements Manager (PMM): The integrated PMM collects server-side information throughout test runs.
  • Web dashboard: With RadView WebLOAD’s web dashboard, test results can be executed from any web browser. 
  • Code-free parameterization: RadView WebLOAD turns recorded values into dynamic parameters, including date, time, input files, random strings, and more. These values are automatically populated at runtime to create richer testing scenarios.
  • Intelligent validation logic: You can define validation criteria, like expected page title, size, and content, in order to validate business transactions. You can also write custom code in JavaScript that can later be reused across your test library.

RadView WebLOAD Benefits

There are many benefits to implementing RadView WebLOAD. Some of the biggest advantages the solution offers include:

  • Easy to get started: RadView WebLOAD’s test development environment combines the ease of recording with the power of JavaScript. To get started, users simply need to navigate through the application using a web browser or a mobile device. WebLOAD captures your actions and automatically translates them into a test script. 
  • Realistic load scenarios: RadView WebLOAD gives you the ability to simulate realistic and varied load conditions for an unlimited number of users. By using the load scenarios, you can define a variety of scripts, browsers, network characteristics, and schedules in a single test run. Virtual users have a very small footprint to optimize hardware usage.
  • Actionable intelligence: RadView WebLOAD transforms client and server-side data collected during test execution into actionable intelligence. You can use the data to improve the performance of your application. In addition, RadView WebLOAD provides a comprehensive view of performance at the level of the system, transaction, component, and end user. 
  • Mobile recording and playback: You can test your applications in mobile, multi-device environments and can also record directly from the mobile device or from a simulator. During test execution, you can mix different browser types and connection speeds to accurately simulate real conditions.

Reviews from Real Users

PeerSpot user Todd S., Test Team Lead at Medtronic, Inc., says, "The most valuable aspect is that the IDE is simple and it's quick to complete the process." He also adds, “It's very stable.”

RadView WebLOAD Customers

GoDaddy, Praxair, DeVry University and the College Board.

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Buyer's Guide
Download our free Performance Testing Tools Report and find out what your peers are saying about Radview, Apache, Micro Focus, and more!
Updated: November 2022
Buyer's Guide
Download our free Performance Testing Tools Report and find out what your peers are saying about Radview, Apache, Micro Focus, and more!