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Appian RPA
Ranking in Process Automation
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (39th)
Ranking in Process Automation
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Managed File Transfer (MFT) (2nd), Workload Automation (1st)

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As of July 2024, in the Process Automation category, the mindshare of Appian RPA is 0.2%, up from 0.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Control-M is 4.4%, up from 4.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Process Automation
Unique Categories:
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Managed File Transfer (MFT)
Workload Automation

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Jul 26, 2022
Creates cost-efficiencies, saves time on scheduling and data efficiency, and provides better data management
* The monitoring * Workflows * Production * Scheduling the shifts * Timeframes for specific roles and management Time differences are important because we have some overseas clients. That is why we are using Batch Impact Manager for the Control-M, which is very helpful for us. It detects potential blocks in advance, delays, and errors. That helps us to optimize the scheduling, then the batch workload processing as well. It is pretty easy to create, integrate, and automate data pipelines. It is user-friendly, not rocket science. That is what I like about the Control-M, and specifically Batch Impact Manager. You will need some orientation and need to know what you are doing if you are integrating your system, and this solution makes it easier. We use Control-M Python Client and cloud data service integrations with GCP, which is pretty hassle-free. There aren't any problems or compliance issues. It is pretty easy to retrieve the data, do conversions, etc. They are on-time, and there is not much of a delay. The engineers on our team say that it is pretty easy to build, test and promote data workflows with the data coding language integrated into Control-M through the Control-M automation API. The ease of integration is eight out of 10. Python is the main language that our database managers and data engineers are using along with some other languages. The Control-M interface is user-friendly and easy to use. Orientation-wise, it is easy for data engineers to adapt.

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"We have a five-year contract with task-based licensing."
"We have a license till 2024. We are good and satisfied with it."
"Cost-wise, it is good."
"The pricing is reasonable. It's not an exorbitant amount. The licensing is pretty reasonable for the number of jobs that we run."
"The price is right because of the licensing schema, which is based on nodes and processes. You purchase what you use, no more and no less, and you can grow with time."
"We are paying way more for Control-M than we've paid for any of our other scheduling tools."
"This is an area where it is a little difficult to work with BMC. They want to do licenses by job, which is what we have. For example, the simplest is to license by job, but they can also license by nodes. While the licensing is simple to use, it might not be the correct licensing model for the customer. It is okay because we want to license by job, which is something measurable. At the end of the day, licensing by job is the most important."
"There are human costs in addition to the standard pricing and licensing of this solution."
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How does Control-M compare with AutoSys Workload Automation?
Control-M acts as a single, centralized interface for monitoring and managing all batch processes, which is helpful because nothing gets left unattended since it is all visible in one place, and th...
What do you like most about Control-M?
First of all, the shift from manual to automation has been valuable. We have a tool that can automate.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Control-M?
The license models are quite good. They provided me with clear visibility about the pricing plan. There is a pricing plan per user or you can buy the perpetual license for data. Currently, we have ...

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Jidoka RPA
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