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What is Jidoka RPA?

Jidoka is a software platform based on RPA technology (Robotic Process Automation) that makes use of existing applications simulating the actions of a human agent but adding speed and reliability to business processes. Jidoka frees up people from monotonous and error prone tasks so they can dedicate to more value-added work, keeping the processes with continuous 24x7x365 activity without errors.

The Jidoka robots are being used effectively in companies in various sectors and sizes with applications in fields as diverse as:

• CRM (client data, contact updates, etc.).
• Invoicing.
• Accounting and bank conciliation.
• Claims processing.
• HR management.
• Loan managing.
• Inventory management and logistics.
• Regulatory compliance.
• Competitive monitoring.
• Corporate reporting and dashboards.
• Data migration.

Jidoka RPA Customers
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