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Salesforce Service Cloud
Ranking in CRM Customer Engagement Centers
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Help Desk Software (7th), Knowledge Management Software (3rd), IT Alerting and Incident Management (6th)
ServiceNow Customer Service...
Ranking in CRM Customer Engagement Centers
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Customer Experience Management (2nd)

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the CRM Customer Engagement Centers category, the mindshare of Salesforce Service Cloud is 17.4%, up from 8.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of ServiceNow Customer Service Management is 8.7%, up from 1.1% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
CRM Customer Engagement Centers
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Help Desk Software
Knowledge Management Software
Customer Experience Management

Featured Reviews

Joanna Hindle - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 18, 2023
Streamlining customer service operations with its centralized platform and offering robust case management, contributing to improved efficiency and enhanced customer support
Our use case revolves around managing licensing and ensuring that our partner companies, specifically resellers, have the appropriate access. We utilize the platform to monitor and organize information about their prospects The centralized infrastructure offers significant advantage. The most…
Dec 5, 2023
A scalable cloud solution for government workflow
We use the solution as a government workflow solution The solution improves the workflow and business process automatically. The previous method was not as automated and efficient. Workflow management is the most important feature. The solution could improve its integration. I have been using…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"In terms of visibility to my boss and the team, it does help a lot."
"The most valuable feature of Salesforce Service Cloud is its ease of use."
"The three major pillars of Salesforce Service Cloud are the SSL, Chatter, and the Dispatcher Console, which routes calls to the technicians."
"The most valuable feature of the solution is the traceability of actions."
"The solution is a great product. It's hosted on a platform that offers various features, such as email, social media, phone calls, and chatbots. You can connect with customers through any of these channels."
"There is an out-of-the-box feature for reporting and analytics"
"The interface is quite user-friendly."
"It's a cloud tool, so it is easy to set up."
"We can integrate different technologies in ServiceNow Customer Service Management. An organization would like to offer a digital transformative experience to its employees and customers, which the tool can offer. It can be integrated with any external system. There are also automation possibilities."
"The product provides flexibility in managing and categorizing the incidents."
"Overall, I like the workflow capabilities, orchestration, and integration with existing business apps. The product is awesome in terms of capabilities."
"What I like best about ServiceNow Customer Service Management is that it's a good tool. I like how fast it is and that it's cloud-based. I also like that it's very easy to use. ServiceNow Customer Service Management has minimum options, for example, column options and tab options when compared to other solutions, which makes it easier to use over others."
"Our organization has received excellent tech support for ServiceNow Customer Service Management."
"The setup phase of the solution was straightforward...Regarding the product's user interface, there is an in-built portal developed by ServiceNow, which is good."
"The tool's most valuable feature is the service portal."
"One of the solution's most valuable features is its integration with the ITSM suite. When you acquire it, you also get access to incident and problem management from ITSM. This allows you to register a ticket in the product to work with the end user while using ITSM to handle the internal resolution process."


"The pricing of the solution can be made cheaper."
"The pricing for what Salesforce Service Cloud offers is not great."
"I would like to add some bot features."
"I'm not deeply engaged with this team, so I don't have extensive experience with it. As you mentioned, I haven't used it much yet, so my experience is limited."
"It is kind of a struggle to get a report that shows something you want it to show."
"The solution’s user interface could be improved and enhanced."
"Salesforce Service Cloud's report functionality could be improved."
"Salesforce should include maps as a default offering so that, as a customer, I can view where the technician is on the geographical map."
"ServiceNow Customer Service Management works fine for me, for now, so there isn't any room for improvement I see in it. In the next release of the tool, I'd like users to be able to download all reports because as a user, I can only download a limited number of reports from ServiceNow Customer Service Management, but my management team can do so. I'm unsure if it's a feature that's included in the tool or not."
"The product lacks customization capabilities. In the future, the product should include more options for customization to be able to meet the demands of the customers."
"One area for improvement would be integrating IVR systems. Many customers need the ticketing solution and a native IVR system within the same platform. ServiceNow Customer Service Management doesn't offer an IVR solution that works natively or comes in the same package. Customers often have to integrate their IVR with third-party solutions like Twilio. However, the agreement between ServiceNow and Twilio ended some months ago, making it more challenging to integrate IVR functionalities."
"The solution seems to be moving towards low-code/no-code technology. It is a negative aspect of my experience with the product. It also needs to introduce a clearer pricing structure."
"The pricing must be more flexible."
"The price could be better. ServiceNow should price products more reasonably."
"The product does not cater to businesses of every scale and budget."
"The product's AI feature should be improved."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The licensing is flexible. Companies pay for what they use. However, a company with very small needs might find it difficult to justify the cost. Overall, it's in the medium price range."
"The price is too expensive."
"The solution is priced at 50 dollars a month per user."
"I believe that in our country, Colombia, we utilize this platform for the Latin American region. In terms of expenses, it's somewhat higher compared to other products. I would rate it as expensive and nine out of ten."
"The price of the solution depends on how many users need access to it"
"The product is expensive. There is a need to make yearly payments towards the licensing costs attached to the product."
"Salesforce is not a cheap product. It can be expensive."
"The tool is pretty expensive."
"ServiceNow Customer Service Management is expensive. It's one of the most costly CSM options in the marketplace."
"The product has a premium price"
"I rate the tool's pricing a six out of ten."
"I rate the product's pricing a five on a scale of one to ten, where one is cheap, and ten is expensive. The solution is neither cheap nor expensive."
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Questions from the Community

What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Salesforce Service Cloud?
Salesforce Service Cloud is a highly expensive solution. I would rate the pricing an eight out of ten. The price is justified by the reputation of the vendor.
What needs improvement with Salesforce Service Cloud?
There are some issues with backend connectivity in Salesforce Service Cloud. For example, connecting it with your phone is troublesome. I expect the backend issues with the solution to get resolved...
What is your primary use case for Salesforce Service Cloud?
Salesforce Service Cloud is used in our organization at the contact center and for presales working processes. The solution enhances customer support in our company by connecting to CRM solutions a...
What do you like most about ServiceNow Customer Service Management?
We can integrate different technologies in ServiceNow Customer Service Management. An organization would like to offer a digital transformative experience to its employees and customers, which the ...
What needs improvement with ServiceNow Customer Service Management?
The pricing must be more flexible. The vendor could provide some modules with limited features for a lower price.

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