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May 6, 2024
Offers Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) and provides enhanced dashboards, making it easy to identify and allow or deny traffic based on the signals it provides
The initial setup was super easy. The migration was super easy. The only part we were missing was China cache. Other than that, it has everything Akamai was providing: image optimization, CDN, WAF, and all the other security aspects. The China cache was the one thing we were missing in Fastly, so we had to do it differently. Deployment was a few weeks for the migration. If you're starting a brand new site, it's straightforward; maybe in a week or two, you can be up and running. But if it's a migration from a different CDN, it would probably take four to six weeks. We wanted to know the caching rules and how teams were doing things differently, so we had each member from the team gather inputs. Then we migrated and started writing the VCL code. It's very little maintenance. But with every draft, you need to periodically check the dashboard for anomalies and take action. Once a month or once a quarter, you need to do that exercise. Moreover, there are a couple of integrations with other observability tools like Datadog and Slack. It's easy to enable access with SSL, Okta, and Flash teams.

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"The product has an affordable cost."
"The pricing is 50% less than Akamai."
"Signal Sciences is pretty cheap compared to other solutions."
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What do you like most about Signal Sciences?
The product's most valuable feature is its ability to set up the rules easily.
What needs improvement with Signal Sciences?
Fastly don't support caching for China users. That's the only feature lacking compared to Akamai.

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Signal Sciences Next-Gen WAF, Signal Sciences RASP

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Chef, Adobe, Datadog, Etsy, GrubHub, Vimeo, SendGrid, Under Armour, Duo, AppNexus
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