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As of June 2024, in the Application Server category, the mindshare of Oracle WebLogic Server is 28.5%, up from 27.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Tomcat is 17.8%, down from 21.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Batikbonak Tukum - PeerSpot reviewer
Oct 19, 2022
Stable and has good integration with other software, but pricing is expensive
We use Oracle WebLogic Server on our Flexcube application, particularly for development and testing purposes Oracle WebLogic Server has improved the organization through better dashboards and data integration. What I like best about Oracle WebLogic Server is its integration with other software.…
Erick  Karanja - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 11, 2024
Offers high availability, straightforward deployment and easy to use
Tomcat could be a little bit more innovative. Tomcat could come up with a framework that's more lightweight and purely targeted at Java applications. Some other solutions are doing better right now, maybe because they have come up with MicroProfile, which I think is moving forward. It may actually beat Tomcat because of the lightweight nature of the framework, the MicroProfile. They're coming up with new solutions. So, for the future of Tomcat and to maintain the market share they might be looking for, they need to come up with initiatives to ensure that several of us have a lightweight framework to deploy applications on.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"What I like best about Oracle WebLogic Server is its integration with other software."
"We can manage every application by creating a managed server and a cluster."
"Oracle WebLogic Server is secure."
"Oracle WebLogic Server is more secure and has full functionalities that can be used for big applications."
"It has good integration with security features, including OWASP."
"The product is flexible and allows us to leverage deployments."
"WebLogic is reliable, and it's easy to use for development."
"We've got the support we require. If ever there is an issue, can just call on Oracle and they will assist us."
"It's very stable. No problems at all. I would rate the stability a ten out of ten."
"The scalability overall is good."
"The most valuable feature of this solution is that it supports Java Enterprise."
"The product's most valuable feature is the ability to host applications."
"It is easy to set up."
"The solution integrates smoothly with the development environment. The integration process is straightforward. You only need to configure the project in your IDE. With intelligent features, the integration becomes even easier. Once integrated, deployment into our application is straightforward. Previously, we sometimes relied on manual deployment processes or used a separate application manager. However, with this solution, deployment is simplified."
"Tomcat is a single-server solution for deploying applications that can scale effectively. It's a good choice because it simplifies deployment. Once you package your application, deployment is straightforward and efficient."
"One of the most valuable features of Tomcat is its compatibility with the Apache web server and its ease of configuration. It is simple to set up and maintain and allows for easy management of database connections, transactions, and isolation. Overall, Tomcat is a user-friendly application server that makes it easy to manage various aspects of database interactions."


"Its pricing should be better. We are analyzing other options, such as JBoss, because of the cost of WebLogic."
"The quarterly updates can sometimes lead to instability depending on the configuration of systems."
"Licensing fees need improvement."
"There's a bug related to the managed services."
"Configuration can be a significant challenge, demanding a deep understanding and expertise."
"Pricing for Oracle WebLogic Server and other Oracle products has room for improvement because the pricing model isn't easy to understand. I'd like to see lower pricing from Oracle WebLogic Server. That's the main issue with the solution."
"The logs consultant, since it tends to be more in the server, we do need complete consult logs for a lot of different files."
"If you want to use Oracle products to the fullest with enhanced customizations, you need to get trained. There is enough documentation and the flexibility to configure the application to your needs but you will need to spend more time gathering the knowledge."
"The disability and memory management is a problem with the solution and has room for improvement."
"The product's pricing needs improvement."
"Sometimes, the UI part does not run properly, or the server goes down."
"Tomcat needs to improve its user interface."
"Vulnerability is one of the areas that can be considered an issue in the solution."
"Security integration in Tomcat is complicated. We need to use another tool to solve the security issues."
"The interface is not user-friendly."
"The current procedure appears complex and could benefit from a more straightforward solution."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"As Oracle WebLogic Server is a product from Oracle, it is bound to be an expensive solution. My company needs to make annual payments towards the licensing costs attached to the product."
"The solution’s pricing is affordable."
"Pricing for Oracle WebLogic Server is expensive."
"The licensing fees are annual and depend on the model."
"In our country, this is an expensive product."
"Fees are paid on a yearly basis."
"Its high expense is a significant drawback"
"It is expensive."
"We are currently using the open-source version."
"The price of the solution is good."
"Tomcat is open-source and free to use."
"This is an open-source product and it's free to use."
"It's open-source. We don't pay for the license."
"The solution is open source so is free."
"We are using the open-source version."
"There are no additional costs apart from the standard license."
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Questions from the Community

What needs improvement with Oracle WebLogic Server?
Sometimes, some issues don't get fixed by Oracle's technical support team, and you need to invest time to fix them by yourself. Oracle's support team fails to understand the real problem of the cus...
What is your primary use case for Oracle WebLogic Server?
I use the solution in my company since few customers use WebLogic applications and also since they have a few number of applications deployed on it.
What do you like most about Tomcat?
Tomcat's ease of use has positively impacted project timelines. Tomcat already has high availability – it doesn't go down so often and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. As long as your applicat...
What needs improvement with Tomcat?
If you have multiple tasks, you definitely need different ideas. However, if you only consider the deployment of an application to a target server, it’s mainly about the technical performance. Ther...
What is your primary use case for Tomcat?
We use the tool to deploy Java applications.

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