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Qualys VM vs Tenable SC comparison

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Qualys VM vs. Tenable SC
May 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Qualys VM vs. Tenable SC and other solutions. Updated: May 2022.
609,272 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The integrations for this solution are very good. I use a different product for virtual patching of vulnerabilities and Qualys integrates well with that product.""Qualys VM had a recent upgrade and the newer version is supporting the cloud.""There are many features. Its reliability, ease of installation, ease of use, and the richness of the information provided are the most valuable features.""Great web application security for scanning.""I like Qualys because it is a very complete product, more so than Tenable.""Qualys VM's most valuable feature is automatic detection.""The initial setup was good. We didn't have any problems with it.""Qualys VM's best feature is vulnerability management."

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"The feature we've liked most recently was being able to take the YARA rules from FireEye and put them into Tenable's scan for the most recent SolarWinds exploit. That was really useful.""We use Tenable to scan all of our environments and plugins for vulnerabilities. Tenable helps us discover network vulnerabilities to threats and piracy.""The usability is really good. It's very easy to use and a good platform. It is scalable and very stable. The technical support is fine and the setup is super easy.""Very customizable with a lot of templates.""Their overall cost of service is pretty good.""I found the dashboard features very useful. It made it easy to track remediation progress. I could publish dashboards to remediation teams and track the progress on the dashboards.""I find Tenable SC to be a very scalable product.""It's a very useful tool."

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"Qualys VM should improve its methodology.""Could use additional security for the app.""Reports were lacking somewhat on the customization side.""Qualys VM's scanner doesn't pick up every vulnerability, so we have to use multiple scanners to cover that gap.""The reporting and dashboards could improve in Qualys VM. However, they have improved since the previous versions.""Sometimes we face a problem with accessing the tool and not getting an expected result. From a technology point of view, they need to look into this.""Sometimes the scanning can get overwhelmed and start to drag when a lot of users are trying to scan at once.""Endpoint stability and fault resolution could be improved."

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"I think the vendor training provided for could be a lower price. It's quite expensive for the training.""The biggest issue I have with the solution is when I'm using the scanning it picks up the original DNS of that device. That means, before we image it and actually change the DNS to something within our company structure, it'll just be random numbers and letters and Tenable will stick to that DNS for a long time.""Its reporting can be improved. It is not easy to generate a scan report the way we want. The data is okay, but we can't easily change the template to make it look the way we want.""Current web page needs improvement, slows down processes.""The GUI could be improved to have all concerns and priorities use the same GUI, allowing them to see all tickets, assign vulnerabilities, and assign variation failures to each member of their team.""Tenable's reporting engine needs improvement. It needs to be more efficient and add more features.""For downloading reports, we have to go to the scan and then we have to go to the reports and download the Excel or CSV or PDF. I think these menus and clicks can be minimized.""The pricing is reasonable, but this could be brought down more aggressively, such as we see with Rapid7, Tenable SC's main competitor."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "They have recently changed the pricing model, which is now better than it was before."
  • "It is different for every company, but for us, it's every three years."
  • "Qualys is cheaper and more affordable than other solutions."
  • "The pricing and licensing for Qualys could be improved."
  • "We do see over $100,000 in terms of price, for mid-size programs. You likely will pay more than $100,000 without any discount. It is a bit pricey."
  • "I used to work there, so I never paid for the product. As an employee, we get a lifetime license for personal use, and that's what I'm using. It is a comprehensive platform, so there is a lot more to it. There could be other solutions that are probably a little bit cheaper, but it depends on what people need. Different people have different needs. It offers many things on the same platform. If you add all the things up, it should be cheaper, but I have not done any analysis specifically."
  • "There is a license for the use of this solution. We pay annually instead of monthly to receive a better discount on the price."
  • "Qualys VM is better suited for medium to large companies because the price can be too much for smaller customers."
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  • "I use a local license to perform penetration testing and I'm pretty happy with everything when it comes to pricing and licensing."
  • "Though reasonable, the main competitor of Tenable SC, Rapid7, offers a more aggressive and better priced product."
  • "It is a bit expensive. Everything is included in the license."
  • "The price of Tenable SC is expensive, we pay approximately €70,000 for the license annually. We have to pay for each IP test. The cost of other solutions is far less, such as Nessus Professional, which is €3,000 annually."
  • "Compared to other companies or other products it could maybe be a little bit less, but the price is okay. I would say it's not very expensive."
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    609,272 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The Vulnerability Management and Patch Management features are the most valuable features of this solution.
    Top Answer:There is a license for the use of this solution. We pay annually instead of monthly to receive a better discount on the price.
    Top Answer:Endpoint stability and fault resolution could be improved. I would like to see the solution's footprint expanded to include iOS and iPads in the next release. One example of how it could be better… more »
    Top Answer:The most valuable features in Tenable SC are scanning and analysis.
    Top Answer:Compared to other companies or other products it could maybe be a little bit less, but the price is okay. I would say it's not very expensive.
    Top Answer:Tenable SC can improve by making it easier to create complicated reports and have more effectiveness in the remediation area for comparison between the scans.
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    Also Known As
    QualysGuard VM
    Tenable Unified Security, Tenable SecurityCenter
    Learn More

    Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) is a cloud-based service that gives you immediate, global visibility into where your IT systems might be vulnerable to the latest Internet threats and how to protect them. It helps you to continuously identify threats and monitor unexpected changes in your network before they turn into breaches.

    Tenable SC is an on-premises vulnerability management solution that offers complete visibility into the security measures of your complex IT infrastructure. Tenable SC also works by assessing risks and clearing vulnerability trends. By implementing Tenable SC, you can see all your vulnerabilities and continuously assess all assets the moment they join the network, including transient devices that aren’t regularly connected. In addition, Tenable SC can predict what matters by understanding vulnerabilities in the context of business risk, as well as the criticality of affected assets.

    Tenable SC Features

    Tenable SC has several features that sets it apart from its competitors' vulnerability management tools including:

    • Continuous and consistent monitoring of applications, cloud infrastructure, and users
    • Compliance with industry standard
    • Full visibility of IT environments (all networks, systems, and applications)
    • Pre-built dashboards and reports that are customizable
    • VPR (Vulnerability Priority Rating) to help identify and prioritize vulnerabilities
    • ARC (Assurance Report Cards) that are used to measure, visualize, and analyze your security programs’ effectiveness
    • Alerts and notifications provided in real time that detect network irregularities
    • Automated scans, perimeter scanning, and vulnerability scanning
    • Risk prioritization, risk scoring, and risk reporting

    Tenable SC Benefits

    Some of the benefits of using Tenable SC include:

    Full vulnerability assessment coverage: Tenable SC helps eliminate blind spots in your IT infrastructure by providing complete visibility of network-connected assets, activity, and events.

    • Immediate insights: Because Tenable SC provides clear, actionable dashboards and reports, it enables you to quickly measure and analyze safety effectiveness and risks.

    • Boosts productivity: By allowing you to adjust reports and spreadsheets, Tenable SC increases productivity and improves efficiency as well.

    • Identify threats and unexpected changes in the network: With Tenable SC, you can easily address identified threats and can also obtain specific alerts to quickly begin remediation efforts.

    • Prioritize Tasks: Tenable SC enables security teams to focus on the vulnerabilities and assets that matter most, so they can address a company’s true business risk instead of spending valuable time on vulnerabilities that have a low likelihood of being exploited.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Below are some reviews and helpful feedback written by Tenable SC users who are currently using the solution.

    PeerSpot user Joao M., who is a CIO / IT Consultant at RedShift, reports that the solution has good dashboards, reporting, and technical support, with a low rate of errors. He specifically points out that "This product has the best results in terms of the lowest number of false positives and false negatives."

    Another PeerSpot user who is a program manager at a tech services company comments on how the solution successfully monitors their whole environment in real time and makes everything more secure. He mentions "The feature we've liked most recently was being able to take the YARA rules from FireEye and put them into Tenable’s scan for the most recent SolarWinds exploit. That was really useful."

    An information security analyst at a retailer says that besides the fact that the overall price for the product is pretty good, the solution is “intuitive with excellent technical support and good stability.

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    Large Enterprise58%
    Small Business18%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise66%
    Buyer's Guide
    Qualys VM vs. Tenable SC
    May 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Qualys VM vs. Tenable SC and other solutions. Updated: May 2022.
    609,272 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Qualys VM is ranked 4th in Vulnerability Management with 21 reviews while Tenable SC is ranked 2nd in Vulnerability Management with 13 reviews. Qualys VM is rated 8.0, while Tenable SC is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Qualys VM writes "Excellent continuous monitoring, helpful technical support, easy to scale, and simple to install". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Tenable SC writes "Monitors our whole environment in real time and makes everything more secure". Qualys VM is most compared with Tenable Nessus, Rapid7 InsightVM, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Vulnerability Management and Darktrace, whereas Tenable SC is most compared with Vulnerability Management, Tenable Nessus, Rapid7 InsightVM, Forescout Platform and Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine). See our Qualys VM vs. Tenable SC report.

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