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As of July 2024, in the Cloud Data Integration category, the mindshare of Informatica Cloud Data Integration is 3.5%, down from 7.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Informatica PowerCenter is 10.6%, down from 28.7% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud Data Integration
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Feb 13, 2022

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Amit Rajora - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 8, 2023
A tool for easy data migration from one environment to another that needs to fix its performance issues
In the cloud, Informatica has migrated to a different environment in a single platform named IDMC, on which one can have cloud data migration, cloud application integration, data quality, and data governance, making everything combined with a single platform. Earlier in our company, we had to rely on different software or platforms for each functionality, but now we can use a single URL and work on a single platform. I would like to speak about Informatica Cloud Data Integration's performance, which is too slow but works overall as a tool. To those planning to use Informatica Cloud, I would say that it is the second-best product in the marketplace, and soon it will become the leading product. On a daily basis, the product has been increasing their overall availability and performance .On a weekly basis, the product gives out some new updates while fixing its old defects. It will be a good product in the coming years. Improvements in the current product will continue for some time. I rate the overall product a seven out of ten.
Mar 9, 2023
Good ETL and monitoring tools with excellent reliability
We also have a data integrator, and if we were to compare the software together, the one thing Informatica doesn't have is the ability to create the script inside the solution. We need to rely on Unix or Windows. We can't do the scripting in Informatica itself. We need better integration potential. The FTP tools that the solution has are limited. If you want to transfer a ZIP file, it is a pain. You need to use Command-Line. Sometimes we just want to transfer a file. It should be easy to move them from A to B. I want to eliminate interdependencies on the script. If Informatica could do everything, it would be a more powerful tool. We'd like to have all of the capabilities available in the cloud available also on PowerCenter. The solution is expensive.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"We have a lot of integrations, and it's very easy to create integrations. They have a lot of connectors."
"The solution's initial setup is quite straightforward."
"Replication allows us to fully replicate all objects from Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) to in-house/on-premises database in one job."
"Informatica is good for integrating data and cloud applications. We have connectors for integrating cloud applications like Salesforce. You can quickly integrate anything with an exposed API or a REST API. The industry is increasingly shifting to the cloud, so we need more products that can connect to cloud-based applications. The integration is seamless and works in real time. It's also secure because you don't need to expose databases or tables."
"The support is very good."
"I do a quite a lot of data transformations, and the fact that I can do them without changing any of my SQL queries from the code, using the inbuilt tools, is very helpful."
"The most valuable feature of Informatica Cloud Data Integration is Pushback. You are able to push the data to the solution itself, and it can handle the queries. It helps us a lot. With other tools, the burden is kept on the server."
"I like the fact that you can find almost any product connection that you need and the list is always expanding."
"It provides monitoring and we can therefore be aware of what is happening when we are handling jobs."
"The most valuable features are the monitoring tools and the reporting manager."
"The most valuable features are the metadata repository and the data warehouse application console."
"The most valuable feature of Informatica PowerCenter is the flow designer functionally. It is the best out of any ETL tool. Additionally, the solution is reliable and trustable in dealing with large data sources anytime. When we're using billions of data transactions, it's smooth."
"It is an excellent ETL tool."
"The reliability of the product and the way of orchestration of different services is valuable to us."
"UI-based ability to create data mapping."
"Informatica PowerCenter provides multiple transformations in one particular toolset. You don't need to apply any coding."


"The biggest challenge I see is the IDE's for the cloud and automization are different."
"There may be some types of limitations with the performance."
"Connectivity could be improved, it can be a little slow."
"Its features for partitioning and optimization could be better."
"I would also like to have profiling functionalities and quality transformations in the cloud."
"The cloud version could be better in terms of pricing."
"A general improvement in icons and the virtual interface would be good."
"There are a small number of UI bugs that occur on occasion."
"I would like to see improvements made to the custom transformations. It should be more open for users that want to write their own code and use cases."
"The price of the product is an area of concern where improvements are required, considering the fact that the present licensing charges of the tool are expensive."
"The real-time database connectivity when getting the real-time data using the VPN is an area that needs improvement."
"This product is going to decommission in the next couple of years."
"Requires an established data center because there is no option for software as a service."
"There can be scalability issues. Huge amounts of data ingestion will impact performance."
"Some of the conversions are done inside the product. We use work tables that are created by the engine itself, but the names of the work tables are very long, and they don't have any meaning, which makes it a bit difficult to understand and follow exactly what is happening inside."
"Now they are migrating to a new version, and they have something that is called Informatica Developer. Previously, they just had PowerCenter. Now, when they move everything to Informatica Developer it's not as good or stable like it was when it was PowerCenter, though it has some nice features. This Developer tool could be better."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Informatica Cloud Data Integration is famously known for its high price. The vendor targets large enterprises, and not medium or small companies. These large companies, and organizations, handle large amounts of data. If you go into any large bank, such as American or Canadian banks, these banks use this solution because it is more reliable, secure, and has more functionality."
"I rate the product's price a seven on a scale of one to ten, where one is the cheapest and ten is the most expensive. The product is a bit expensive."
"My understanding is that Informatica is quite expensive compare to other tools that are available in the market."
"The pricing structure is good, but having to pay for extra drivers to be used in an ICS environment makes me a little nervous."
"The pricing is high compared to other tools on the market."
"The price of Informatica Cloud Data Integration could be reduced."
"It is cost effective and an easily accessible tool."
"Our customers sometimes are able to negotiate a much better price for Informatica Cloud Data Integration based on their relationship with the vendor."
"Its maintenance is expensive."
"We are satisfied with the pricing."
"Price-wise, it's more expensive than SSIS, but it's a better tool, so it has more features. Licensing is on a yearly basis."
"I am not sure about the most recent price, but I think it should be $100,000 or more."
"The licensing fees are paid on a yearly basis."
"It's much more expensive, almost three times more expensive than most other solutions."
"The solution is in the middle price range compared to other solutions."
"Licensing is a one time cost. But maintenance costs depend on what you want, how long you need it. Maintenance is a kind of insurance. With health insurance, you don't know whether you will get sick or need to go to hospital or not but you have to have insurance. It's the same thing with support. If you have that expertise in resolving issues, if you have enough experience in your IT department, I would say you don't need the support. But in practice, they recommend you go with the support. If you want support you have to pay for it."
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Comparison Review

it_user90069 - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 20, 2014
Informatica PowerCenter vs. Microsoft SSIS - each technology has its advantages but also have similarities
Technology has made it easier for businesses to organize and manipulate data to get a clearer picture of what’s going on with their business. Notably, ETL tools have made managing huge amounts of data significantly easier and faster, boosting many organizations’ business intelligence operations…

Answers from the Community

Feb 13, 2022
Feb 13, 2022
Complex transformations can easily be achieved using PowerCenter, which has all the features and tools to establish a real data governance strategy. Additionally, PowerCenter is able to manage huge quantities of data with a high level of reliability. We also like the metadata repository and the data warehouse application console. We would like to see the licensing improved, though. We would lik...
2 out of 3 answers
Oct 25, 2021
Cloud Data Integration
Nov 21, 2021
Complex transformations can easily be achieved using PowerCenter, which has all the features and tools to establish a real data governance strategy. Additionally, PowerCenter is able to manage huge quantities of data with a high level of reliability. We also like the metadata repository and the data warehouse application console. We would like to see the licensing improved, though. We would like to see a feature-wise option as opposed to the current bundle option. PowerCenter is a very expensive solution. The numerous levels of transformation and multiple interfaces can make it a very confusing solution to learn. Cloud Data Integration offers great options for data cleansing, data mastering, data masking, master data management, and API management. The UI is very easy to use and the setup is straightforward. The new licensing is very flexible. Cloud Data Integration has inbuilt tools that allow for a lot of data transformation without changing any SQL queries from the code. This is one of our favorite features. We would point out, though, that there are some limitations with performance using Cloud Data Integration. We experienced some connectivity issues, making things run a bit slow. There are some issues with data residency laws in some countries. More regions should be added. Finally, it would behoove Cloud DataIntegration to consider adding more data sources. Conclusion: These are two great solutions under Informatica Brand which is synonymous with quality, reliability, and price. (Very high price.) Cloud Data is best suited for small to medium organizations and is somewhat limited in the regions it can be used. PowerCenter is most applicable for large enterprises that can more easily absorb the cost and best utilize everything PowerCenter has to offer with their current bundle licensing tier.

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