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As of June 2024, in the Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) category, the mindshare of Microsoft Azure is 24.1%, up from 18.9% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of SAP S4HANA on AWS is 4.9%, up from 4.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Featured Reviews

AlanGulle - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 27, 2021
Highly secure, fully integrated, and helpful support
Microsoft Azure is highly scalable. On only one web application I created with one service plan I can connect 10 projects. Imagine one machine can run 10 projects at the same time because whatever the project has more requests or demands, it will scale its machines and auto-scale down. This is why it makes it affordable. I can control which project is demanding more computing power or storage power. We have approximately 50 people using this solution in my organization. It is mainly back and front developers. We are drastically increasing our usage because last year we were running 13 projects, and now 19 projects. In 2022 we are trying to double our team.
Satish Akkina - PeerSpot reviewer
Jan 13, 2023
Efficient data retrieve, scales well, but streamlining processes could improve
SAP S4HANA is popular for managing operations related to workforce planning and product reporting. We also have a lot of Fiori apps that make the process easier for business users. Additionally, it's well integrated with inventory management, including stock values and material movement. It's been…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The portal makes it easier to work with the solution."
"It is really scalable and easy to use."
"The ability to scale down is a big thing."
"It's a flexible solution."
"We can easily access and integrate data sources from other platforms."
"It is easy to deploy."
"Installation is easy as it's cloud-based. Performance is good. It's stable and scalable."
"I think the single sign-on functionality and the ease with which you can deposit things on the cloud have been valuable. Azure has very robust security functionalities and authentication features, which come with mobility, along with backup and credential checks."
"We have approximately 1,000 people using the solution in my organization. The solution is scalable."
"The tool's installation is easy. I rate it an eight out of ten."
"The most valuable feature of SAP S4HANA is Fiori. It allows users to access information quickly and easily, without having to navigate through unnecessary screens or transactions. Additionally, the ability to retrieve data more efficiently is helpful. Furthermore, the pre-delivered videos and functionalities within the solution allow for easier application building."
"It's easy to use and user-friendly."
"There are two main features that we find very valuable. One is the interface and the new user experience. That's really, really helpful for the end-user. The second is the HANA database itself because it speeds up the process. In other solutions, like Oracle, there is a lot of redundancy that slows things down."
"This product is much better than most of the other products in this categaory as far as financial capabilities."
"The most valuable feature of SAP S4HANA on AWS is that when developed on a new structured system it can be configured."
"SAP S4HANA's most valuable features include backup, security, storage, infrastructure, and enabling AI."


"With Microsoft, our only concern is exchange rates because we're paying in dollars. It's very expensive for us because of the exchange rates. It would help if they partnered with someone locally so we can pay in our local currency."
"The subscriptions are complicated."
"I would recommend some enhancement regarding integration features."
"Microsoft should have one package for all their solutions in one place to be found."
"Because it has a lot of features, a person just coming into Microsoft Azure might feel that it is a bit complex."
"The scalability could improve."
"I would like to see improved migration tools. It is improving week by week. They just need to make sure that they keep up with the new functionality provided in other clouds."
"The dashboard of Microsoft Azure could be better."
"CPU architecture is an area where the solution currently has some issues. Improvement in CPU architecture could improve the performance side and the adherence to the parameters set by SAP."
"I would like to see a lower price for the solution."
"Doesn't have a common development environment."
"I would like scalability to be improved in the future for faster performance."
"Over the last three to four years, I haven't encountered significant issues with SAP S/4HANA. While occasional system bugs are normal in software, the overall experience has been positive. As a business partner, it stands out as a reliable ERP solution."
"Not just S4 but for SAP in general, the price is a little high because they have implemented a new licensing scheme on a number of connections. The price being too expensive is some of the feedback we get from our customers."
"The solution is costlier than other products."
"S4HANA is expensive. It costs much more than SuccessFactors."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Its costing can be improved. Its licensing is monthly. In addition to the standard license fee, there is a transactional cost."
"It's a pay-as-you-go subscription."
"The price is good, but it can always be cheaper."
"The cost-benefit equation for Azure is very good, particularly for small applications. However, Microsoft should do much, much more to improve how costs are communicated and how to forecast them. The Azure Pricing Calculator is not useful."
"I would like to see it more easily accessible."
"We have approached our clients about using Kubernetes or Docker because it's cheaper when inflation is considered."
"I would rate the pricing a seven out of ten, where one is cheap and ten is expensive. For an SME, spending roughly 5,000 euros per month becomes interesting, indicating a significant infrastructure setup in the cloud."
"Some services are okay, while others are expensive. Different features within the same service, like Defender, have separate charges. This, combined with the skill shortage in FinOps strategy and management, makes it difficult to control costs."
"I rate the product price a six on a one to ten scale, where one is cheap, and ten is expensive."
"The price of SAP S4HANA on AWS is reasonable, given how much it costs to maintain a scratch-built system. To upgrade the support there is a fee."
"The vendors have different pricing, ways of serving, security, and providing the service. You go and compare the offerings. Some might be better with smaller companies. For example, Microsoft Azure can handle small and medium-sized companies best but still can cover some large companies. Whereas Amazon AWS and IBM are going to cover sized companies. There's no clear advantage. Probably Amazon AWS may have been the first to be certified by SAP as a cloud-hosting partner. Then Microsoft Azure and IBM were certified at the same time. You have to partner up and be certified by the software."
"I rate the price of SAP S4HANA on AWS an eight out of ten."
"I would rate the pricing as a two and a half out of five."
"The licensing of the product is reasonable but the cost of the hardware is exorbitant."
"The pricing is a little bit high."
"It is a significant investment, around six hundred thousand dollars, and it involves both a one-time on-premises installation on servers and a cloud subscription with different flavors for SAP S4HANA."
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Comparison Review

it_user8586 - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 14, 2013
Amazon vs Rackspace vs Microsoft vs Google: Cloud Hosting Services Comparison
Amazon Web Services, Rackspace OpenStack, Microsoft Windows Azure and Google are the major cloud hosting and storage service providers. Athough Amazon is top of them and is oldest in cloud market, Rackspace, Microsoft and Google are giving tough competition to each other and to Amazon also for…

Answers from the Community

Nov 7, 2021
Nov 7, 2021
SAP S/4HANA is a system for managing relational databases. The in-memory system, as well as the columnar structure, results in retrieving the data with better performance than RDBMS systems. You can deploy it in AWS or in Azure. Here is a brief comparison: Azure dedicates specific virtual machines and bare metal servers to run SAP HANA. SAP HANA applications run on an SAP application. With Azur...
See 2 answers
Aug 26, 2021
Hello @Md Saiful Hyder , @MangeshDixit , @JeffreyVergara , @SaleemKhokhar, @HimanshuTejwani, @SathishKumar and@Enrico Boseli. Do you have any inputs/advice for @Julie Roy?  Thanks in advance!
Nov 7, 2021
SAP S/4HANA is a system for managing relational databases. The in-memory system, as well as the columnar structure, results in retrieving the data with better performance than RDBMS systems. You can deploy it in AWS or in Azure. Here is a brief comparison: Azure dedicates specific virtual machines and bare metal servers to run SAP HANA. SAP HANA applications run on an SAP application. With Azure, you have an entire SAP application (VM) layer that includes servers, storage, and network configuration. You can deploy resources from 36 Intel with memory of 768GB to 480 Intel processors with 24TB of memory. Finally, you can combine AP and non SAP data. You can apply advanced data services, such as analytics and AI. Aws Azure Supported use cases Production, non-production Production, non-production Supported resources Up to 48TB of memory Up to 12TB Licensing Pay per use BYOL subscription Services Single and multi-node architecture. Load balancing, instance provisioning. Load balancing, clustering, Active Directory, and the HANA database. SAP S/4HANA on AWS provides infrastructure services. AWS has the advantage of making SAP HANA available, cost-effective, and fault-tolerant. With AWS you can configure a single EC2 to host SAP HANA with EBS storage and your chosen operating system. Another option is to use multi-AZ to deploy primary and secondary nodes, using one for production and another for non-production. You have two main options: First, BYOL (Bring your own license). It supports native HANA applications, S/4HANA, Business Suite on HANA, and you can have OLAP memory up to 100 TB. Second, the express edition, which is free to use for in-memory databases, but keep in mind you’ll have to stay under 32 GB. Conclusions Which is best will depend on your use cases. Azure in my opinion offers better performance for big data and AI workloads. AWS provides more reliability and redundancy.

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What do you like most about SAP S4HANA on AWS?
With extensive data and a sizable client base, this ensures seamless operations, responsiveness, and overall reliability, addressing our enterprise-scale needs effectively.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for SAP S4HANA on AWS?
I would rate the costliness of SAP S4HANA as a nine out of ten. I believe the cost of SAP S/4HANA can be a factor for smaller businesses. However, the robustness, integration capabilities, and the ...
What needs improvement with SAP S4HANA on AWS?
I would like scalability to be improved in the future for faster performance.

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