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Does Compuware have a manual testing solution? Which manual testing solutions should we be considering?

We're looking into manual testing solutions, does Compuware have one? How does it compare to other solutions and are there others we should be considering?

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Aug 14, 2014

Just to confirm question does Compuware have test management tool - answer is no any more. The Manual test tools were sold to Micro Focus in 2009 along with functional & performance automation tools and requirements management. Extract from article - "Compuware has focused its efforts recently on application performance monitoring products. In May 2009, the company sold off its software quality testing tools to Micro Focus to concentrate on application performance and IT portfolio management products." Refer to article http://www.techweb.com/news/217300557
To understand how the tooling has moved forward please review information on www.microfocus.com or www.borland.com

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Aug 10, 2014

Based on your question you will need to define your approach by gaining some context of the needs required for your organisation a suggested approach if in the process of selecting a tool; i.e. Perform a POC (Proof of Concept)

1. Define your methodology being used, as all the above tools mentioned would be able to assiste where applicable to your methodology and environment to be used in.

2. If you already have tools you will need to define your requirements as per the tools these are your needs finding requirements, the what the how and why.

3. Budget as per the above tools mentioned may be a factor as the decision to wholly go with one tool to rule them all approach may or may not work (big bang), you may need one or more tools to support your needs as apart of your discovery process for the needs finding exercise.

4. Why have you decided on compuware is there already a version of the platform being utilised in your organisation if so, the requirement for a POC would be irrelevant and you just upgrade and go with what works for your environment needs.

To help you completely in your question we are lacking context of what your needs are in your exclusive environment we can suggest many tools based on your question, but with compuware you need to assess if not already implemented a structured implementation approach to get best results.

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Product Manager at Compuware
Aug 8, 2014

Compuware does offer testing solutions for Debugging, Fault Analysis, Automated Testing, Code Coverage, Test Data Optimization... but primarily for mainframe applications. Could you give a few details about the environment, that would help.

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Aug 7, 2014

I hope following points would helpful to you.

1. Compuware has manual testing solution.
2. Compuware’s current offering scores were consistently just below average across manual testing, test automation, and test management.
3. The greatest strength of its test management solution is its built-in support for Compuware’s risk-based testing methodology. But this solution is a disorderly collection of modules for test management, issue management, and requirements management, only some of which have Web interfaces.
4. The solution lacks features that are crucial to large-scale test management efforts, such as support for a wide range of workflows and powerful reporting capabilities.
5. These features are available only through Compuware CARS(Compuware Application Reliability Solution), a combined services and tools offering.
6. Compuware’s test automation tool tries to serve two audiences — technical and nontechnical testers — but does not do enough to meet the needs of either.
7. Fortunately, Compuware’s product strategy includes concrete and much-needed enhancements to its test automation tool and the life-cycle integration of its overall functional testing solution.
8. These enhancements will help Compuware keep pace with the competition, but they won’t move it into a leadership position.

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Security Expert at a tech services company
Aug 7, 2014

I'm not familiar with this product , however I have used the IBM rational, this questions is rather general as you can see by the answers, it has been my experience when I perform code review for manual dynamic or static analysis I have found IDA Pro to work well with some open source tool sets. neither of which works on automation. the key to this question is what platform are you using? My experience is in web applications, security driven. I hope this helps

it_user145521 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at a tech company with 51-200 employees
Aug 7, 2014

Does Compuware have a manual testing solution? YES

Which manual testing solutions should we be considering ?
1) What are you testing : WEB Solutions , Security, ERP solutions , Main Frame, Code , etc...
2) Web based or standalone testing tool : That is webbased accessed from anywhere or LIC based application installed on very machine ; How many Users will be using it ?
3) What is your Budget
4) would you be requiring AUTOMATION testing at some point
4) Would you be requiring Performance or Load / Stress testing at any point ?

There are many solutions out there:
Testing tools fall in either of these categories
1) An application to Manage testing , Manual or automated : TO build test scripts and execute and store results them in one system . EX HP ALM
2) Automated testing : That is an record and play test functionality for automation : SELENIUM, RATIONAL , COMPUWARE
3) Performance and Load testing : This is to understand how application performs under heavy traffic. COMPUWARE, HP , LOAD RUNNER , EMPIRIX

then based on what you are testing and what type of IT SHOP you already exist , that is Mainframes, Windows or UNIX...one can leverage on the Vendor for better licensee cost.

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Aug 7, 2014

What specifically do you want to manually test?

Jun 23, 2014


I haven't worked with tools from Compuware, therefore I would like to suggest HP Quality Center as a tool for manual testing.

Four years ago I began using it, and it has been one of the best tools that I ever

There are plenty of tools on the market, but in my opinion the quality comes from the tester itself.

Best Regards,
Sanja Peternel

it_user134010 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jun 20, 2014

You should consider the following questions:

What do you want to test? GUI or non-GUI? Are we talking about functional test?
Do you plan on automating parts of it later on?
Are you planning on mixing the execution of automated and manual tests?
And these question are the simple ones.
What are your budgets? people, time and money.
Do you have access to technical or business personal?

I would then choose Tosca Testsuite, Selenium or QC - or even a mix. These are three different tools, which will meet different requirements. If you have more detailed requirements let us know.

it_user129477 - PeerSpot reviewer
Performance Tester/QA at Tata Consultancy Services
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Jun 18, 2014

For manual testing, I would suggest QC which is most widely used. It can
also be merged with other HP tools. LR and UFT. But its costly. Another tool that is quite in use is IBM rational Manual tester. This tool is also quite good.

Don't have much idea on the manual testing part.

it_user19185 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jun 18, 2014

IF you mean tools to automate your current manual regression testing, there are many. Compuware is one of many. If you are talking about a vendor that does testing either as a service or brought in there are also many.
I can advise once you respond to the above

Brian D. Lynch

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Engineer at Oracle
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Jun 18, 2014

Which application are you trying to automate or trying to find out a manual testing solution for? Compuware looks like it has Mainframe testing solution. As far as Functional Regression Testing (FRT) is concerned, there are wide range of products available in the market for the automation needs. People will choose them depending on the following priority...1)How good the tool identifies our Application Under Test, its frequency of testing and Maintenance.(2) What is our Money Budget,(3) What is our Time Budge,(4) How will be the Support from the Vendor,(5).Availability of Resource pool and training.

If we take points (1),(3),(4) and (5) mentioned above, tools people will be going for is HP Products QTP for FRT and LoadRunner for LoadTest but now a good tool nearly comparable to these products is in market, is OATS with the only drawback of, (4), But its not difficult to overcome that.

If we Look into point (1),(2),(3) people tend to select Selenium, RFT.

For me the Best Tool now in the market to go to for web application testing are QTP, OATS and Selenium.

Please post you requirements so that a more lucid and informative conclusions can be made.

If you are really searching for some Mainframe testing Stuff (Inferred form ur ref to Compuware) this is an inappropriate answer.

it_user114912 - PeerSpot reviewer
Chief Revenue Officer at a tech vendor
Jun 18, 2014

If this is a web based application, manual testing will have to be performed each time to continually detect regression, results collected and sorted to render patterns and history with enough information to pass to development to communicate the issue. You might look for a tool that enables manual testers, without even programming skills, to capture steps in very small sets, assembling them where the small atomic scripts are much more easily maintained, so that tests run more consistently, faster and more frequently. Are you stuck using only that vendor's tools or can you use something more modern, productive and effective?

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Netanya Carmi - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
May 18, 2022
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Janet Staver - PeerSpot reviewer
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May 17, 2022
Performance issues and website crashes can cause constant disruptions or major disasters for your organization. In order to prevent them, you need a performance testing tool. Performance testing is necessary to check the behavior of an application across various situations. A system can work effectively with a particular number of concurrent users, but might become dysfunctional during peak traffic. However, if you are using a performance testing tool, this helps establish speed, scalability, and stability. Because performance testing tools create better website speed, it helps keep customers more engaged. If your website or application tends to be slow and lousy, it's unlikely that you will draw a good audience and more likely that customers will turn to your competitor instead. More important than keeping customers engaged, good website performance leads to increased revenue. Essentially, by implementing a good performance testing tool, you are setting your organization up for success. Performance testing tools are particularly important in helping to resolve glitches and eliminate bottlenecks. By using a performance testing tool, areas that cause bugs or other problems can be identified and remedied by notifying the dev team promptly. In addition, for obvious reasons, you want your application to work at all times. However, there are times when your organization will experience downtime, and it can be extremely costly. With a performance testing tool, though, stress tests are performed to help ensure stability. Enterprises across different industries often require their websites, web apps & mobile apps to perform seamlessly. In order to do so, performance testing tools should be implemented. Another good thing about performance testing tools is that you can find both commercial options as well as open-source ones. Most of them have features for extensive test automation to save time. Additionally, performance testing tools are generally very easy to download and set up. Furthermore, performance testing tools offer a host of useful features. Some of these include report generation, multithreading, log debugging, and sampling. Most solutions also support Web UI and API services and can read test data from Excel files. Whatmore is the solutions usually don’t require a lot of resources. For example, tests can be run with a normal PC. Some are even very customizable, allowing you to use your own Java code, while others can run from a console without any user interface. And for when it’s necessary, most performance testing tools offer documentation available online. Employing performance testing tools is a must — whether it is for a mobile app or a desktop application. Aside from offering scalability and speed, performance testing tools are reliable and robust, and have impeccable detection capabilities. If you are undecided and not sure if you need to use a performance testing tool because you think you can get off easy by doing things manually, you may want to think again. Either way, investing in a performance testing tool is certainly a good choice.
Ravi Suvvari - PeerSpot reviewer
Performance and Fault-tolerance Architect with 1,001-5,000 employees
May 18, 2022
It depends on various factors you test, how long, how many times, ROI, number of controllers needed, cloud support, budgets, protocols or bundles needed.
Netanya Carmi - PeerSpot reviewer
Content Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
May 17, 2022
2 out of 5 answers
Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of Community at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
May 11, 2022
Hi @KashifJamil, @Ravi Suvvari , @David Collier ​and @reviewer1322280, Can you please share your professional opinion?  Thanks.
David Collier - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Founder at Nobius IT
May 11, 2022
Hi all, I'm afraid the question is rather too generic, but I'll try and provide some pointers. First we need to understand what you mean by "performance testing". To a network manager, they are interested in how quickly, efficiently and securely a packet of data travels from point A to point B on a network. To an application manager, they are interested in how quickly, efficiently and securely a person can complete a unit of work using a given application. To a DBA, it's how quickly, efficiently and securely data can be accessed and stored. To a server manager they're interested in how quickly, efficiently and securely data can be processed. Possibly more relevant in this instance is the needs of the application developer / application tester. To a developer, they are interested in understanding how their application will perform under various loads. An application is likely to perform differently under different loads. For instance, a web application with 2 users is going to behave differently than if it has 2 million users. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that understanding your potential user base should influence server, network, database design in the first place. Effectively, they all want to optimise speed, efficiency and security - and also COST in order to deliver the best outcome for the business they are supporting. From this common set of requirements their needs diverge rapidly into a massive variety of metrics that need to be collected. As you can see it's a VAST area for discussion. With such a variety of requirements it's probably impossible to name a single product that can meet ALL requirements of ALL interested parties. This very site has a good report https://www.peerspot.com/landi... that outlines application performance testing solutions. These range from free, open source solutions all the way through to enterprise class solutions. As an ex-Micro Focus employee, I can only comment on LoadRunner. It's probably one of, if not the leading enterprise solutions out there. It supports a variety of application protocols and can simulate many many simultaneous users. I also understand that some of the simulation scripts in LoadRunner can be used by other MicroFocus tools to monitor application performance when live. However, my main point remains. You need to understand performance at all levels of service delivery not just the application code. This may mean instrumenting code, network probes, database analytics, server performance monitoring and so forth to get a complete picture. This is where cost comes to bear. Instrumenting every layer of service delivery is a complex process resulting in massive amounts of data collection and processing. The overhead of managing this data collection can be prohibitive. And this is where I learned a lesson from an old boss who told me..... "We can instrument the application, we can put network probes everywhere, we can setup monitoring tools. It'll take us a year, cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds to find out where the problem really is. We've got an application we've written with 120 users that runs like a sloth on sleeping tablets. I've ordered a new server with faster CPU's, SSD disks and more and faster memory. It's arriving in 2 weeks and costing me £15k". I replied that he's simply sweeping the problem under the carpet and not fixing the root cause of the issue. His reply to me was simply "I know. I'm simply making an inefficient system be inefficient faster. And by doing that, I'm saving £200k and improving things inside a month." My point here: his priority was to get 120 people doing their given units of work faster and as quickly as possible which was different to the "techie" need to define efficiency in terms of maximm throughput for least usage of resources. Performance testing in time of development is very important, performance monitoring in live operation is critical. The solutions to problems though don't always need to be more testing. Just my 50p worth. Dave..
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