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Pure FlashArray X NVMe
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All-Flash Storage (15th)
Hitachi VSP E Series
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Supermicro All-Flash NVMe S...
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Featured Reviews

Paul Pearson - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 25, 2022
Works well, is easy to implement, and has upgrade analysis capabilities
Currently, it's our tier-one storage. We use it mostly for our Oracle databases It has drastically improved the performance of our high-end Oracle databases and allows us the ability to replication to a DR location with ease. We love the product. Pure Storage works really well.  The CAT tool and…
NiwasKumar - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 17, 2023
A stable NVMe storage solution that can be used for high IOPS
We are using the Hitachi VSP E Series for high IOPS. Hitachi VSP E Series is an NVMe kind of storage, which is very fast. The solution has good performance The solution's support duration or end-of-support life is very short. Its end-of-support life is within five years, and it would be good for…
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"With Pure Storage, we would like to continue seeing price reductions with flash storage. I don't think we're any different than anybody else when we continue to look to the industry for price reductions of both NVMe and traditional SSD storage. We would like to see these prices continue to decline and erode, even displacing large spinning disks."
"The support cost per array is about $20,000 a year for 24/7 support."
"They can tout the functionality and cutting edge technology that they have, but that's where the price tag comes in. The cost is high, but I think as they grow their business and get more customers that it will probably go down a little bit."
"With VMware, we pay $300,000 annually."
"The product is expensive."
"The tool is an investment that we've budgeted for. While the prices may be higher than those of other vendors, we see it as a market leader with benefits. We don't regret purchasing it."
"As far as the licensing costs, everything is included in the license."
"Our licensing fees are $500,000+ USD."
"The pricing is fair, with additional costs for support services."
"Hitachi VSP E Series is an expensive solution."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Pure FlashArray X NVMe?
Pure FlashArray X NVMe helps to improve our processing speed. It is user-friendly and easy to use.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Pure FlashArray X NVMe?
The tool's pricing is cheap; I rate it a six to seven out of ten. Most of our sales are not subscription-based. We se...
What needs improvement with Pure FlashArray X NVMe?
One point I'd like to improve is that the tool should start selling small boxes again. It discontinued some products ...
What do you like most about Hitachi VSP E Series?
Its user-friendly configuration and maintenance processes contribute to its reputation for being straightforward and ...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Hitachi VSP E Series?
The pricing is fair, with additional costs for support services.
What needs improvement with Hitachi VSP E Series?
The graphical user interface is somewhat outdated, lacking some of the modern features found in other solutions.
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Pure FlashArray//X NVMe, Pure FlashArray//X, FlashArray//X
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