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Business Performance Management
June 2022
Find out what your peers are saying about Anaplan, Oracle, Domo and others in Business Performance Management. Updated: June 2022.
610,229 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The data entry point is most valuable. The way we can customize our report or do data entry is very good.""The system is quite flexible. Based on our requirements, we create different cubes that can help us to do complete planning."

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"Many of my customers already use Microsoft products like Office 365, so I often propose Microsoft Power BI because it integrates well with all the standard Microsoft business tools. And it's the quickest tool to implement and start using daily.""The most valuable feature is shareability, where we can publish work to the cloud and share it with team members.""We have a lot of servers and applications from which we want reports, and it allows us to create reports from an SQL source or some other source.""Microsoft BI is scalable.""The solution is very easy to use.""Good CS and administration.""The flexibility of the program is valuable. We are able to add other information to the reporting information and expand upon it.""It is stable enough. It has a lot of powerful functions. It can also be customized with the DAX language. It is also intuitive enough and incremental. You can start with something simple, and then step-by-step, you can increase the reports and dashboards according to your needs."

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"Being an analytical solution, it should have more visualization options like graphs. When we are putting it, it should have more options. The UI can be made more modernized based on today's market. Sometimes, when we are doing heavy reports or dashboarding, there is a bit of a performance issue because it is pulling up a huge amount of data. That can be improvised by buffer memory and getting some buffer memory feature into it. It is a bit complex because it is a CPM solution. It helps you to get the information based on the different tools that we are using, which is a bit of a complex thing. It is not as easy as Microsoft Power BI. It is also not that easy as an implementation piece. It takes time to convert the business requirement into the proper solutions in the tool, which is time-consuming. It took about eight months to do the complete implementation. We got some training from the partner and the Jedox team, which helped us later on in pulling things forward, but too much learning is required, and too many possibilities are there.""Visualization is something they need to improve. We have already told them about this, and they should be working on it."

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"We have used other solutions and the reporting functionality should be user-friendly and have a drag and drop feature should be available, but Microsoft BI doesn't have these features. When you are creating reports and you can't change as a user. Every time you need one developer or one technical person to make the changes.""The initial installation is difficult.""The visual outlet or the visualization aspect can be improved because the settings piece is quite problematic. It requires a lot of time to set the visuals and check. It is quite fiddly to change all the settings and font sizes. It just needs better ability in terms of using templates or visualization templates to get the vision. Our users always benchmark based on the product, and they don't appreciate everything under the bonnet. The only rating is based on the actual reports in the settings for the dashboard. They should make it look a bit funky and a bit more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. It is quite a fiddly tool, but other than that, it is pretty slick. Because it is community-driven, the marketplace tends to be changing forever. You get the standard visualizations, and you've also got all other marketplace visualizations that require you to spend a bit more money and purchase things in the marketplace. With certain visualizations, there is no longevity. I had used certain visualizations, but they discontinued them, and I had to rebuild my reports, which is obviously very frustrating. There should be some sort of stabilization around how the marketplace visuals impact the users when they expire.""Microsoft has got a very large repository of all change suggestions which have been raised by the BI community. They keep on adding features that are very widely sought after by the community. We don't focus on product features. We focus on business requirements. To use the solution, we find that existing features are good enough and offer us a very effective solution.""Its performance and stability can be improved. It takes time to load, and sometimes, it also breaks down for the whole region. Its usability could also be better, and it could also have more connections with different data sources.""Defining a relationship was very confusing. There were circular directions for which I had to do a lot of adjustments in the data. They can do something to make it easier.""There is no specific area that I have a problem with. It's just that, with whatever feature you come across, every visual has its own formatting and behavior. What you get in one visual for a feature, you don't seem to get in another.""It is not yet ready for enterprises. For a big enterprise data model, it is not so stable, and it also doesn't scale so well."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "If you are using SAP, then you will have to take an SAP Connector license. The license across the tool is paying for the people who are using it as an admin or as a normal user. They can work out those costs in a manner that can help. This can also be a point of improvement where they can work out the costing, and the developers have a specific licensing cost. The normal users, who are going to do probably data entry or just going to view the dashboard, can have a separate license cost."
  • "We paid a one-time fee, which included product purchase, licensing, and first-time implementation. We are paying for the maintenance regularly."
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  • "We have a premium Power BI license in-house that's quite an expensive license. It's $10 a month for four users and then I think 35,000 at the premium rate."
  • "It is somewhere in the middle in terms of price. Licensing is quite clear."
  • "Its cost seems to be unreasonable if you have many users, but for a lesser number of users, it is reasonable. It is $10 per month. Clients easily accept this option, so they must think it is reasonable. It is quite cheap as compared to other tools, such as Tableau. One of the best things about this solution is that it has a trial version."
  • "Once the trial period for the BI service is over, the cost is approximately $10 USD per user, per month, so it's quite reasonable."
  • "The pricing is very reasonable compared to any other tool."
  • "Microsoft BI is not very cheap. A premium license costs roughly 5,000 euros a month."
  • "This product offers good value for the money."
  • "Microsoft BI is free for the personal edition, but there is also a paid-for professional version."
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    610,229 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The data entry point is most valuable. The way we can customize our report or do data entry is very good.
    Top Answer:We paid a one-time fee, which included product purchase, licensing, and first-time implementation. We are paying for the maintenance regularly.
    Top Answer:Visualization is something they need to improve. We have already told them about this, and they should be working on it. There should be some dropdown facilities in it like Excel. Whenever somebody… more »
    Top Answer:There are many...It would rather depend what System BI architecture or Enterprise legacy you have at your end...I would recommend as follows:  1) If you have legacies of SAP, Oracle  - look for SAP… more »
    Top Answer:Oracle OBIEE is great in allowing design and creativity per the individual needs of the organization. Dashboards are fully customizable and very user-friendly. This solution is very stable. Oracle… more »
    Top Answer:The most interesting feature of Microsoft Power BI is that it's very user-friendly.
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    Integrated Corporate Performance Management software provides reliable data, insights, and guidance to everyone in your company. Jedox delivers it all: Self-service budgeting, planning, and forecasting combined with intuitive analytics and BI dashboards in one integrated software platform. Users across the enterprise in any department from Finance to Sales, HR, and Procurement create integrated plans and reports based on the same data model and business logic. Integrate financial planning and analysis with operational plans and reporting to optimize processes, boost data quality, and slash planning cycles throughout the organization.

    Microsoft BI is a business intelligence solution that turns data into insightful and useful business information that is relevant to all levels of the business.

    Microsoft BI combines familiar Microsoft tools - Office, SharePoint, and SQL server, with extra features for end-users, such as Power View and Power Pivot. This powerful product gives businesses a competitive advantage by allowing end-users to better analyze their data, collaborate and better present their data.

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    Buyer's Guide
    Business Performance Management
    June 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Anaplan, Oracle, Domo and others in Business Performance Management. Updated: June 2022.
    610,229 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Jedox is ranked 7th in Business Performance Management with 2 reviews while Microsoft BI is ranked 1st in Business Intelligence (BI) Tools with 188 reviews. Jedox is rated 7.0, while Microsoft BI is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Jedox writes "A flexible solution that helps us to do our planning and see the performance, but it needs more visualization options and better performance". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Microsoft BI writes "A complete ecosystem with an builtin ETL tool, good integrations with python and R, and support of DAX and Power Query (M languages)". Jedox is most compared with IBM Planning Analytics, Tableau, Anaplan, Qlik Sense and Board, whereas Microsoft BI is most compared with Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, MicroStrategy, Oracle OBIEE and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform.

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