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Top 8 Configuration Management Databases

ServiceNow CMDBDevice42Micro Focus Universal Discovery and Universal CMDBBMC Atrium CMDBIBM Tivoli CMDB
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    The CMDB for us is fed by our discovery tools, and it lets us be able to track the changes that we make to any incidents or escalation points that we have associated with a CI.
  2. The pricing is reasonable.The solution's automatic IT asset discovery and inventory functionality are top-notch. The thing I like is that it's open-source. If I need to change them — and they've given me links on GitHub to have them — I can go and change them to pull exactly what I want, as frequently as I want.
  3. The most valuable feature of this solution is the discovery.It can discover various pieces from hardware, software, custom applications, and tie them together to create a map using ASM.
  4. The most valuable features of BMC Atrium CMDB are its ease to build new classes. For example, let's say there are types of CIs or efforts that do not exist in BMC Atrium CMDB. You can create your own and their relationship to existing classes.