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Oracle Application Express (APEX) vs Pega BPM comparison

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Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle Application Express (APEX) vs. Pega BPM and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Oracle Application Express is easy to use, people don't have to be developers to use it.""Efficient software delivery and a solution that works quickly.""I like how we can actively develop and customize APEX because it's on the same database.""One of the most valuable features is that we can develop everything locally and deploy it for different kinds of operators in different locations, so we can do our job in one piece. The benefit of that is that others can use these applications. They connect to the internet to do these kinds of applications based on the permissions for those users.""It's fairly easy to make a user-friendly interface.""With only a browser, it is very easy to develop in a web environment.""Oracle APEX improved our organization by making it possible for us to implement agile project development.""Oracle APEX allows our company to complete webpage projects easily in a fast turnaround time."

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"It is easy to use, easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to enhance and we can do it as a Cloud. Also it is very user friendly.""The best part of Pega, for me, is that they let you reuse a lot of the aspects in the product.""It's a good tool for workflow automation.""The most valuable aspect of the solution is the various workflows.""The most valuable feature is the situational layer cake.""The initial setup is pretty straightforward.""In general, we use web services to integrate this solution with our other tools. It is the main approach we use with this solution and it integrates with all tools that we need. If you want to integrate with other solutions such ThreatFire or similar, it is possible as well.""It is quite configurable, which is the most exciting feature. We can easily configure it as per our needs."

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"Connecting with Oracle and the relation with Oracle at the database as a procedure needs improvement.""Occasionally when trying to un a page, I would be faced with an error number; however, not much information would be provided on the error itself outside of the programming language. It would be nice if more information could be provided.""Connections to the application pages are not handled well and at times more than one user can be accessing an application with the same ID.""Fixing bugs is difficult because of how the HTML code is generated. It is not always broadly compatible with browsers.""Maybe there are other technologies that offer what APEX cannot.""The collaboration and the workflow engine could use some improvement.""I don't like the URL syntax.""Reporting needs to be accessed via third party tools."

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"It needs more integration with other platforms.""They are currently spending some time on improving the product with respect to machine learning, especially related to robotic automation. They probably could be a little more adept on that area would help.""The previous versions had good training documents but the updated versions need to improve the documentation.""The way the IDE works with the chatbox and the taxonomy imports could be a little smoother.""It is not fully compatible with all versions of Internet Explorer, so sometimes, it does not work.""They need to support the solution better, at this time the company does not have enough support.""There are some UX shortcomings within the solution. However, it's my understanding that they have addressed them and in the next three months they will come out with a new updated version. They will be moving away from HTML5.""Compared to other BPM products, the interface is somewhat complex, so the usability could be improved."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "When buying the data license, APEX is included."
  • "We have a full Oracle E-Business Suite license, and we use that license to develop applications. There's no license required for developing Oracle applications."
  • "There is a trial version available that can be used free of charge."
  • "Pricing is expensive, overall on an enterprise system but we consider that it gives corresponding value in the product."
  • "It's a free solution with no additional costs."
  • "We have an Oracle basic product license, and then we can use Oracle APEX for free. We have many licenses for Oracle for approximately 20 processors."
  • "The solution is free."
  • "I do not think this would be an ideal option for a small sized company or a startup when considering the salary requirements for Oracle DBA'a and developers."
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  • "The price of this solution, including installation and configuration, is comparable to competing vendors."
  • "The pricing is pretty good, compared to other similar products."
  • "It's a user-based license where, as you scale the numbers of users, the price increases."
  • "It is cost-effective for medium enterprises. It is cheaper than ServiceNow."
  • "The solution could be less expensive according to my customers. However, I think the price of the solution is fair."
  • "We mostly have a yearly license."
  • "The price is a bit expensive."
  • "Pricing is good."
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    564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer: 
    It has a well-designed architecture and is a simple 3rd party application.
    Top Answer: 
    Pricing is expensive overall on an enterprise system, but we consider that it gives corresponding value to the product. It becomes more expensive when more products are added to the main product. The… more »
    Top Answer: 
    It has been reported that the technology is tough to learn, and the service is expensive. The online supporting documentation could be better and offered in other languages, as Malaysian does not seem… more »
    Top Answer: 
    The workflows are the most valuable features, particularly for us, because we were attempting to automate processes by utilizing workflows to provide a hands-off comparison between the bot and the… more »
    Top Answer: 
    Pricing is a little on the high side. One of the challenges where a certain lower level of cases was unable to justify the cost. If your process is not that complex, and it is very simple, then the… more »
    Top Answer: 
    There was a lot of room for improvement on the RPA front because the product was still in its journey for more than one year. The product was still in its early stages of development. We spoke with… more »
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    Oracle APEX
    Pegasystems, SmartBPM
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    Application Express enables users to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications using only web browser. The Oracle Application Express engine runs directly in the Oracle Database and exploits the database's extraordinarily scalable and efficient architecture. Its framework provides numerous security features out-of-the-box and helps authenticate users using LDAP, Oracle Single-signon, Oracle Database credentials, or HTTP Header variable.

    Pega BPM helps you simplify and automate your operations so that you can reduce costs and improve business agility. Pega's unique Build For Change technology delivers repeatable solutions that can be efficiently reused and tailored to meet the requirements of diverse customers, product lines, channels, and geographies.

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    Sample Customers
    Hepart AG, pharmasol, SATLOG, Collège Bois-de-Boulogne
    The State of Maine, ANZ, Coca-Cola, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), ME, New South Wales, OptumRx, Texas Department of Transportation, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement
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    Computer Software Company27%
    Real Estate/Law Firm9%
    Comms Service Provider9%
    Computer Software Company33%
    Financial Services Firm16%
    Comms Service Provider14%
    Energy/Utilities Company5%
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    Small Business59%
    Midsize Enterprise7%
    Large Enterprise33%
    Small Business14%
    Midsize Enterprise8%
    Large Enterprise78%
    Small Business15%
    Midsize Enterprise11%
    Large Enterprise74%
    Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle Application Express (APEX) vs. Pega BPM and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
    564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Oracle Application Express (APEX) is ranked 7th in Rapid Application Development Software with 16 reviews while Pega BPM is ranked 3rd in Rapid Application Development Software with 18 reviews. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is rated 8.2, while Pega BPM is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Oracle Application Express (APEX) writes "Rapidly develop public-access applications that stay stable under load". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Pega BPM writes "Good case management and BPM workflow with easy cloud implementation". Oracle Application Express (APEX) is most compared with Microsoft PowerApps, Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, Salesforce Platform, Microsoft Azure App Service and Zoho Creator, whereas Pega BPM is most compared with Camunda Platform, ServiceNow, Appian, IBM BPM and AuraQuantic. See our Oracle Application Express (APEX) vs. Pega BPM report.

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